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How is education in Australia in compare to Nepal?

Is it really extraordinary or better than Nepal? What differences can one find in terms of teaching?



We had asked KMAG page followers currently pursuing their study and career in Australia about their views on “Education in Australia” and how is it different from education in Nepal, in terms and teaching and learning experiences.

More based on real environment real business and more research!!

Whatever the course they focus on value based learning. On the first day of our class… Facilitator asked what were the values of our country; 90% of our class being Nepalese, we were looking at each other….What the hell are values Example given were care, love, respect at last and I wrote Unity, Peace… I dont remember the rest but anyway that was the beginning! And Reflection… Most important in adult learning. Thanks to that education…I know how to reflect upon my actions now. — Rasmita Bhattarai 

Aneel Tshong :
This is my analysis of education in Australia.
Type 1: Universities with lot of focus on research, resources innovation, and development. They do offer coursework though. High level intellects and professors. Diverse in terms of student and nationality. Expensive education but somewhat worth it. Quality = high.
Type 2: city colleges, licensed campuses. Very minimal research and support. Mostly coursework. Less diversed and very few local students. Overly populated by south Asian students. Mostly mid level professors and associate professors. Bit expensive compared to its quality. Quality = OK, just like private colleges in Nepal.
Type 3: colleges and institutions. No research and support. Flexible in terms of attendance. Leaving few, others just need enrolment. No south Asian students = no survival. Less experienced teaching staff. Quality = potato.

Most Nepalese students fall into type 2 or 3.

Syllabus planning chae Nepal kae thik but how the lecturers teaches and how the students are made to research to submit the assignments and understand the context is something best about Australia. But the funniest thing is i was taught about simple tenses,prepositions,demand,supply in Bachelors lmaoSuden

Just 12 lectures per subject per sem. Lectures are basic and straight to the point. Need to research yourself to understand in depth. Assignments strictly your own research, own words. Easy to pass written examination but completing assignment is such a torment.
Nepal ma student lai pass garauna teacher le hard work garnuparne, aus ma student aafai — Jayanti Maharjan

Nua Manas:
Course and materials in 🇦🇺-10/10
Lecturers and tutors🇦🇺- literally had 3lecturers changed in renowned uni based college at my times that co-ordinater literally came into class to bear with the situation;
Chinese lecturer literally spilled questions to chinese students which we happened to got through networking and the questions did match😂.
Overall , professionals teaching and lecturing is quite better in Nepal
Here you have to be very attentive regarding deadlines for assignment, quizzes, tests and exam.
Attendance-depends on uni, i have had uni which has lecture videos uploaded on student websites so 100% physical attendance was not needed.

Our Conclusion

Education in Australia is more of a research based like many western education, where courses are designed to give more practical knowledge and understanding on the subject through loads of assignments and self-learning styles, where as education in Nepal (and also India), is more like guiding students through set syllabus creating more importance and dependencies on a lecturer. Both has its own pros and cons, but based on the comments, can say Australian education system produces more critical and self-learned mass with better practical understanding and knowledge on the majored subject/courses.

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