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How is education in Australia in compare to Nepal?

Is it really extraordinary or better than Nepal? What differences can one find in terms of teaching?



We had asked KMAG page followers currently pursuing their study and career in Australia about their views on “Education in Australia” and how is it different from education in Nepal, in terms and teaching and learning experiences.

More based on real environment real business and more research!!

Whatever the course they focus on value based learning. On the first day of our class… Facilitator asked what were the values of our country; 90% of our class being Nepalese, we were looking at each other….What the hell are values Example given were care, love, respect at last and I wrote Unity, Peace… I dont remember the rest but anyway that was the beginning! And Reflection… Most important in adult learning. Thanks to that education…I know how to reflect upon my actions now. — Rasmita Bhattarai 

Aneel Tshong :
This is my analysis of education in Australia.
Type 1: Universities with lot of focus on research, resources innovation, and development. They do offer coursework though. High level intellects and professors. Diverse in terms of student and nationality. Expensive education but somewhat worth it. Quality = high.
Type 2: city colleges, licensed campuses. Very minimal research and support. Mostly coursework. Less diversed and very few local students. Overly populated by south Asian students. Mostly mid level professors and associate professors. Bit expensive compared to its quality. Quality = OK, just like private colleges in Nepal.
Type 3: colleges and institutions. No research and support. Flexible in terms of attendance. Leaving few, others just need enrolment. No south Asian students = no survival. Less experienced teaching staff. Quality = potato.

Most Nepalese students fall into type 2 or 3.

Syllabus planning chae Nepal kae thik but how the lecturers teaches and how the students are made to research to submit the assignments and understand the context is something best about Australia. But the funniest thing is i was taught about simple tenses,prepositions,demand,supply in Bachelors lmaoSuden

Just 12 lectures per subject per sem. Lectures are basic and straight to the point. Need to research yourself to understand in depth. Assignments strictly your own research, own words. Easy to pass written examination but completing assignment is such a torment.
Nepal ma student lai pass garauna teacher le hard work garnuparne, aus ma student aafai — Jayanti Maharjan

Nua Manas:
Course and materials in 🇦🇺-10/10
Lecturers and tutors🇦🇺- literally had 3lecturers changed in renowned uni based college at my times that co-ordinater literally came into class to bear with the situation;
Chinese lecturer literally spilled questions to chinese students which we happened to got through networking and the questions did match😂.
Overall , professionals teaching and lecturing is quite better in Nepal
Here you have to be very attentive regarding deadlines for assignment, quizzes, tests and exam.
Attendance-depends on uni, i have had uni which has lecture videos uploaded on student websites so 100% physical attendance was not needed.

Our Conclusion

Education in Australia is more of a research based like many western education, where courses are designed to give more practical knowledge and understanding on the subject through loads of assignments and self-learning styles, where as education in Nepal (and also India), is more like guiding students through set syllabus creating more importance and dependencies on a lecturer. Both has its own pros and cons, but based on the comments, can say Australian education system produces more critical and self-learned mass with better practical understanding and knowledge on the majored subject/courses.

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Love and Relationship

What kind of person one should think twice before dating

The list below is prepared from collected comments and not an opinion of KMAG



We had asked KMAG community about the kind of person one should not date, based on their past experience and the following were the answers. Make a note and save yourself.

1. Someone who is just hideous and doesn’t disclose any aspect of his life. 

2. Someone who is inconsiderate of your feelings because what they think is a small thing might not be just a small thing for you after all.

3. Never date someone who overthink everything. Also, makes thing complicated for no reason.


4. One who doesn’t understand the quote ‘Actions speak louder than words’, doesn’t know how easy it is to be honest in every little things, doesn’t know the meaning of responsibility and most importantly doesn’t like ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ 

5. Never date a control freak.


6.  Someone who has high opinion of himself/herself, the one who thinks they are right and others as wrong .Being selfish and boasting about themselves is natural but some take it to another level. They dont just have extra self confidence but they also completely ignore others ideas and thoughts.

7. Never date a hard-to-deal narcissistic and a boastful person. Also don’t date somebody who is afraid to unfold their inner emotions and feelings to you.

8. Don’t date or fall in love with Narcissistic and self obsessed person.

9. The crazy one.


10. Not to date someone who expects you to understand him/her without any sort of communication.

11. The worst one to date is a good person who hasn’t yet moved on from their past or still feel stuck and responsible for their past relationship and partner and cannot establish boundaries with them.

12. If you have to think twice to date someone, never date them.

13.  Someone who hears you but doesn’t listen 

14. Some one with an ego should never be dated…everyone has flaws but the one that doesn’t accept his or her flaws shouldnt be dated.

15. If someone falls head over heels almost at first glance, who commits way too sooner, is into your appearance or any such superficial stuffs, narrow minded and sexist/racist or any such -ist


16. Person who doesn’t love him/herself.

17. Someone who is always afraid of not being in a relationship. 

18. Who doesn’t rethink, just reloads when presented with an opinion that doesn’t match their own. Also, self-victimizing hypocrites.

19. Fixed mindset

20. Bad attitude

21. Someone who think that they’re always right, superior and refuse to listen to anyone else.


22. Not committed to oneself or to the relationship, lazy, takes relationship like granted, eccentric, egotistical..

However, forget not:

  • There isn’t any checklist when it comes to dating a person. In this world people don’t even know themselves, forget about knowing the others. If you get to “know” (if you happen to) someone that is only possible with time. If we could distinguish the traits and characters so easily based on the traits and character they show, the world would be a great place. Everything is much rooted in our culture. We are taught to be nicer to everyone, which I think is absurd. We should teach everyone to be who they are! Just because you are accustomed to be nicer to everyone, you can’t put a boundary to yourself when you should warn or create firewall against certain people. On the contrary, the person opposite always thinks you are nicer to him/her so he/she can still approach. You should teach everyone a no is a NO, not like in every no there is a hidden Yes. This is all Bollywood nonsense. Girls should be brave enough to say yes to a guy should they find him a good (I wouldn’t say a perfect- it doesn’t exist) match. Not like- ‘lets see how far he can try’. And boys should learn that a No is a NO.. no further ragging and following.
  • If only one could distinguish these- Yes and No, everything will be normal. Others traits and characters you will learn with time.
  • Cheers!

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