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Dear Writers



Hello there!!

Since you are here, we would like to assume that you love writing.  Writing is the best contribution one can make for mankind, because we all die but writings will stay back.  Writing has a power to influence, power to change, power to amuse, and power to destroy.  So many books and articles and essays are the proofs on how they have been influential, for good or bad, even long after the writers are gone from this world.  Wikipedia is an example on how brilliantly a small effort of a writer can help billions.  We all know something, we all are good at something, we all believe in something.  Not everyone can pen them down though.  That’s why we can say mostly what writers believe in, what writers are good at other than writing, what writers know will get documented and spread.  Those who don’t, their beliefs, their knowledge, their opinion will die with them.  This is why writing is must-have skills for everybody.  Glad that you are a writer, and we want you, because we are into a mission of creating an informed society, and together we pen down everything we know, everything we believe in, everything we are good at.  Not just that but we will pen down also everything that people know but don’t know to put them in words, everything that they believe in but don’t know to put them in words, everything that they are good at but don’t know to put them in words.  You, a writer, ain’t just a writer, but are also a messenger.  We are the messengers and we would like to have you as a messenger, and together we will spread messages, knowledge and information, stories and perspectives, and sometimes simply a bundle of words to amuse people and bring smile on their face.

For all the reasons said above, we want you, and we need you.  Let’s do it.

No, we are not looking for a writer who can write for free.  As a writer, we understand the level of effort a writer needs to put to get words and sentences together to convey a message to the world.  Writer too have bills to pay, and family to feed, and life to live.  So, here is the plan on how a writer will be paid:

  • We have designed ad placement in such a way that every view should get us 1 rupee.  So say, a post got 1000 views in a month, then that means we earn 1000 rupees.  We plan to give 30% to writer that month, i.e. Rs 300.  If gets viewed by one lakh people, you will earn 30 thousands.  Another month, another count.  We are on internet, so there will always be views increasing and again we calculate and give you your share.  So, basically you can say, writing a piece for kmag is like recording a song, and you get royalty throughout your life unless the post is removed. 

That’s the plan.  We want to be a platform for all the writers, and we will put our utmost effort to make the platform popular and get advertisers.   Whatever we will be earning through our collective efforts will be shared between us.  On the other side, society will get informed.  Win-Win for all.  So you can say, we are trying to be magazine-kinda wikipedia, magazine-kinda google, magazine-kinda website, where one can find anything and everything, along with views and news, stories and perspectives, and lot more.

Does that sound interesting and promising at the same time?
If yes, cool! Let’s begin.

The following are the segments that we currently cover and you can write for any of the following:

  1.  News:
    a.  National:  Any news from Nepal.
    b.  International:  Any news from outside Nepal.
  2.  Knowledge and Infos:  Anything that is knowledgeable and informative.  Like for example, How to apply for driving license in Nepal; what is global warming; why World War II happened, etc.  It basically covers what, how, why, where, when, and will not be opinionated.
  3.  Life and stuffs: 
    a.  Education and Career.
    b.  Love and relationship.
    c.  Fashion and lifestyle.
    d.  Pets and passion.
    e.  Spirituality
  4.  Health and sports:  Anything related to health and sports
  5. Happiness:  Feel good stuffs.
    a.  Travel and places.
    b.  Movies and musics.
    c.  Talks and gossips.
    d.  Interviews.
  6. Sci-tech:  Anything related to science and technology
  7. Arts and literature:
    a.  Stories, short or medium.
    b.  Poems.
    c.  Satires and humors.
    d.  Photographs and visual arts.
  8. Business:
    a.  Entrepreneurship
    b.  Market
    c.  Management
  9. Opinion:  Anything that is just an opinion.
  10. Videos:  Video description.

That’s it for now.  Hope you got an overall idea on what we are up to and our expectation and how you can play a role that suits you and excites you, and together we march towards the mission of

  • Creating an informed society.
  • Connect and unite progressive minds.
  • Promote and support businesses and activities.

Thank you for your time.  Only a serious writer or someone who wishes to be a writer can read such a lengthy post, with such a patience.   One of the reasons why we wrote such a long-ass letter.  See? we just filtered out half of the wannabes and/or not-so-interested candidates.  Congratulations! You just cleared the level 1 of selection process.  Send us an email stating “WHY DO YOU WANT TO WRITE FOR KMAG” and that email will take you to level 3.  And, we will catch up for coffee at our place or somewhere inside the skype.

Wish you all the best,
Love and regards,


How-to prevent Texting currently and carry on a romantic date



Texting tends to be a convenient and flirty way of getting to know the match throughout early phases of internet dating.

It can also be an instrument of torture. The main reason: the match may appear completely content to text permanently and do not get around to requesting on a night out together. Which Means months (and perhaps truly several months) of a seemingly countless exchange of “Good morning” and “Successful Tuesday!” and “Top three intimate comedies … Go!”

Needless to say, you should seem fun and friendly and that means you perform along. And you’re hoping that your particular participation ultimately becomes a romantic date. “Clearly this can not keep going on and on,” you tell yourself. “He will should satisfy sooner or later, right?”

I’m here to share with you it can easily just on – away from wildest imagination. It’s not merely a source of short-term annoyance, either. This prolonged texting threatens to harm your own matchmaking life in 2 essential techniques:

1) could come to be so discouraged which you at some point lose interest. (that is a certain burn should you feel you’ve already used a lot of texting time.)

2) your own texting trade will develop a life of a unique, and you also chance building a false impression of whom you believe the match is actually, which doesn’t very measure in actual life.

Emailing, texting, and calling are resources to develop a fundamental rapport which means you feel comfortable enough to remain across a dining table from somebody and share a drink in real life.

If at all possible, you will text for a couple times – each week clothes – until among you indicates meeting.

However, some people just seem to love texting. (I’m talking as a woman who is fielded numerous grievances from women who wish follow old-fashioned matchmaking parts and become expected out-by a person.) “so why do men love texting plenty?” they ask.


Like the majority of females, You will find not a clue! Well, okay, I’m guessing there are three primary reasons:

1) they truly are hectic and keeping you exactly in danger

They’re remaining in touch since they are not available observe you now. However, they don’t need overlook the possibility they could want to see you in the future. Maybe they’re traveling or dealing with a family group, work or health circumstance and they aren’t prepared meet up. And also this most likely takes place more often than we want to imagine: they truly are online dating someone else and wish to find out how it is before preventing get in touch with entirely along with you.

2) They’re not certain they like you

They may be using texting to find out if there’s biochemistry. (it is an awful idea, I’m sure! People simply aren’t that great at texting, so it’s perhaps not a reasonable examination.) Besides, the real threat is you have inflamed and go flat and begin supplying terse responses – and kill down any possible relationship before it even starts.

3) they aren’t positive you would like them

Some guys tend to be insecure and are also pursuing enough good feedback attain adequate self-confidence up to now you. This does not add up, possibly. The reality that you answered the final 20 texts suggests you are curious, correct? Simply how much a lot more reassurance are you able to give?

But you’re not powerless!

Listed here are three techniques to end the texting hell:

1) fall ideas

The formula is easy: Flatter the texter. Recommend answering in true to life. Instance: “which is the concern about flicks. I would want to let you know exactly about the best movies over a beer.”

2) Set some borders

End the madness very early. Example: “I am not the majority of a texter, however it would-be enjoyable to reach know you. Lemme determine if you find attractive talking from the phone or conference up sometime.”

3) Ask them out

Usually, direct is ideal. You will keep your time and sanity. Example: “You seem like a lot of fun. Do you wish to get together IRL?”

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Knowledge & Infos

What’s Special Today: November 10




Historically native to the Indian states of Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand and the southern part of Nepal, Chhath is one of those festivals that transcends the caste system that exists in the society. According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the sixth day of the lunar month of Kartik. The Chhath Puja is a 4-day long ritual specially offered to the solar deity, Surya, to show thankfulness for good health, good life and to request the granting of some certain wishes.

Day 1: On the first day, the devotees after bathing clean their house and eat the food that is offered to the god to protect the mind from the vengeful tendency.

Day 2: On the second day, the devotees are not allowed to drink even a single drop of water but, in the evening, they eat kheer made up of jaggery, fruits.

Day 3: The evening of the third day which is also known as sandhya ‘arghya’ day where a bamboo basket is decorated with various puja materials, fruits, thekuwa, and laddus which are offered as an ‘argya’ to the Sun. Also, the Chhathi Maiya is worshipped.

Day 4: On the last day of Chhath puja again an arghya is offered to the Sun God but this time in the morning. The devotees go to the riverbank to offer arghya to the rising sun and break their fast and conclude their four-day long worship.

Happy Chhath to everyone! Don’t forget to enjoy some thekuwas!!

World Keratoconus Day:

Every year on November 10, World Keratoconus Day is celebrated to focus global attention on keratoconus and ectatic corneal disorders. The day was first celebrated by National Keratoconus Foundation.

Keratoconus is a disease that causes the cornea to become weak, leading to the thinning and stretching of the cornea, which may result in the loss of vision. Keratoconus is degeneration of the structure of the cornea. The shape of the cornea slowly changes from the normal round shape to a cone shape which affects the vision. The keratoconus mainly develops in teenagers and young adults and the disease keeps on growing, if not diagnosed in time.  

The disease has no prevention and no treatment. With early diagnosis, the disease can be managed and further damage can be protected. In Nepal, the prevalence of Keratoconus is 1 in 2000 according to the recent journal. So, this world keratoconus day, make a commitment to visit an eye doctor once a year for the early diagnosis of keratoconus as well as other eye diseases.

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KMAG Online Writing Workshop reading materials



Day 1

Covers communication and types of writing. Please check the following articles.

  1. What is communication and how to communicate effectively?
  2. Types of Writing

Also, check out: How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it)

Day 2

Covers content management system/WordPress, and how to introduce yourself. Please check the following articles.

  1. What is WordPress and How to work in WordPress
  2. How to introduce yourself.

Day 3-5

Covers the basics of expository writing and CV writing.

Day 6

Covers persuasive writing.Please check the following articles.

  2. Handout of video class.

Day 7-9

Covers how to write research-based opinion writing.

  1. How to frame an argument
  2. How to write an opinion piece

Day 10

Personal journal writing (my diary)

Day 11-13

Figure of speech and rhetoric.

Day 14-16

How to frame questions.

  1. Art of questioning

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