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A Tale of A Third-World Human



Until April 26, a happy man living his life as he wants, doing what he loves doing, and with that, succeeds to get 2 millions social media followers….a story of Rahul Vohra, a 35-year-old actor and vlogger, whose life takes downward spiral in a week’s time to never go up. FOR NOTHING!!

May 4

After 4 days, May 8

May 9

He dies.

May 10

His wife posts this on her Instagram.

Later on May 11th, she penned the note in Hindi to say, “Rahul left behind several unfulfilled dreams. He wanted to do good work, prove his worth in the industry but it is all unfulfilled now. The people who watched him suffer are responsible for his death. They continued giving us false updates. I’m not the only one who is going through this situation, there are thousands of Jyoti out there who have lost their Rahul due to poor healthcare system. Don’t know how such people can sleep peacefully leaving someone to die. #justiceforirahulvohra I want you all to fight against this Not for my Rahul, but for your Rahul, your Jyoti.”

This shocking death of a talented actor due to the incompetency of the system left everyone in shock, anger, sadness, that millions stood for “justice” on social media. It made a round of news and talks among media consumers.

Two weeks passed by since. Probably everyone has forgotten the incident by now. All the “stay strong, we are with you,” comments and messages are lying dead and cold in the posts. Opinions passed against the hospital and government are probably already being forgotten. Life most have moved on for everyone except his wife and loved ones.

This incident got me into thinking:

Question 1: When I cry for help on social media here in South Asia, does it really work other than bagging sympathies?
Question 2: When I die because of the bloody corrupted third-world system, how long will the anger and frustration last among the people?
Question 3: Does a death of an influencer actually change anything?

I like to think NOTHING!! I am just another dog born in a third-world country who happens to be well known by mass but end of the day, I am just another dog, destined to live and die like every other dogs. Only difference is, my death will be known by many.

Then I think of those countries, where at least you don’t die because of scarce, because of incompetency, because of corruption, because of ignorance. My options — either go migrate to those world or do something to turn this part of the world into “those world,” so that at least generations to come will not die like dogs from third world country.

There is nothing in between.

Rest in peace to all the beautiful souls from “Third World” who had to die because of the system.

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KMAG App: Frequently Asked Questions




What is KMAG App?

KMAG, aka Knowledge Magazine, is a subscription-based digital content distribution platform, which distributes informative and educational content, along with entertaining and recreational content, to its users according to their need and interest.  

Is it a free app?

No.  It is a subscription-based content platform that users have to buy subscription to access the content.  

Is it ad-free?


How is KMAG different from social media or other user-generated content platforms?

KMAG functions like a traditional media with its own editor-board, which works as a gatekeeper between content creators and KMAG users, that every content that goes to KMAG users will be first reviewed, fact-checked, and all the needful checks to ensure that KMAG users are not misinformed or misguided.  Also, since we are not an advertisement platform, we don’t push ads nor trade users’ data with advertisers. Simply put, we are a media-like content platform with no ads, that sustains over subscription revenue.

Who are the content creators for KMAG?

Our content creators are educators, intellects, experts and experienced individuals with a passion of sharing their knowledge and information or perspectives to others. 

What types of content are available on KMAG?

For now, we cover, readable content (Read), video content (Watch), graphical content (Scroll), along with a discussion forum (Discuss).  

How does KMAG know its users’ interests and preferences?

While signing up, users choose their field of interest from all the available interests options we have set.  Once the user gets inside the app, they will get to tailor their own taste and preferences to narrow down the options further.  This way, users will eventually be seeing only what should matter to them.

What is Referral Code?

Every user has a unique ID that can be viewed in their profile under the “Referral Code.”  Users can ask their friends to use the code while signing up to KMAG, so the user can earn a reward point from KMAG.  Our plan is to turn the function into a virtual currency that can be used for various transactions and activities within our app.

Why is there no “Free Trial” for a first-time user?

KMAG is a very new product, and it’s obvious that people would want to know what it offers before they buy the subscription.  We have our own reason to force a subscription.  It has to do with our business model and business logic.

We have divided our users into 3 types:

  1. Believers:  Who believe KMAG and/or content creator/team associated with the KMAG, who don’t care what’s inside.  They just want to get in as an act of support by taking the leap of faith.
  2. Prosumers:  Who wants to see what’s inside KMAG App, and after exploring, would want to decide whether to buy or not.
  3. Consumers:  Who have heard a lot about KMAG and also want to get in.

Believers include fans and followers, friends and family, and early adopters.  Prosumers and consumers are strangers and skeptics.

For now, we have launched the product for believers.  The content business has “chicken and egg” problem.  Until there is no good content, there won’t be an audience.  Until there is no audience, you can’t produce good content.  So to begin with, in first phase, we want to onboard believers who don’t come for content but for regards to the idea and cause.  We plan to get around 1000 believers, through whom we will be raising 20 lakhs Nepalese rupees that we will be investing in the content.  

Once we have good enough content, we will be working towards onboarding prosumers.  This second phase will come with the trial.  The actual test will happen here.  Once we pass the test, we believe consumers will be naturally onboarded.

So, you can call it the “bootstrapping” approach we are taking in this first phase of launch focusing on believers.  If you are not the believer, you can wait for some time.  Once we are ready for the prosumer level, you will be notified and you can try out “trial” and see what we have to offer.  

What are the benefits of becoming “Believer?”

The following are the benefits:

  1. Believers get to witness evolution of this app and business model, which will be a great learning for those interested to see how an idea evolves into a giant company. 
  2. Believers will be the first one to test and try every new feature and concept that we would be incorporating in the app.
  3. Believers will be recognised as the most-valued users and will be given the privileged status.
  4. Believers will be rewarded in the future as we grow.
  5. Believers will be our preferred individuals in our team and partnership building as we grow. 

Is there way users can earn money through KMAG?


We believe in “share your gains to grow,” as per which we have a monetization policy for our users to earn money through us.  For now, users can earn money in following ways:

  1. Referral:  All the users have their own referral code that can be viewed in the profile section.  By asking friends and circles to download the app using the referral code will earn the user money.  For now, we are rewarding 20% of the subscription amount to the user, which means for every Rs. 300 we earn, we giving back Rs. 60 to the user through whom we earned the new subscriber.  
  2. Content:  Users can contribute their original content and we will pay a justifiable amount in return.  Content can be article, video, photographs, graphical content, or even quality comments.

Note:  For now, the monetisation offer is available only for resident of Nepal.  

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KMAG App: What it is and who it is for




KMAG App is now available on the Playstore for android users.  Hope in a week’s time, it will be available for iOS users as well.  It’s an ad-free paid app that users can buy monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually subscription to avail the service.

In the age of Internet and social media and other content platform flooded with free content, the obvious question everyone may wonder “who will pay for content in this world with free content everywhere?”  Money Heist isn’t free content, lots of movies and arts are not free content, many research papers and writings are not free content, and lots of sounds and images are not free content.  So, the truth is, internet world is divided between, free content and paid content.  We chose to walk the road to paid content.  We are strongly against ad-based content platforms and nor fond of unchecked user-generated content platforms. The reason is explained HERE. (

Back to the question – who will pay for the content?

There is this guy named Surjay Gurung, currently working in Dubai.  He has his wife and son back in Nepal and retired parents.  He spent his early life in India as his parents used to work there.  I don’t know much about his life but I can tell he is a man who wants to level up his life, for himself and for his child.  Somehow he landed up in Dubai like many working-class heroes.  With his honesty and the right attitude, he did well and started earning decent money.  His aspiration to have a better life got him on the road to self-educating on investment, life, values, and so on.  He is a great admirer of KMAG and takes things, we say, seriously.  The KMAG audience fascinates him – the educated urban youth. He never got the chance to live that life. Maybe he wants that life for his child. He sometimes call me to take advice on investment and other parts of his life.  He likes to call me his mentor.

My wife, she spends most of her time on insta videos and tiktok in her spare time.  I sometimes tell her, “instead of all these useless things, it would be better if you watch something that actually helps you in your personal and professional growth.”  She often responds with “tell me then what to watch.”  She wants to be recommended books and articles and videos to watch.  Like her, I have met dozens of people, who are interested to spend their spare time on useful content but they themselves don’t know what is useful and what is not in the ocean of the internet.

The other day, a young mother was complaining about her child wasting his time on his mobile.  It’s not that she has a problem with him using his mobile.  She has a problem with him wasting his time over useless content.  Her saying was “at least could make use of the internet for his own study and growth…wish there were as such platform.”

In the time like the MCC debate, we get lots of messages from people asking us to write an explanatory article on the issue.  We also get lots of messages from people asking about what to do with their personal issues, sometimes regarding relationships, sometimes regarding education/career.

Those are just few examples of reality outside the internet world.  There are thousands and thousands of people who have the internet at home, mobile in hand but because of lack of motivation or lack of timing or clues, often get lost over mountains of content. KMAG App is for such people.

KMAG, which we call a digital knowledge magazine, is a content distribution platform for its users according to their interests.  People like Surjay can get to read, watch, view, or discuss on things like investment through KMAG App.  People like my wife can read, watch, view, or discuss over things that would help her to learn or understand things of her interest through KMAG App.  People like the young mother can enroll her child to learn only good things through KMAG App.  In a time like MCC, people get to understand the issue as it is instating of researching on their own.  Those people who would message us seeking for advice and answer don’t have to reach out to our inbox because KMAG App is here to regularly feed them what they need to know.  

The question comes – will they pay?

Honest answer, we don’t know.  But we know, people didn’t pay for internet either, people didn’t pay for education either, people didn’t pay for water either.  But over the time, they started paying because they started realizing the importance of or they started to feel “better to pay and get things at ease than struggle for.”  So any new idea starts from a handful of people who would understand the essence and significance of such service or from the people, who pay because they can.   You don’t have to pay 300 rupees for momo but some do anyway because they can.  You don’t have to pay for bottled water but still some do, because they can.  You don’t need to subscribe to Netflix when can borrow from a friend, but some do because they can.

So basically, for now, we are not for everybody and it’s okay with us, coz Netflix neither came to serve everyone.  They started as a DVD delivery company for those who can.  They were not for people who could walk into a store and buy/rent DVD.

What we know is, our success lies on our ability to help people grow personally and professionally through us; help people learn and understand things that they otherwise would not know; ease people’s life in getting right information and knowledge through us.  That will be our focus for now trying out within the people who trust us, who believe us, and who can pay the subscription fee for our attempt to help them get informed, get smart, get connected with like-minded all KMAG App.  If we prove ourselves to be the solution that the modern world is desperately looking for, I am sure we will become a household name.

Our journey has just begun after years of experimenting and exploring and learning from Facebook page with believers and supporters by our side.  Wish us all the best.

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The story behind KMAG Cover Pic section




It’s been a month now that KMAG Cover section has been featuring different individuals with no caption telling anything about them but simply a picture of the person, and I can see page followers wondering who are those people, why we doing it.  So, who are they? In one word, they are BLESSINGS.

Running KMAG for so long, I have walked a long road to the unknown. In this journey, if I have learned anything then that is – the world is full of people with their own stories, preferences, tastes, and beliefs; their own challenges and struggles; their own flaws and weaknesses.  No one is an absolute hero and no one is totally useless.  We just have our own shares of gains and losses, success and failures and everything is relative.  

The cover picture section is like the head of the page.  The Head is the part of the body that belongs to either crown or God or cause we can fight for.  The section thus should belong to someone who we can look up to, we admire and adore, we respect and value; cause we lead or movement we believe in. One day, I was just contemplating everything I did, I went through, I wrote about, I sang for – people and places – life I lived and people I met, and I deeply felt that end of the day, my true blessings are no one but KMAG followers, who are always up there to lend me support when I am in need; feel proud of me and my work when something published; rejoice my presence when we meet.  In tough days and down moods, I just have to write something and these guys, without any obligation to do so, write back and cheer me up; are always there to drop words of motivation and remind us our purpose of starting this whole journey in the first place.  These people are the reason whoever we have become, whatever we have become, without whom we would be simply screaming in an open field with no one to listen miles and miles away.

In all that thinking and moment of contemplation, I realized my heroes, my inspirations, my motivators, my blessings are right there under the skin of ordinary human beings.  So we came up with the idea of dedicating the cover pic space for the page followers as a gesture of honoring and appreciating them equalizing to the crown and cause, for being supporters of what we do, being loyal to us, and being a true admirer of us.  The unconditional love and support are the blessings that I must count on.  I must wall mount these faces that sliding through I remind myself of the people I should not be forgetting.  

That’s the story behind the KMAG cover picture where every week we feature a person that we count as a blessing – the least we could do for the beautiful soul.  So any face you see while sliding through, now you know who are they to us, and why they are featured.  They meant a world to us, crown to us, blessings to us and cover feature is our way of decorating them.

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