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The life story of a water drop



I might have been sleeping
Since the big bang happened,
But I just woke up.
I woke up with the sun,
On top of a dandelion flower,
I saw the sunrays coming,
to snatch me away 
from the wildflower’s solace.
From violet to bright yellow,
the sun changed its colours
and warmed me, up into vapors,
up into molecules,  to atoms.

Then wind came to my rescue.

No I didn’t see,
but I felt it carry me away.
In hurricanes, it made me circle,
round his countless arms;
and I loved that.
Hurricanes settled,
but storms took me with them.
I saw some eagles with the storms.
The birds of prey looked at the world below,
And I saw what they saw.
They flew to their nests, 
But I kept dancing to the air’s tune.

One morning 

I flowed down a stream and realised something.
I never age.
I just rest, 
Even deep asleep
sometimes inside the depths of oceans.
Other times at snow-beds 
and every other place
where wind isn’t dead.
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