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Generation Y learning to live in gray zones



Came across this picture of a Nepalis guy in his 20s residing in Australia. Seems like newly bought car, just done with “Puja,” with that Om and Banana. And the guy standing in a grunge personality.

This picture to us rightly represents this generation in large. Half of their life, they grew up witnessing the ritual and tradition practiced at home, by mother, by elders and we enjoyed thoroughly. As they grew up, they also learned that faith is one thing and reality is something else. Culture and tradition is one thing and the world that they have to live and thrive in is different thing.

In between, they learned to blend both, making peace with faith, culture, tradition, modernization, science, and yet live their life to the fullest. They don’t really that strongly believe an imaginary God will protect them by offering banana, yet they don’t see anything wrong doing that. They know rationally speaking, they can just drive the car without doing the “Puja” but they also know they can drink a whiskey without tossing the glass, yet they do, because they have simply learned the importance of such little ritual and gesture to add colors in their lives and activities of daily living, without which things would be dull and boring.

It’s never about being right or wrong. Life and world have never been black and white. This generation have learned to live in the gray zones, blending past, present, and future making peace with everyone and everything.

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