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If you can go against so many things that Maa doesn’t like though you there is nothing wrong in doing that, you can go against every other things that she doesn’t like but you know she is wrong.

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Write-Up Comedy: Entrepreneurs From Nepal




This post is for amusement purpose and can be highly offensive to some, so read at your own risk.  The views expressed aren’t that of Kaagmandu Magazine.  

When someone in Nepal says “I am an entrepreneur,” understand this.  He is a college drop-out dude struggling for stability and identity with no parental support, desperately looking for a sugar-coated word to describe self so that could feel good about self despite being a loser.   Think like this.  You don’t have certificate, you can’t get visa except for gulf, you can’t get a job where you could see yourself becoming a manager, and your parents don’t trust you anymore for wasting their money on education but then, you gotta live.   Do what? Become an entrepreneur.  Wow! what an arse-saving title to glorify a pity butt.  See, basically what they do is get things from wholesalers and sell it to lazy people on Internet.  Or, be a middle man.  Which basically is same as being Sahuji or dalal.  But, they have a name for it – CEO.

“What do you do?”

“we are a service provided to connect bla bla bla”

Man, these guys are funny.  And poor too.  Seriously!  You know what they order every time when they to go to a cafe? Black coffee.  Dude, I understand you can’t afford a cappuccino but black tea is much cheaper.  Try that out.  You can save some more money.

How many of you like to be called “FAKE?” No one with right mind likes to be called that, except Nepalese entrepreneurs.  I mean seriously they are proud to fake.  You know what’s their mantra is? “Fake it until you make it.”  WTF!!  A BIG TIME faker.

I once was with these bunch of entrepreneurs and they bored me to death.  Those guys were talking about Elon Musk, and arguing on whether he would fail or succeed.  HOLY [email protected] !  I don’t even understand the language they use.  Penetration, proposition, bla bla sh!t.  The only penetration I know is ….leave it.  You know what I mean.  Man, these guys are total weird.

Anyway, I respect these guys.  These guys are up to changing Nepal.  I don’t know how the [email protected] these guys gonna do that with their sh!tty website and apps, but still they think they can.  And I respect them for that confidence.  And I must.  See, they are drop out, they are fake, they talk about world, they like to change Nepal, and their favorite junction is tea shop (cafe).  How could I disrespect prospective ministers from tomorrow? I should not.

Thank you.

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