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Dear Writers



Hello there!!

Since you are here, we would like to assume that you love writing.  Writing is the best contribution one can make for mankind, because we all die but writings will stay back.  Writing has a power to influence, power to change, power to amuse, and power to destroy.  So many books and articles and essays are the proofs on how they have been influential, for good or bad, even long after the writers are gone from this world.  Wikipedia is an example on how brilliantly a small effort of a writer can help billions.  We all know something, we all are good at something, we all believe in something.  Not everyone can pen them down though.  That’s why we can say mostly what writers believe in, what writers are good at other than writing, what writers know will get documented and spread.  Those who don’t, their beliefs, their knowledge, their opinion will die with them.  This is why writing is must-have skills for everybody.  Glad that you are a writer, and we want you, because we are into a mission of creating an informed society, and together we pen down everything we know, everything we believe in, everything we are good at.  Not just that but we will pen down also everything that people know but don’t know to put them in words, everything that they believe in but don’t know to put them in words, everything that they are good at but don’t know to put them in words.  You, a writer, ain’t just a writer, but are also a messenger.  We are the messengers and we would like to have you as a messenger, and together we will spread messages, knowledge and information, stories and perspectives, and sometimes simply a bundle of words to amuse people and bring smile on their face.

For all the reasons said above, we want you, and we need you.  Let’s do it.

No, we are not looking for a writer who can write for free.  As a writer, we understand the level of effort a writer needs to put to get words and sentences together to convey a message to the world.  Writer too have bills to pay, and family to feed, and life to live.  So, here is the plan on how a writer will be paid:

  • We have designed ad placement in such a way that every view should get us 1 rupee.  So say, a post got 1000 views in a month, then that means we earn 1000 rupees.  We plan to give 30% to writer that month, i.e. Rs 300.  If gets viewed by one lakh people, you will earn 30 thousands.  Another month, another count.  We are on internet, so there will always be views increasing and again we calculate and give you your share.  So, basically you can say, writing a piece for kmag is like recording a song, and you get royalty throughout your life unless the post is removed. 

That’s the plan.  We want to be a platform for all the writers, and we will put our utmost effort to make the platform popular and get advertisers.   Whatever we will be earning through our collective efforts will be shared between us.  On the other side, society will get informed.  Win-Win for all.  So you can say, we are trying to be magazine-kinda wikipedia, magazine-kinda google, magazine-kinda website, where one can find anything and everything, along with views and news, stories and perspectives, and lot more.

Does that sound interesting and promising at the same time?
If yes, cool! Let’s begin.

The following are the segments that we currently cover and you can write for any of the following:

  1.  News:
    a.  National:  Any news from Nepal.
    b.  International:  Any news from outside Nepal.
  2.  Knowledge and Infos:  Anything that is knowledgeable and informative.  Like for example, How to apply for driving license in Nepal; what is global warming; why World War II happened, etc.  It basically covers what, how, why, where, when, and will not be opinionated.
  3.  Life and stuffs: 
    a.  Education and Career.
    b.  Love and relationship.
    c.  Fashion and lifestyle.
    d.  Pets and passion.
    e.  Spirituality
  4.  Health and sports:  Anything related to health and sports
  5. Happiness:  Feel good stuffs.
    a.  Travel and places.
    b.  Movies and musics.
    c.  Talks and gossips.
    d.  Interviews.
  6. Sci-tech:  Anything related to science and technology
  7. Arts and literature:
    a.  Stories, short or medium.
    b.  Poems.
    c.  Satires and humors.
    d.  Photographs and visual arts.
  8. Business:
    a.  Entrepreneurship
    b.  Market
    c.  Management
  9. Opinion:  Anything that is just an opinion.
  10. Videos:  Video description.

That’s it for now.  Hope you got an overall idea on what we are up to and our expectation and how you can play a role that suits you and excites you, and together we march towards the mission of

  • Creating an informed society.
  • Connect and unite progressive minds.
  • Promote and support businesses and activities.

Thank you for your time.  Only a serious writer or someone who wishes to be a writer can read such a lengthy post, with such a patience.   One of the reasons why we wrote such a long-ass letter.  See? we just filtered out half of the wannabes and/or not-so-interested candidates.  Congratulations! You just cleared the level 1 of selection process.  Send us an email stating “WHY DO YOU WANT TO WRITE FOR KMAG” and that email will take you to level 3.  And, we will catch up for coffee at our place or somewhere inside the skype.

Wish you all the best,
Love and regards,


Survey: Restrictions faced by men



In a patriarchal society, it’s not just women who are judged on their acts but men too. Society is conditioned to think that certain roles can be done by women only, and some only by men. For instance, society judges heavily if a man chooses to be a stay-at-home dad, because it’s not the specified gender role of a “Man” to be ‘nurturing’.
So, there might be many things that men want to do, but cannot, because of the fear that we as a society will laugh at them or judge them for it. In order to know, that we are conducting this anonymous survey on the title and later make an article out of it.

If you identify as a man, please participate in this survey by filling up the form below:

Thank you for your time and effort!

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National News

New rules to regulate honors, awards

The government has amended the Decorations Rules-2008 in a bid to free it from controversy while conferring honours, titles and medals to various persons.



 There is a tradition of conferring decorations to Nepali and foreign citizens, who make ‘outstanding contribution’ to various walks of national life, every year.

With the amendment of Decorations Rules-2008, the new provision states, the government may confer honours, titles and medals to no more than 202 persons at a time. Of them, only one person shall be honoured with Nepal Ratna (the highest civilian award) while Rastra Gaurav shall go to two persons. Title of Man Padavi shall be given away to 100 persons. Alankar and medal shall be conferred on 50 persons, each. Writes The Himalayan Times.

Earlier, the government had been giving away these titles to hundreds of persons, who were close to the authorities concerned and political parties, without evaluating their contribution to the nation and people. As the existing law does not prescribe the number of persons to be honoured with the titles, the government could give away awards to anyone.

Source: The HImalayan Times

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Why I am leaving Facebook



I am the founder of Kaagmandu Magazine, a Facebook page that is known for succeeding to bring educated minds from Nepal in one place and churn a discussion on various topics and issues.  Nonetheless, it’s coming to an end.  September 1st will be marked in my life as the day I left Facebook as a content creator.  Here, “I” is not a regular person wanting to share his/her baby pics with her friends on Facebook.  Here, “I” meant to a content creator.  I am a content creator and I had been creating contents and publishing through Facebook for last 5 years.  From this date onward, I am stopping doing that.  Reasons being the following:


It all started as a hobby, so I didn’t care much about revenue or making living out of my content creation.  I used to create memes, graphics, write articles, create interactive contents and publish directly on Facebook, as a status or image.  Since it’s on Facebook itself and not a link sharing, I used to get better reach (in an average, 5 lakhs reach a week).  However, I would not earn a single penny for that.  I was fine until my hobby turned into a business idea.  Whatever Facebook is today is because of user-generated contents but it never felt to reward its users.  To make things worse, it started demanding money from users to boost their contents.  Post a link and it would make things much harder.  So, I decided to leave the Facebook once and forever and focus on my own website and rather work on growing audience here.  No matter how much audience I grow there on Facebook, I don’t own anything there nor can  earn directly anything as such.  So why build a tower in someone’s property?!


Anyone can have Facebook page, and everyone has been doing what I have been doing.  When you do what anyone can do, people tend to perceive you as everyone else.  In the context of Nepal, most pages are troll and meme pages, run by young guys in their early 20s, known for passing opinions and influencing crowd without holding needed knowledge on the topic.  And in many instances I have felt I am being perceived as one of them.  I used to smile and ignore but then, as more time passed by, I realized that I am actually creating my identity as “Facebook guy,” and that’s not how I want to identify myself.  So, I decided to leave the Facebook right away and work on identifying myself in true sense as I want it to be, as I am.


Facebook makes you lazy.  Just write few lines and it becomes a content.  Just crop a screenshot and it becomes a content.  Just write “how are you” and it becomes a content.  Basically, post anything of any size or length on Facebook and it becomes a content.  More funny thing is, such contents can reach to thousands and lakhs of people just like that.  People can engage, discuss, and debate over just like that.  And that was turning me lazy.   I mean why would you spend hours and hours in creating  a content, when a 5-minute work can give your brand the same exposure.  Thus, from a content creator who used to believe in creativity, in-depth projection, facts and illustration rich contents, I was turning into a “poo content creator,” who would create contents on mobile and post them while in toilet or in a tea break.  I needed to save myself from turning into a microblogger.  So, I decided to leave the Facebook and shift to website.  I can’t have same attitude and luxury here if I want to succeed.


As we were working on our upcoming book and curating old contents, we realized that whatever we post on Facebook is momentary.  No matter how popular your posts had gone, or how informative or useful they have been, they all gonna dump down in the database of Facebook, that neither Google cares to index nor is easy for anyone to come back and find out with ease.  Which basically means posting something on Facebook is as useless as writing down on a tissue paper while waiting for your food in a restaurant, unlike website or blog or content management system.  I don’t want my hard work and efforts being so meaningless and momentary.  So, I decided to leave the Facebook and build my content management system, that will be more like a library for all, and when I am gone, they be still around, as useful and fun.

Too Free To Value

When you come to a website, you came by desire.  You put an effort to get there.  But on Facebook, everything is spoonfed through newsfeed.  Facebook has turned writers, content creators, photographers, videographers, and even journalists and researchers into a cheap and desperate soul – unwanted, unworthy individuals – whose works and contributions are subject to mood and attitude of Facebook users.  Enough.  Don’t want to be part of this water-to-chase-thirsty game.  So, I decided to leave the Facebook and build this digital world, where those in need of knowledge and information, thoughts and discussions come searching for.  When they come by choice and not force feed, that will create a healthy and beautiful world where there is value and respect, and constructive components.

Organised chaos

This is the saddest reality about Facebook I hated the most.  You are judged for your opinion.  You are labelled for your disagreement.  One moment you are a hero and another moment you are  a crap.  Everyone is righteous and everyone is desperate to prove themselves correct.  I lived the Gotham life and I had enough.  That’s not the kind of world I want to deal with as a content creator.  I look for healthy and decent world where people know to agree to disagree, people know to argue with reference; no bigotry, no intolerance.  That does not happen on Facebook, because it is designed for organised chaos.  Like said above, contents are pushed to users without them searching for or wanting for.  A religious fanatic can get atheist view point on his/her newsfeed just like that and guess what happens.  So, I decided to leave the Facebook for peace of my mind and inner self.

By saying all that, I didn’t mean I am deactivating Facebook or unpublishing Kaagmandu Magazine page.  I still love and adore Facebook for it’s power to connect people.  I just don’t want anymore to use Facebook to publish my contents directly on Facebook like how I used to.  I will just limit myself to connecting with friends, fans and followers.  I will also use the Facebook for researching and observing people and trend, seeing answers and solving doubts.  Apart from that, I have decided not to use Facebook for momentary brain orgasm.  If I feel like throwing my opinion on any issue, I will do it through this website and not Facebook status anymore.  Instead of wasting my time scrolling newsfeed every now and then, I will use those time and energy in creating contents through in-depth research and study on the topic.   I miss my movies and documentaries time and I miss those long hours reading books and papers.  There are so many things I want to do now and I already can feel the freedom, feel the relief, feel the peace and serenity.

Nepal and many countries like Nepal are in real need of one-stop solution for genuine information and knowledge and rational thinking and discussions in this information polluted digital era.  I am leaving Facebook to build one.

I am glad you are around.  Thank you for reading.  Drop your comments below and will catch you up there.

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