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Critical Thinking

How to break the cycle?



7Now, your helmet is lost or exchanged without your fault, and somebody took it because the person too lost it without a fault. The string can stretch quite long to both end, because this process can go on until somebody decided to be ethically and principally right despite being a victim.

This pretty much explains a society like ours.

How to break the cycle?

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Critical Thinking

Goddess Laxmi and a poor devotee




Seeing a dedication of a poor man, Laxmi visits his house.

Poor Man: Why am I so poor? Why can’t I be rich like others? Make me rich.

Laxmi: What do you do to make money?

Poor Man: I am a street sweeper. I sweep streets.

Laxmi: Do you know why Gold is more valuable than a stone? You can go on talking about how useful a stone is and it’s significance but still your argument will not change the fact that stone will never be as valuable as Gold. That’s economics. Value of anything is determined by supply and demand. More common and easily available, less the value. What you do for living is something anyone can do, and that makes your skill high supply, less demand, making you less valuable. So work on building a value, do something that not everyone can do, be someone that cannot be easily replaced. Don’t get me wrong. You are beautiful and you have your own significance just like the stone, but if your desire is to be a gold, I can’t turn you into that. Only you can. You are provided brain and intelligence. Rest is up to you to decide. That’s how this world is created and governed. World doesn’t run on emotions. It runs per fundamentals of nature. You get to pave your own roads to prosperity following the basic fundamentals of nature. There is no miracle in this world. That’s not how God works. It’s all programmed like a video game – if you take step A, you get X result. If you take step B, you get Y result. Always know what action leads to what result, for which we have given you brain and intelligence. Make use of it.

Poor Man: So that means puja doesn’t work?

Laxmi: You know why it’s called celebration? Because it is to celebrate your success, your gains, your accomplishments, at whichever point you are in. It is not to set a demand list to God. Or cry for mercy. The whole idea of festival is to celebrate. Some people are only mistaking it as a moment to demand for good fortune. That’s because of their ignorance. It is never meant for “prove your dedication and loyalty towards me and I will grant you the success and prosperity.” If that’s the case, world would be run by devotees and sages. Do they? They don’t.

Poor man: Okay, then what am I supposed to do now?

Laxmi: Celebrate for whatever you have gained till now, retained till now and prepare yourself with new goals, new strategies, bigger motivation to get better. Will visit you next year again. May you grow better than this year.

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