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100 life lessons based on personal experiences



Life is indeed a teacher and it teaches so many things as we grow up. Every individual have learned life in their own way but nevertheless, those learnings and lessons are equally relevant and useful for all. As they say, “life is too short to learn everything from your own mistake, so learn from others,” it is always wise to listen to others and draw lessons from their life experience. So we have asked KMAG’ers to share their life lessons based on their own life experience.

The following are the 100 life lessons:

1. At times, life pushes you with so much intensity, almost like you are inside a pressure cooker. And, there is a limit to the limit to be resilient. After that, you either will release steam and transform to a stronger version of the self or, if you cannot withstand the pressure, you may explode. Even if you explode, you still transform. And this happens in different situations, personal as well as professional.

2. You learn more from the slips than from the winning trips .

3. Learn to be vulnerable. You, speaking your truth allows the other person to speak their truth. Nothing is important than a genuine human connection. Always strive for that. Never forget that the true essence of being human lies in empathy and compassion.

4. Sometimes letting it not be your way is the best way for it to be. Life has so many others ways for happiness you never knew existed.

5. You can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try.

6. Everybody sees life in their own view. Do not try to change their view. Just go with the flow when dealing with individuals. Let them be and have a lot of patience with everything.

7. Doing the same deed as others did to you will eventually make you the same person.

8. Everything is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Do not get attached with anything. Just enjoy the flow.

9. Stop thinking you’re the centre of the universe coz’ nobody got time to think about you. Everyone is their own centre in their own universes. You’re the main character only in your story. To everyone else, you’re just a side character. 

10. Group identity is for losers. Bear personal responsibility, have individual identity.

11. There is no free lunch.

12. Build a habit of investing. Start small. Begin from as early as your early 20s. Scale up slowly but scale up nevertheless. Set aside a certain amount each month and increase your investment by 10% every year. With the power of compounding and your own ironclad discipline, reap the reward 20 years later.

13. Maintain a good distance with toxic people.

14. No matter what you do, people gonna trash you.

15.  Life is complex, dynamic and spontaneous. So trying to find a general way/formula to solve all problems will never workout.

16. Be a realist and not an idealist. Once you start accepting things, it’ll make you a lot peaceful.

17. Things don’t go as expected but still working on it continuously will definitely give results that are beyond one’s expectations.

18. You should be your first priority.

19. Certificates don’t sell, your technical knowledge sells. So don’t just study, explore more.

20. Nothing is more important than your health, so invest in good habits from as early as possible. As you grow up your good habits will compound overtime just like the good investment in stocks.

21. Always be confident to move from your comfortable zone to learn something new and different.

22. Respect others irrespective of what attire they are in.

23. If you don’t know something , admit it rather than convincing people with baseless logic. 

24. Not to force anything in your life. Friendship, relationship, attention or even love. whatever flow flows, what crashes crashes. It has to be that way.

25. Life is unfair. Stop complaining.

26. Never believe anything..question everything u come across.

27. Facing and managing emotion is better than escaping and suppressing.

28. Never hesitate to quit the current job if you have a better opportunity. You don’t owe them anything.

29. Keep doing good. Other opinion and approvals doesn’t matter.

30. You will always laugh at silly past, which used to be a heartbreaking serious present during those times.

31. In different stages of life, we have many characters to support our growth; some support us to see us growing and some of them are there only to fulfill their own desires. It is not that easy to recognize people without practical experience. Try to read and understand people around you.

32. Make your happiness a priority.

33. No matter how serious you are about life, there are people who finds you funny and make fun of you.

34. To learn new, you have to unlearn old.

35. Believe yourself , be your own best friend , spend time with self , talk with self ,treat yourself because you’re the only yours.

36. Don’t do drugs.

37. Give it a time , everything will be fine.

38. Set your house in order before you criticize the world.

39. Never expect, work for it..!!!

40. Life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it.

50. Don’t mistake people’s opinion with knowledge or truth.

51. Outside your life, you are a story, in which you could be good or bad or nothing, based on impression that you have left to others.

52. People like you as long as you are not threat to them.

53. Live by law and order or die fixing the mess.

54. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

55. If you have to choose between freedom and security, choose freedom, because secured life in prison is worse than insecure life under blue sky.

56. Don’t be overtly attached with your parents or spouse or children even when they are wrong. You are neither helping them to realize and learn their weaknesses and mistakes nor you are helping yourself.

57. Listen to experiences more than hypothesis.

58. If you don’t learn to be polite, the rudeness in you will pop out anytime anywhere without your knowledge.

59. There is a huge influence of people you are surrounded by that includes your loved ones, friends, parents, siblings and media influences. The weaknesses and flaws in them must have got in you that even you may not have realized. Work on removing them from you.

60. Life is full of distraction and deviation. Don’t let them to make you forget your goals.

61. Don’t make life about settling. Make it about exploring.

62. If you make life all about pride and reputation, you will be the most loneliest person.

63.  Don’t make a life decision to please others.

64. Get right advisors or get wrong road.

65. Good intention isn’t enough if you have poor communication skill.

66. Take rest when your body need it the most.

67. Every end is the new beginning.

68. All the Ups and downs is what keeps journey alive. Everything is worth living.

69. If you don`t try, you`ll never know. Don`t spend the rest of you`re life wondering what could have been.

70. Be involved without being attached in everything.

71. Do what you love or love what you do, if you truly want to be happy with what you do.

72. It’s not about how much resources you have. It’s about how resourceful you are with what you have. You are doing a lot does not mean you will be getting a lot more done. Don’t confuse movement with progress.

73. Simplify your life. Don’t complicate anything.

74. Try to see things that others can’t.

75. Don’t stress over things that you don’t have control over.

76. Everything in this world needs to be either earned or bought.

77. There is always a source behind anything said or done. Don’t go with what being said or done. Rather go with where it is coming from.

78. Be humble, be grounded, be respectful to anyone and everyone.

79. Choose your partner wisely.

80. Without financial independence, you are never truly free.

81. If you make any decision in life with full conviction, you will not feel bad or regret later in the future.

82. Acceptance leads to peace.

83. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

84. Don’t be so confident about future based on the present. Absolutely no one knows what future holds.

85. People have many sides, but you mostly get to see only the side they want you to see.

86. Our judgement is highly flawed and bias, so don’t be so sure about anyone or anything.

87. Life is easy as long as you live by law of nature.

88. As long as you know what you are doing and why you are doing, just do it irrespective of what others are saying.

89. When you know where you want to reach, you will find a way.

90. What is right now, may turn wrong later. What is wrong now, may turn right later. What is right for one may be wrong for others. Right and wrong is very subjective and contextual, so do what is right for you but don’t expect everyone to live by that.

91. Learn to accept the differences and live will be filled with joy and peace and happiness.

92. Never get that easily influenced by opinion coming from inexperienced people.

93. You never look great by making others look small and insignificant.

94. If you don’t know something, just google. There are 1000s of answers to all your wonders and confusions.

95. Don’t waste your time over people and activities that don’t seem the connecting dots to your goals.

96. Everything is constantly changing and evolving. Go with it or be left behind.

97. Don’t hesitate to ask money for doing something for others.

98. If you like someone, let them know that. If you don’t like someone, never let them know that.

99. If someone does not like you for you being you, don’t try to win their heart or please them.

100. Know what you want from your life, know how to get that and work towards it. Everything else is secondary.

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