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Vocal: Yankey Ongmu Lepcha
Music Composed by: Rajat Rai
Piano: Abhisekh Bhadra
Master and Mixing: Manzil Bikram KC

The kind of song that you want to play in a loop while driving, or while taking a break from work turning head up towards the ceiling and closing eyes, or just catch a bus taking a window side with headphone and this song.

A perfect company while preferring solitude.

…Mellow and Soothing Number infused with the beautiful feel of Hopes and Joy despite of lots of Ups and Downs.


Ekainashey Jeewan – I Painted It White




Composition/Vocals: Prabal Shrestha
Guitars/Back Vocals: Steven Tamang
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Binaya Man Amatya

I painted It White is less-known-but-highly-talented band from Nepal, whose vocalist is Prabal Shrestha. The band likes to call itself a “Gospel band,” maybe why they are not that well known in mainstream.

This song, Ekainashey Jeewan, isn’t available in YouTube for unknown reason and available only in Soundcloud, so we brought it here for your ease.

Give a listen. It’s beautiful.


एकैनासे जीवन – I Painted It White

एकैनासे जीवन कसैको हुदैन
जान्दछौ तिमी मित्र
एकदिन फूल ऒइल्याउछ
जमीनमा छरिन्छ
नया पालुवा त्यहीबाट उम्रन्छ

येस्तैनै छ जीवनको प्रक्रिया
यहाँ खुशी त छदैछ
कहिले रोधन त कैले परीक्षा
छैन एकैनासे जीवन

नकोट्याउ तिम्रो गहिरो बिगतलाई
घाउ सुक्नलाई समय देउ
अनि एकदिन निको हुन्छ
अनि याद भै बिलिन हुन्छ

छैन एकैनासे जीवन

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