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These individuals listed below have joined “KMAG Online Writing Workshop” for one reason – to pursue their passion for writing. Before we begun this unrelenting 100-day journey together towards the mission of “producing writers, creating messengers,” we asked them to briefly introduce themselves for the world out there and this is what they have to say:

Contestant #1

Amar Nepal

Hey there, it’s Ragnar . I’m 29, a B.B.A graduate from Chitwan. Currently a Facebook Ads marketer, enthusiast and learner.

Born in Birgunj where I did my initial schooling and later migrated to Chitwan. I’ve worked in Marketing agency and Banking after which I started out my own venture.

When Covid hit, things got messy and seeing the demand in the market, I decided to get into Digital Marketing and currently I’m working as an Intern in an agency.

Wanting or not, I’ve been experimenting with things in my life. Be it job, studies , basically most life choices. I guess most of us do the same, or maybe not. With time I am starting to realize, in this mundane world, we can’t afford to put our focus in everything , so for the last 1 year , I’m doing things that I really like, and I guess this journey with KMag is also one of them.

I’m not an avid reader, nor a full on travel guy, neither an anime lover. I enjoy in small things, like talking with my family and making jokes, eating donuts and when got time, playing with my dog Shelly.

When talking with a new person , I love it when he/she too likes the same kind of music as I do, enjoys the same movies that I too am fond of and , maybe because of the late 20’s that I’m into, if someone makes deep talks about future, money , life , I like that as well. Having said that, I am fond of listening to people who knows what they are talking about.

I used to be a people pleaser, but I hope I’m not the same Amar as I was a year before. I have experienced joblessness, bad breakup-very very bad breakup, started my own business but shut down after a year, in a nutshell, I think I cannot regret myself with not having done what I wanted to.

If you think, your story resonated with mine, I’d mind the company over a cup of tea- yes I’m more into tea than coffee.

I like watching thriller movies, try to catch with the latest in politics –however I’ve realized I’m more into Indian Politics than Nepal’s , maybe growing up in a family whose father and mother both are from India, it kind of got into my genes, who knows???

Anyways, I think of myself as an an average Nepali keta/guy, born in a middle class family , wanting to explore life. My family has been always supportive towards whatever I decide to do. But having said that with time I’m realized in the years that I’ve lived, up and downs are a natural phenomenon . It’s worrisome only when you stop accepting who you are, what are your strengths, your weakness and a thing I realized is that no one is perfect.

With that, I rest my case here.

P.s. I’m a big fan of The Shadows Nepal, occasional netflix binge watcher and a Viking at heart.

Contestant #2

Ram Prakash

Life is one hell of a ride and we have to venture into so many unknown territories. We seek for linear progress but it doesn’t go that way. We have to change our way of thinking. As for me, I was born in a small village called  “Hajariya” and raised by wonderful parents who provided me with the highest standard of education. My Parents had little education background but they never hesitated to provide me with a good education. One of the most important things people can do is to read constantly which provides us with various perspectives. To improve myself, I started to read books during my University days and it helped me to improve my mental models. I have completed my Bachelor of technology in Mechanical Engineering from KIIT University. Reading books of wonderful writers, I started to write about some of my own thoughts and will copy the writer’s best parts which I think was best and compile them into my essay. I believe one can improve themselves by writing the thoughts they are thinking. Writing helps us to bring clarity to our minds and helps us to connect different dots. I got into writing in order to improve myself and I suggest everybody to write something everyday because it helps in developing our brain muscles just like going to gym everyday helps us in developing our physical muscles. “What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but you have to take it. For those of you who are reading this, I want to say that the road is long and let’s join with me to explore the unknown and I promise you that I will always speak the truth because truth is the ultimate goal I aspire for and always will do. Giving respect to everybody has been my core values because I believe giving others respect is the highest form. 



Contestant #3

Ganga Ghale

Hello everyone. My name is Ganga Ghale. I am from a beautiful city, Pokhara. By profession, I am a lecturer.  Having an opportunity to convey my knowledge to young people motivates me every day to work harder. Apart from it, I am also a MPhil scholar at KUSOM, Nepal. I am always eager to learn.

I am a good listener. At the same time, I like to meet people from different places and with different backgrounds. This helps me get a better understanding of different aspects of lives. So, I love to travel to many places. These experiences always inspire me to write but I am just a beginner.

With my stories, I will make you to travel to places you have never been to and view life from the perspective you have never imagined.

Contestant #4

Jeevan Sharma

Hi my name is Jeevan Sharma. I am from Pokhara, I am currently living in Lalitpur. I have a master’s degree in philosophy and major English. Music, Art and writing are my field of my expertise.

I am a writer and I have been writing for more than 5 years now. I used to write for newspapers and my own blog. You can find my writings at Mostly I write about social issues and political issues. I try to bring out the essence of the issues happening in the society and in the political world and add my own views on it with my own researched facts and understanding.

I have worked for multiple newspaper company, I am starting a new chapter of my life as a writer for Kaagmandu Magazine. Kaagmandu Magazine has established itself as one of the finest magazine publishers in Nepal and I am very grateful and excited to be working with the team.

5 years of my writing experience in socio-political issues has brought out a lot of insight within me on the respective fields. I wish to add my value and experience to Kaagmandu Magazine. Similarly as in my previous works, here in Kaagmandu Magazine I will be writing on the socio-political issues, I am planning to get engaged on the issues I have not worked yet. I will be exploring more and bring out the untouched and unheard issues in the society and the country through Kaagmandu Magazine.

If anyone of you here is interested on the socio-political issues then you can follow my writings in Kaagmandu Magazine. I have always tried to bring out the social issues to the people and help them understand what is happening out there in different parts of the society through my writings, I not only write about the issues but also try to make sure that the issue reaches to the concerned authorities so that all those issues wont remain unheard and they could get some help from the authorities.

I believe in becoming a wise person who works not only for the magazine but also for the people by taking their stories and issues to the world. I hope to have a great time working with the team and I hope I can bring the best out of me while working with the Kaagmandu Magazine team.

Contestant #5


I am Setsuko. I work at International IDEA and facilitate the local government in the planning process. My area of interest lies in gender equality and social inclusion.

Growing up, writing was something I detested unless I was told to write about things that surrounded my life-my family, best friend, my favorite trip. I loved reading books though. Library was my favorite period, as I could delve into the school’s library shelves and look for the children’s book to issue. The books written by Enid Blyton, R.L. Stein, and others were my favorites. However, my habit of reading and a little bit of writing came to a halt as I was burdened with the science coursebooks.

My fondness for writing started through the writing assignments that I was assigned in my Master’s degree in Development Studies. Being a social science student, I was given cumbersome assignments- to read books and write essays on the things pertaining to it. Now, I have to tell you that writing doesn’t come naturally to me. I really struggled with it at the start and so did my grades. However, when all your grades are dependent on your essay writing skills, you are bound to give your best. The more I read, the better I could write. Reading books and online newspapers not only helped to increase my knowledge, but it also helped to improve my writing. I eventually started to like writing.

As I started to write a lot, all thanks to my professors, I realized that I loved writing about the anecdotes of people, especially women and marginalized people. Bringing stories of people’s experiences- their stories of happiness, sorrows, and struggles to a larger audience made me feel good. Working in the rural areas of the Karnali province further motivated me to pursue this anecdotal line of writing as their stories are still unheard. Through my writings, I try to bring in the stories of the people who feel unheard or the stories that need to be heard.

Reiterating, writing doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t have the best of writing. Heck, I may not even have a good writing, but I am learning and I try to put my heart and soul into writing. And two things that I keep reminding myself are that writing is a journey, not a destination and that the more you write, the better you get; so keep writing.

Contestant #6

Santosh Mahato

I am an enthusiastic writer. Interest in literature started in school days when I used to readYubamaunch, Nabyuba. Latter, I found ‘wisdom’ an english medium magazine. From one of my friend & after that I had been known with english articles, literatures. This reading habit helped me in writing in course book also. So, I had started writing since early days. I choosed science stream in diploma & college too. Eventhough I didnot stop writing. I used to write on diary on daily basis. During college days, interest in literature increases & reading novels, story etc becomes habitual. I had tried to write article which was based on general knowledge. After few attempt, my article was published in Kumbamarch, a nepali language
monthly journal.

I am from southern part of country, studied in Ktm & travelled travelled throughout the country in profession. I am familiar with the lifestyle, culture & custom of people from all the regions of our country. I have keen interest in current issues. So, I can write about all the issues related to people & society effectively. I am studying many of books, journals related to social & political agendas. It helps me to be updated & write accordingly. Many people like my article & suggest
me to keep writing.

Being young myself, I use to discuss about the issues, problems, thinking, lifestyle of youlth also & written on this. I get surprised seeing the different view of youlth of many of things around us. I will write more & more about the youth issues which may be social, personal or professional.

Till now I have written for my own assignments, official duties & also for local magazines. Now I am going to write for a reknown online magazine which is very famous among youth. You all will find my article with different perspective.

Contestant #7

Mingma Yonjan

Hi! My name is Mingma Yonjan. I am from Bouddha, Kathmandu. I am a Business graduate specialized in travel and tourism and I have work experience of 16 months in the Hotel Industry. I was working as a reservation officer in a resort’s city office. I am currently seeking to get my master’s degree in business.
I enjoy traveling and working on something creative. My short-term goal is to gain more knowledge and experience in social media marketing. I like marketing in general though I don’t enjoy sales. Other than that I am also interested in project management and volunteering works which is why I am currently involved in the Rotract Club of Metro City.

Contestant #8

Anupa K.C.

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Anupa K.C.I am from Pepsi-Cola,32 Kathmandu. I did my graduation in management from NCC, Baneshwor and International environmental and development studies from NMBU, Norway .Currently, I am pursuing my master in Rural Development in Tribhuwan University, Kritipur. 

I am self-motivated, hardworking, and disciplined. My hobbies are reading, exploring novel places, and learning new things. 

Recently I have joined KMAG as a writer. I consider myself as a reader than writer. My writing are freelance basis. Generally, I am interested in social issues. There are lots of social practices based our prejudice and prejudgment guided by our culture which has no significance such as: it is believed if black cat cross road, it is considered as a bad luck. There are lots of cross cutting issues related to the way of dealing things that generally make society vulnerable. 

Generally, we ignore lots of thing that needed to be change. For illustration, we are all aware that plastic bags are harmful to the environment. But it is extremely hard to eliminate from our life. Change of some habits can lead to beautiful world.  I will discuss mostly social problems and social issue in my writing. 

My writing will be fact based and research-based . As well as, I will put my lots of emotions, experiences, and opinions into what I write. I like to put effort into writing which makes other people connect to or related to some way by generalizing the thoughts, opinions and experiences. about:blank

Contestant #9

Sulav Nepal

Hi everyone, this is Sulav Nepal and I am a Business Analyst in a software company. I am 27 years old and born and raised in Kathmandu. My academic studies was on science, where i enrolled to Tri Chandra College to study Physics, Statistics and Maths. With some turn of events i landed a job in software which on surface looks totally different from my academics.

My field of work includes business modeling and designing application to meet their various business and accounting needs also. This made me more analytical and exposed me to on the scope of the software field. I want to contribute more on the this sector.

But in saying that I have been a curious person and learning new ideas, shaping my beliefs and presenting my opinions are some of the values I adhere to. These inclinations have pushed me toward reading, connecting with people, travelling, teaching, etc and till now I have taken them as my hobbies. Thanks!

Contestant #10

Swarnima Rijal

Hello everyone, It’s Swarnima Rijal. I am from Illam but currently living in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. I am a medical practitioner by profession. I graduated MBBS from Kathmandu Medical College in 2018 and subsequently worked as a medical officer in Mangalbare PHC, Illam for two years. I am currently preparing for my postgraduate study with dream of becoming a cardiologist.

My hobbies include reading, travelling, teaching and watching movies. I want to travel around the world and learn new ideas.

Contestant #11

Santosh Silwal

I am Santosh Silwal from Kathmandu. By profession, I am an engineer who helps to solve problems via coding called software engineer.

Originally I am from the remote village of Nuwakot though it was just 35 km from the capital Kathmandu. I was born there,  finished school-level education, and came to Kathmandu for higher education. I never see computers before that so I was quite interested in Computer and Technology things while I was doing +2. Then I decided to join a bachelor of engineering in Information Technology and After successfully completed my bachelor I start working. Currently, I am working as a software engineer in Kathmandu.

Besides my regular job, I love volunteering, teaching, and social work. I love to learn new things and meet new people. I am 28 now but still learning a lot of things and exploring many things.

Thank you!

Contestant #12

Sur Jay gurung

Hello everyone,

My name is sur jay gurung a random guy for all of you. By birth i belong from nepal but most of my childhood i have lived in india. I belong from a middle class family background. In 2011 completed my graduation from delhi university, india and currently living in dubai and working here in a FMCG company .

yeah, that’s me in short.


Contestant #13

Nagesh Raj Pathak

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 54435983_10215800920509459_477641238518956032_n.jpg

My Name is Nagesh Raj Pathak, and I’m Lecturer at Deerwalk Institute of Technology and Oxbrigde International College. I did my schooling from Satya Sai Shiksha Sadan, my higher secondary school from College of Applied Business. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (BBM) from Indo-Asian Academy Degree College, Bangalore University in 2014 and an MBA at Brindavan College, Bangalore University, in May 2016.  

Talking about my experience, I work as marketing consultant under the company name Dream Catchers Pvt Ltd. I have been serving as a member of the Board of directors at Padma Raj Pathak Memorial Foundation and have also been looking after its finance and marketing since 2010. Apart from this, I also interned at Acme Holidays as an Assistant Finance officer for a period of 1 month as a requirement for completing my MBA. I worked at RajMS & Co. Chartered Accountant for 14 months as a consultant. I worked at Full Circle House of communication as Finance, admin and Client Service executive for 7 months. I was also formerly a marketing teacher for Class 12 at Bhanubhakta Memorial College, Panipokhari and marketing teacher for BBS 2nd year in Active Academy College. These exposures have helped me acquire a robust knowledge. 

My 15 years away from home has shaped me into the person I am today. I am more open to new ideas and experience. My experience with new places and culture have made me more open to new culture and people. I guess my experience away from home and country will shape my writing with new content.

Contestant #14

Urajan Niraula

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is urajan-583x1024.jpg

I am Urajan Niraula and I am a writer in making. Though I have not picked up my niche area in writing, I love to write on a variety of topics that interest me and have possibilities of learning about new and exciting areas. I am also keen to develop my writing skills during the course of my writing journey with KMag which has just commenced.

I was born and brought up in Kathmandu, Nepal and moved to Sydney, Australia in my early twenties. I am now enjoying the beautiful weather, beaches and happy lifestyle with incredibly diverse society in Australia as much as I a am extremely proud of my Nepali roots.

I have several years of experience in the public sector as I have worked in many government departments in Australia in various capacities for 8 years. Apart from my current job, I am also an enthusiast entrepreneur managing few small businesses on a part time basis. Prior to my government experience, I have also managed and successfully ran Educational Institution for about 6 years where I have personally assisted over 3,000 students to help them achieve their academic goals. I am a qualified accountant with CPA status from CPA Australia and I also hold a master’s degree in Accounting.  

On a personal level, I am also a married millennial dad with most of my  leisure time spent around my 7 years old daughter, mostly playing soccer with her, sharing life lessons and being her uber driver to take her to different places and activities as any Super dad would do. On my spare time (extremely lucky if I have any), I love to exercise, go for a walk and travel to new places.

In my various walks of life, I have always assisted people to achieve their goals, whether it be helping clients and executives by providing right business advice or be it on a personal level by mentoring or encouraging individuals to uplift and reach their career / personal  potential. I would like to continue the same journey and attempt to be a motivational writer where my main focus would be writing on a meaningful topic, which  can be easily relatable by audiences in their day to day life events, with continued efforts to bring some positives to their life.

Contestant #15

Rojan Shrestha

I am coming to be an aspirant writer.

I am Rojan Shrestha from Bhaktapur. I have recently completed my Bachelor in Development Studies from Kathmandu University. I belong to Newar community. My upbringing revolved around festivals, culture and traditions of Newar community. So, I can say that I am highly influenced by Newari culture and values.

I was a brilliant student from the school level with good academic performance. So, I was planning to join the medical sector when I joined science in plus 2 level. However, the whole scenario changed after I completed my plus 2 in 2015, the year earthquake occurred. By involving in various volunteering activities, I became more interested toward serving the people and nation. So, it was the major reason to change my field in the education sector by joining development studies.

I have worked as a translation and transcriber in various projects. Moreover, I have been involved in research activities carried out by NGO/INGOs. As my interest has been increased in the investment sector especially in passive income, I have been inclined toward the investment sector. With time what I realized is financially independent is one of the powerful weapons to comfort life. And I started to dig related to the financial world. I became more aware about financial literacy. Gradually, I become more interested in the way the economy run in the country. So, I am looking forward to joining a master’s degree in economics.    

Talking about hobby, I love to watch cricket, play chess and futsal. Adding, I keep on traveling to various parts of Nepal as I am always fond of exploring the beautiful place of Nepal. Swimming and cycling have also become part of my life. Moreover, I like to read the book in leisure time. Personal growth books are my favorite genre for me.

Contestant #16

Nawraj Bhattarai

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 46935621_10158067189007571_1857431157742764032_n.jpg

Namaskar, it’s me Nawraj Bhattarai from Budhanilkantha 12, Kathmandu. I have been residing here form my childhood. I have completed my Schooling from Reliance International Academy and my plus two from same Academy. After that I joined Classic College for higher studies for my Bachelor’s and graduate in 2070. After completing my bachelor in Business studies I joined Institute of Banking and Management Studies for my MBA. In 2017, I completed my MBA – Human Resource. In between my MBA I had joined LLB and completed in the year 2076.

In between my studies, I was also working at Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine, Office of the Dean from 2010 to till date.

It’s been more than 5 years I have been following Kmag. I have read lots of posts and views. And Yeah, I have skipped lots as well. I feel like it was first targeted to the youth, liked and viewed by youth. But now it has become generalized with the topics.

I love to write. But I feel hesitate to express my words, don’t know why. I feel like people will start chatting about the worst part of my views & opinion. I feel fear about my words. Sometimes I express it within myself.

I have chosen to write in educational field where I have been working for more than 10 years. This will not only be my area but I could be writing my opinions in other topics as well. And, I feel that Kmag will be the right platform for me to express by words .

From this, I will be hoping my writing skill may get upgraded. Even though my views won’t get published. It will help me to do more and more effort so that, someday I can really be surprised by myself about my writing.

Contestant #17

Shiva Shrestha

Greetings Everyone,

I am shiva Shrestha, a follower of KMAG for a long time. My hometown is Aanbukhaireni, Tanahun lies in Gandaki province. To talk about my background, I completed my BE in electrical from Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre in 2020.  And currently, I am involved in the teaching sector.

I have been impressed, inspired by this article’s unbiased opinion, thought provoking writing. I have been following various pages that provide information on current situation, suggest and discuss ideas, thoughts, without being biased and traditionalist. I also love to read books that motivates and try to persuade us to view things, event, from a wider perspective. As there is a saying, “One cannot bring a change unless you think out of the box.” I have been summarizing wisdom from different people, platforms and have been trying to convey as much as possible to my friend’s circle. Now, I think it’s time to share my knowledge and hone my delivering skill by and through the help of the KMAG team and article.

As you know, this page’s targeted audience is the youth who wants to learn something anew, view things escaping from our conservative way of thinking. I belong to the same category, like you, I want to share knowledge, provoke thoughts on various topics. I want our youth to bring change because we are the future.  I am not considering myself as a teacher or leader here, I will be just sharing thoughts that will provoke you to revise, rethink what you have learned till so far. And I am positive that I will get suggestions, help from your side on various topics. I will be asking questions often to know the perspective of the educated masses.

Being social animals, we tend to acknowledge people’s understanding, grasping points that should be employed but due to our tradition, culture, we think twice and step back though deep down we know it should be implemented. You can expect an article from my side that will not be inclined on certain religion, caste, tradition, politics, gender, race. No matter how harsh it seems, I will always speak my mind without being biased and inclined toward any group. I will challenge everyone through my writing to view, think from the side of fellow human beings, look at everyone as one, and let you analyze yourself what can be learned and unlearned to bring change.

Anything can be learned if given proper time and attention. I strongly believe together we can make a difference.

Contestant #18

Prajwal Subedi

I am Prajwal Subedi from Jhapa. Being from Jhapa ,most of you might think that this guy might be great in writing and speaking, which I am exact opposite to be true. Currently living in UAE for 3 years, I am trying to have some new hobbies which have brought me here with u all in this group. I am great fan of Kevin de Bruyne and love football to watch but not that much of a sportsperson.

Contestant #19

Rajina Neupane

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed-file.jpg

Talking about myself, first of all let me introduce myself spiritually.  So, spiritually speaking I consider myself a humanoid rather than being called as a human being. Because I believe, to be an absolute human being I have to do a lot more to the man kind.
Now, let me introduce myself physically.  My name is Rajina Neupane. I am from Lalitpur. My family consists of 5 members- Father, Mother, Brother, Twin sister and I. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in sociology. Along with study I also indulge in working- as a Co- Lead at one of the NGO’S. I consider myself a sapiosexual individual. I am fond of travelling, photography and watching movies of different genres. In addition to this, I have identified myself as an ambivert person who likes to lean more into one or the other depending on the context. Similarly, talking about my interest; the social and gender issues have always fascinated me. I like reading the articles and books which acknowledges the issues of social, political and gender phenomena. I firmly believe that, the kind of circle I choose to be with determines my growth and contentment. Thus, I am very selective when it comes to choosing the friends and close associates.  

Contestant #20

Salomi Shrestha

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_9691-768x1024.jpg

Humans are the best creation, and each person is exclusive. Thus, writing about myself, I’m here to express myself
that what I see, what I experience and what I plan for my life. I try myself to be passionate, devoted, fun loving
and honest.

Hello I am Salomi Shrestha. I am pursing bachelor in Psychology and Social work from Padma Kanya Multiple Campus.
I belong to middle class family. Nobody comes in this world, without the support of family and friends.
Actually, whatever you will be, it is just because of your family. My father is a respectable salesman who works in Qatar.
My mom runs a small cafe at Dhapakhel. My younger sister is studying in Grade 11. We are a happy and small family.

Writing about myself, I love meeting new people and I love making friends with people who are social. I am who I am, and I make
no excuses for how I have turned out. I am an outgoing person and I love to have fun.
My live centers on improving humanity and I love where I am at right now. I love to dance, read books, travel and just chill.
If you wanna know about my work I have 3 years of experiences working in Radio as RJ and a news reader. As well as, i was a dance teacher too.

Looking back at my childhood, I grew up staying at a hostel. I spend my 8 years there. After my 12 I came back to stay with my family.
I remember the fun times, the laughter me and my friends shared there. My educational background is quite confusing.
But i have restart and continuing my study now I think this matters the most.

I’m always looking for ways to develop my skills and learn new things. I share ideas with my friends, we learn interesting things about one another.
In process of learning new skill, I have joined writing workshop for next 100 days organized by KAAGMANDU MAGAZINE (KMAG). I wish I can be a good writer
who can express everything through her writing. I am hoping to learn many more thing. I wanna communicate with people through my writing. Happy to be part of
KMAG’S writing workshop. Thank You….

Contestant #21

Aman Agrawal

Hello, everyone. This is Aman Agrawal, your new writer for the Avatar Magazine. Recent graduation with an engineering degree has finally granted me with the license from my parents to finally follow my passion. Originally from Jhapa, I recently moved in to Lalitpur. Well, for some reason, I am still having difficulty finding a landlord who would let me in. Anyone out there who would kindly let me know, why? Anyways after a rigorous selection process, I finally made it in the team. Well this clearly indicates that the magazine must have been going through rough patch to have settled with me.

On a serious note, I penned few one act plays back in my school days. I still write few short stories which I plan to shoot someday. But for now, they all remain locked in the drawer. Besides that, writing essays and other contents have always been a daunting task for me. Though I lacked some serious content writing apt, the recent workshop from the KMAG, has quite helped in breaking the shackles.

In the coming days, you shall witness articles/contents ranging from should milk be poured before cereal to is elon musk yet another product of capitalism, from why tiktok shouldn’t be banned(though I have never used it) to has nation failed the people or is it actually the failure from the part of the people.

Zuko-Here to redeem my honour
(PS if you get these, we surely have long journey ahead.)

Contestant #22

Rajesh Rijal

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 237823497_3007485282874022_5549654113958979061_n.jpg

Hello Everyone, let me introduce myself first.

To make it simple, My name is Rajesh Rijal. I’m officially from Khaniyabas-05, Dhading but I live in Chitwan. And furthermore I’m currently in my job as IT Officer in my own Backyard, That is in Khaniyabas Rural Municipality. I had completed my bachelor degree in computer engineering from Eastern Regional Campus, Dharan. I’m youngest in my family which consists of my father, mother and my elder brother, it’s a small family of only four.

I think for now, that’s enough introduction of me.

I would not say I set out to be a writer. I’m just a simple man with lot of ideas just floating inside my brain. And I think this is the great platform for me to learn and grow and let these idea form into something big. I want to let the world know that if you have a simple idea within yourself you don’t need to repress those idea just inside you. Let the world know that you’re more than what you seem to be from outside.

Contestant #23

Anish Basnet

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20210509_130925_036.jpg

I am Anish Basnet from east ilam. I am doing diploma in plant science.Beside agriculture I like to write poems and love to lost in books.I call myself a musicophile and a nature lover. I am from a Hindu family and I love to say i am atheist.
Talking about my eligibility for the magazine I can write on spiritual thoughts, readers can expect beautiful poems from me and also being an agriculturist readers will get the knowledge on agriculture modernization. Since Kmag being a messenger of current situation of world, messenger of political ideology, messenger of current media situation etc and it also the power pack entertaining by scanning the kmag and my interest I can say I am eligible in the post of author for the Kmag.

Readers can also follow me for my thoughts for interesting poems for beautiful conversations and for meditation techniques.but talking about following someone let’s follow our own heart let’s do what our heart says and let’s leave in divine to show us the path.lets hear the silence within us.
Thank you

Contestant #24

Priyanka KC

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Greetings to everyone. I am Priyanka K.C. 

I am an ambitious Master’s student of Rural Development perusing my study at Tribhuwan University. I am currently a full-time student. I am a constant learner and positive toward adopting new things in my life. I am a dedicated and hardworking person and keen to discover a creative and extraordinary side of any subject. 

I belong to a simple middle-class family and I live in a beautiful place called Dahachok, Kathmandu. I used to study microbiology in my bachelor studies and after the completion of that, I wanted to change my direction of study so that I can explore more myself in the field of Rural Development. And I strongly believe that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, so far. I am optimistic that it is helping me out to be a better version of myself. 

Professionally, back then when I was in bachelor, I worked as a teacher in the school for three years. As long as, I served as a teacher, I worked passionately and I put my all efforts wholeheartedly toward the students. I have always been a dedicated and hardworking person for all my responsibilities and jobs. Since I am in my last semester, the amount of appreciation and motivation from professors proves that I am doing good academically which is the only possible outcome of my commitment and consistency toward my goal. I am a progressive learner and always follow the philosophy of “learning by doing”. Because of that, recently I am involving myself more in training classes and workshops. Additionally, I am a person, who focus on my strength and tries to overcome the weakness and receive new challenges open-mindedly. 

A reader can expect content-specific, understandable, quality, structured and resourceful writing from me. I will not be representing vague and complex papers toward my audience. It will be level-wise appropriate, with no exaggeration and no repetition. I will try to put evidence, facts, data, and sources of information so that whatever argument I am putting forward will not be baseless. I will make sure to maintain the aesthetic values (grammatically correct, accepted language and no ethnic, race, and gender biasness) 

They should follow me because I can put some inputs in their thoughts and knowledge of the reader. I believe that everyone can learn from each other experiences, behaviors, and quality and I am positive that my reader can learn from me as a writer. 

My fundamental value and motive are to make my audience captivated and engaged in my writing. And, to provide the best quality and thoughtful writing that suits the purpose and audience of writing. 

I believe in meaningful research for the writing topic and regular writing practice habits can certainly make one an eligible writer. 

Knowledge is the most significant aspect of our life to bring out of the darkness. The process of knowledge generation and knowledge dissemination is intriguing itself that can bring positive change which inspires me the most. 

Contestant #25

Bijay Gosain

What are you, is always a tough question to be answered, I have ever been asked. Nevertheless, let me try my best to introduce myself quickly.

I am Bijay Gosain from Bhaktapur. When I am not occupied i love to be with my close ones, though i do nothing more than scrolling on my phone. In my free time, I tend to be little close to the nature, by walking in the nearest wood.

I am not a coffee lover, nor do I enjoy tea, however I am a fan of tea talks and coffee chats. In fact, sometime I do offer tea/coffee just to get socialize while enjoying a glass of water on my hand. The best is when I go to a new place visit the famous tea shop in the morning and listen peoples’ morning gossip.

Contestant #26


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Hi, I am Ronish. I’m 34 years old. I am a self-help author and blogger. I grew up in Bhaktapur and moved to Texas to attend university. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2009 with a degree in Journalism. I worked as Magazine Journalist at Thomson Reuters. I left Thomson Reuters in 2011 and returned to Nepal to do something on my own and for my country.

Before I was an author, I was a blogger. I started a blog in 2012 and within a few years, it was being read by thousands of people. I have written three books till now and one of them was the most-read non-fiction book in 2018. The name of the book is “The whole world”.

I share evidence-based life advice built off the back of decade of psychological research and proven therapeutic techniques. I also aim to share this information as widely as possible and as inexpensively as possible – as I believe mental health and self-improvement are not something for the few or the privileged, but rather they should be a right for anyone who has taken on the responsibility to improve themselves.

My aim is to improve the public conversation around personal development and happiness. My approach to this has been to disrupt the self-help industry and debunk many of the old tropes about positive thinking and the law of attraction and other woo-woo nonsense.

I believe in taking risks and learning from mistakes. There’s no reward without risk-but even the worst mistakes should never stop you from taking a chance again. Success is all about taking risks.

Contestant #27

Raju Khadka

The only reason I prefer writing as a way of communication is because of the freedom it provides without restriction regarding time and opinion. While writing,We can be anyone and anywhere.

So,Let’s learn together as we all are about to embark on a journey with “words”.

I am nobody but just, one of you trying to improve each day and at the same time, share everything that I have learnt to this day. It’s debatable if  I am qualified to be writing for this page but I have been working in the field of direct communication with client’s and have come across different situation’s and opinions. I too have my own ideas and opinions that I wish to share regarding different topics.

Personally, It’s a new journey and the destination is quite blurry but I hope to gain a lot along the way with your feedbacks and genuine interaction. I am looking forward to present my opinions and ideas through chain of words with your reaction and opinions as top priority.

Let’s write, grow and learn together

Contestant #28

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Did you wonder , when a banana ducted to wall sold for thousands of dollars just to be eaten, wonder why ? Because its Art period. The creator might have put his thoughts on its placement, angle, or the choice of banana itself. But for someone who sees general its only ridicule.

 Similar piece of fine art is human emotions. The more we try to understand the more ridicule it seems. But it doesn’t mean that it has nothing to make sense. All what’s needed is a visionary. Exploring my own sentiments itself felt ridicule. Being an introvert, expressing myself vocally has always  been difficult to me. But when I write ,words feel comfortable, there is depth to dive and heights to conquer, all within mere sheets. And I found my written sheets given a vision to watch my humane emotions. Also it was when I started putting myself as a writer. Not only when I write, but also when I read, a new world of imagination I create that was under my limits of access. And a journey of reading and writing took off.

So hello readers, I am Shiba K C , a member of the KMAG family. I being myself follower of KMAG for quite a long, I find myself no new to the family. What’s only different is previously I was a reader now , a writer.  Since I have been on the side of the reader as well , I understand the sentiments of the readers so as writer I will be putting my best to reach your sentiments.

Professionally as a geophysicist I have been dissecting earth to see what lies beneath our feet , now here as a writer  I will be dissecting what lies above the surface, our society.  I will be here serving  you the socio-cultural, political,  infact every aspects quite often. The only agenda of mine will to be your written voice.

See you again KMAG family.

Contestant #29

Arjun Gautam

Hey there; this is our first meeting here; onwards, you would be hearing from me. I would like to introduce myself. I m Arjun Gautam and currently working with one of the largest Multinational Companies in Nepal in operational finance since one and half year. I m Chartered Accountant by profession which I did from Mumbai. I lived in Mumbai for 10 years.

Living in the corporate capital of India and working with some of the leading corporates in their field; I got a chance to witness and experience their business very closely. One of my major takeaway from that 10 years of journey was that growth of the private sector is the key to the development of the country. Private sector’s growth is only possible with skilled youths like us.

Entrepreneurship in Nepal has come long way and witnessing youths like us building very successful startups is very exciting. However,  I can see that youth entrepreneurship is limited to the Kathmandu valley only.

One of the very important part I found missing in Nepal is access to information on entrepreneurship. Surprisingly, I found beautiful successful stories which seldom get to reach our youths. These stories would have helped youth like us to start thinking on entrepreneurship and have a open discussion on it rather than just making career/living abroad.

I m beginning a platform here to start open discussion on entrepreneurship by bringing entrepreneurship stories/journeys of youth like us for youth like us. Stay tuned on……..

Contestant #30

Theres a girl in this little world who is very imaginative, who wonders to see the beauty of this world through her mesmerizing eyes. She loves the beauty of being human. She loves to explore, she loves to learn, she loves to live in her own way.

However, the world is not the way she imagined it to be. She is unknown about all the trails she had to pass by.

But her self is so magical that all the trails fade away infront of her and she shines bright with her sparkling eyes.

Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you all whoever visits my profile. Thankfull for giving me time to travel with me and know more about my self.

My self is named as Monica.

Contestant #31

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Hello, my name is Roshan Dangol, and I am a science writer. I like to write about various sciency things that are complex and vague.

I have worked as a science writer for Godproduct Co. Ltd., Japan to research and write reports, pamphlets, leaflets, and write about product descriptions of their various plant supplement products. Currently, I am working as a MIS Operator for Dharan Sub-metropolitan City to co-ordinate and simplify the processes of Vital Events Registration that are done in the Municipality.

I have worked as an Editor-in-chief of a Science journal named “Food Wave”, a food based science journal published by NEFTSA (Nepal Food Technologist Student’s Association). Also, I have done research on ethnic fermented foods of two different foods of Nepal; dahi from Barahachettra, Sunsari and, hyauthon from Khokana, Lalitpur. I have done my M.Tech (Masters in Food Technology) from the Central Department of Food Technology, Dharan.

I am highly enthusiastic about the research field. It would be an opportunity to work for any type of writing related to Science background. I want to translate those complex numbers and fact based reports in the simplest possible manner for the readers. I firmly believe that Science should not be biased or be based on only few and limited reports. I always try to write my articles by a thorough study of all the studies and reports related to the topics so that the readers can get a full insight of the topic.

Contestant #32

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I am Suditi Paneru, a proud and enthusiastic Veterinarian, who loves animals more than humans. I have been working with animals for 2 years and in the last 8 months I have volunteered at different shelters and helped injured animals.I have completed as veterinary doctor from reputed college of Kathmandu and i am currently pursuing my masters degree in veterinary parasitology from Tribhuvan university. 

Apart from this I am passionate about traveling and writing journals. I love to write about my daily life more than anything. Since i am a hardcore traveler and i write about my travelling journals.

As my journals contain basic details about places, destinations and itinerary that will somewhat  help the readers to follow my post and make their journey happen. I like to post pictures along with the description of the places from which a traveler can gather more knowledge.

Writing short descriptions is the main quality that I have. Readers will not get bored because of lengthy posts.

To talk about traveling journals I am inspired by a most reputed video blogger Nuseir Yassin. He not only inspired me to travel but I am sharpening my writing.

Contestant #33

Dikshsya Rayamajhi

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When people ask me to introduce myself, I think it’s one of the hardest things to do. I genuinely get fascinated by people who straight up have the answer for “Who are you?” cause in my case, sometimes I want to get into my biological identity and answer it by saying, “I am a human. Who else would I be?” but obviously that would sound too rude even though it has a hint of truth in it. So, let’s just start with my name. I am Dikshya Rayamajhi. It’s a simple, common and most heard Nepali name. It means knowledge. By profession, I am a full-time student. My study is my work and my work is to study. Now, writing about who I am and what I do are most probably the essentials of any introduction that is why I mentioned them first and foremost.

Let’s get out of the nomenclature and occupational subjects because obviously there is more to know about me other than my studies and my parents’ skill to name a baby. There are definitely a lot of topics to talk about. I am a nature loving, kind, considerate and an honest person who also gets fascinated by writings, writers, learnings and many more. I have always aspired to be a writer. I believe that a writer is always an honest person who states facts in their own unique way. Some are inspirational, some comedic and some artistic. Talking about art, I think writing and art are immensely related to each other that we can also say that writing itself is an art. Just like painting, dancing, singing, writing is also an art. It has different forms and every artist(writer) has their own way of creating art. I consider writing to be the most beautiful form of art. I feel so much joy in my heart while writing. I might be new to the writing community but I don’t back down from calling myself an artist.

As I did mention that there are different forms of writing and every writing is unique and that is also one of the many reasons why it is so interesting. Talking about myself as a writer, I’d introduce myself as an honest, caring writer who is willing to write about any topic until and unless it doesn’t harm anyone. I would also like to believe I have a humorous side in me which maybe I don’t express often but it does slip out here and there. I like to talk about things that are not in the light or things that are not often talked about. I also get excited by conspiracy theories, what-ifs and things that make people think out of the box and express their perceptions of all the different wonders of this amazing world we live in.

If my style of writing which I’ve mentioned above, interests you in any way I would very kindly like to invite you to read my upcoming article in the XYZ magazine. I would really appreciate it if you’d join me in this writing adventure of mine where we could witness my growth as a writer together.

Contestant #34

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“It’s never too late for a new beginning in life.” A quote by Joyce Meyer is a real inspiration to try out new things in life. This same saying has brought me to join a writing workshop by KMAG with no prior writing experience. I am a newbie and I warn you not to get your hopes high with my content. But I promise to give my best and improve my writing over time.

 You must relate to me that introducing yourself to someone is the hardest. Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to introduce ourselves when we know everything about ourselves? We can endlessly speak about some random topic but introducing self doesn’t fall in one. So, here goes the attempt to introduce myself trying to gather my scattered thoughts on who I am.

The introduction that might fit perfectly for me is that I am a bit introverted person and especially a lot introverted when it comes to virtual medium. I love to be alone in my comfort zone reading books, watching movies, or being lost in my world of thoughts. It has always been hard to express my thoughts and feelings to others but now I am taking the bold step of coming out of my comfort zone and try something extra. And why not try? Life would be very boring to stay in your comfort zone for your whole life.

Properly introducing myself, I am Anshu Thapa. I currently finished my bachelor’s with a major in psychology and social work. Now I am preparing to study masters in clinical psychology. Answer to the question some of you might have: No, I can’t read face or mind so I am not here to share knowledge about it. I am unsure about the type of content that would be shared by me. I will try to share my views, ideas, and knowledge in a way that might interest you. I can assure you better content is loading and who knows you might find some relatable and exciting posts.

I believe you will support me in my journey ahead because wonder happens when we support each other.

Contestant #35

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Hello, I am writing this to introduce myself, not as a person who works 9 to 6 as Software Developer in IT Company but as a young writer of a developing country where, writing is not considered as a job which pays off really well. However, it is ok if you take it as a hobby or a part time job. Though it depends on which field you are writing in. In spite of so many misconceptions in the society towards writing, I have decided to do it  because, I think this is what I like the most and writing is one of better way to create an impact in the society and make the living through a profession which I love to. My name is Samjhana Chaudhary and I love writing.

I was born in middle class family which belongs to a Tharu community. My parents were educated enough to take education as priority. So, they got me admitted in good school and college for my study.

I did my graduation in Bsc.CSIT and become a software developer. However my core interest was to write. I have a very good relationship with my pen rather than with a keyboard. I still write few paragraphs every day, I just like used to do in my school. Though the contents in it are different now. Now days, I write about technology, or about something new which I recently learned about programming, a new software etc. My profession as developer is helping me to get me a good content. It is an extra advantage for me. My imagination along with the tech savviness makes me more comfortable to research about something in depth. If you are willing to get well- updated regarding technology related information in a very interesting manner, try me. I will make sure that you don’t get disappointed.

In my writing, I try to add the sources as well where I get the information from and I put it in, only if its 100% genuine. So, that nobody gets feed by the irrelevant or fake kind of stories. In today’s world most of people like to watch videos rather than to read it in a magazine but I have a dream that one day people will wait for my article for the approval of  information on any stories in the market related to technology.

Contestant #36

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Let’s begin with introducing myself to you all, Everything about one begins with the name & lets do the same. This is me, Radha Basnet while some of you might know & many may not. Basically I belong from Biratnagar & currently staying here in Kathmandu. Looking at my backpack I must admit myself as a management student dealing with numbers & figures being busy with the calculator, who would have thought one day I would begin writing & gradually start loving it too. I don’t know what exactly inspired me to wave the path towards writing, from writing Facebook status to caption for pictures requested by my friends I had never thought I will come way to far, one day I will write my own book & get it published. Looking at my past days I was always a shy person hesitant to little known people, meanwhile at the same time I was confident with the compete strangers. Somewhere between an introvert & an extrovert little did I knew I was an ambivert.
Well, as I said I was an management student & don’t hold any degree that would introduce me as perfect as writer, but writing is my passion or say it was my calling which I later discovered. Along with this my have done internship with an organisation which used to publish magazines basically on lifestyle. I also have published my own book based on a fictional story & it has got much love & recognition. I guess this me eligible for working as an writer for your magazine.
Belonging from a finance background reader can expect any article relating to it , on the side way hold the experience of an intern working for a lifestyle magazine I can work on that too along with some spices of fiction. I believe everyone must know their calling & go for it.
Thank you.

Contestant #37

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A big hello to all of you, my name is Aiko Rana, a 19-year-old ambivert trying to figure out the way of her life. 19 years of life sounds like a long time, right? but All I have done till date is to pretend that I have a lot to study and also procrastinate at the same time. After changing my decisions for like a zillion of times on what should I pursue for undergraduate Currently, I am enrolled for a bachelor’s degree course in Information Management.

I strongly believe that in life you should never settle for less. Specially, when you are a person in a position of privilege you should definitely try to push yourself and try to connect yourself to the highest version of yourself. Becoming the highest version of yourself is a lifelong process and is only possible if you are willing to do so. I always try to focus on how to make myself better and I try to remain open to ideas and opportunities. This drive of mine to not settle at some place or for something makes me a perfect fit for this job, I suppose. 

The more I grow up the more I realize that this world is getting complex day by day, in every term and I just feel that to uncomplicate anything: may it be a situation or a feeling is a great thing. Even in my everyday life I try to uncomplicate any possible situation within me or my environment. One thing that you all can surely expect from me and my work is the idea of uncomplicating and just taking in things as they are.

I guess you should definitely follow me if you are in a path to discover yourself trying to do whatever comes in your mind to better yourself as a person and also the life of people around you directly or indirectly. If you have made it till here then you are on the right page. We are on the same side and together we can surely reach high.

Contestant #38

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It would have been quite easy to introduce ourselves if we were Raj from DDLJ, right?? Something like “Heeyy my name is Luna, Luna Dahal, you must have heard the name”??, in a cheesy masterstroke style. But “Ask me who I am, I will answer I don’t know “is nowhere expected for general introduction either. Well how many of you think introducing our self to certain people or group is hell lot of struggle in itself??Like you have your various identity depending upon place and people , and you have to introduce  yourself  as per.

Well by those  dialogues you just read above might  have already  given you slight idea on  how hard it is getting  for me to introduce .This is the exact reason why I joined this 100 day workshop. Growing up I have always appreciated writers for their unique style, ideas ,words and the impact they create . If you look at the post, articles of Kmag,it  dedicates  it’s entire time on making it’s reader aware, brain-storm and help generate opinion and ideas   on every possible subject matter. And I have always appreciated it.

I am an undergraduate law student, pursuing B.A.L.L.B  at Nepal Law Campus. Coming from law background everybody firsthand assumes you to be a lawyer ready to argue in a courtroom. And never to forget even it be arguing or writing all you need is a good skill and practice. I believe good writing skill have always something to do with  good argument . There are many law academicians out there making great career out in   research and writings, aside from litigation. This has been one of the strong inciting factor to work and keep up with the zeal of this writing workshop and meeting  the purpose of my career choices. 

 I feel confident that this workshop will benefit me substantively in the field of writing. And most importantly ,  law as a form of social science , closely related with the society and social life have helped increase the socio-economic, scientific and technological progress, of which I  believe I can create an  impact on one’s  life   in understanding the society ,life and law better. As Mahatma Gandhi once said ,” A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course  of history”, I believe I have this power and chance to create an impact on one’s life in better  understanding of  the society, life and law .  I believe, with this zeal of learning  about how to write,  my key qualities of commitment to  my work , consistency ,and my constant effort to improve myself to be a better person will definitely help adhere me to improve my writing skills. And next time someone asks me for my introduction, this will not put me in dilemma.

Contestant #39

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Q. Who are you?

Hello everybody,
I am one of you, one of the thousands, one of many & one of millions and trillions. I go by the name Sugam. I might not have the best thing to share but if you’re reading up to this line then I expect you would read further lines as well. This is my story and here it goes :

I was born and raised in a Hindu-Brahmin family in a district called ‘Surkhet’. I have spent most of my life there in the gallis,chowks, and sadaks. I have rolled tyres in the streets during Nepal Banda and have rolled and smoked weeds in the corners in my youth. Until the age of 18, I had a great time with everything the place had to offer, then I was forced to move to the capital for further education as by that time I had cleared my +2… So yes it’s been around 6 years here at the valley. I graduated a few weeks back and am glad that everything that has happened to this day has been a blessing to me. Both the places (Kathmandu & Surkhet) and the people who I have met have given me the experiences which have made me the person I am today.

Q. What made you eligible?

I am a wanna-be (aspiring) writer, I have never tried writing in any mainstream media so I have the privilege of being anonymous…but I am sure most of us don’t know the writers who’re in the mainstream for decades… anyway, I am glad to apply at Kmag to share my observations and thoughts. I think I have a great perspective of looking at things….. You might say “Yo ta jasle ni vanxa, what’s different”… The answer to this would be the first line I mentioned above i.e I am one of you… I am not different… For most of the readers, I believe, they would understand the taste of what I will be offering in the future as a writer through examples, word choices, idioms, my personal opinion, and so on.

Q. What can the readers expect from you?

I like spicing things, for the word ‘thing’ here would be for everything you name it…which also is another reason why I need to go to see a gastroenterologist now and then… I know you got it 😉! Well, my readers can expect everything but not things in simple plain structured, grammatically errorless articles. I would not hit the bush, I have never said things straight in the face just like Vten didn’t say “Mero Gau , Rautahat ko Chandranighapur ho“. I like humor, I like fancy, I like stunting, I like Shining, I like million-dollar deals, where’s my pen, b**** I am singing…Oops sorry but I like Cardi B. So where were we?

Q.Why should they follow you?

I think the word ‘follow’ would be inappropriate for the readers, I want my readers to read the article… I want them to read-only…I want them to read to read (padna ko lagi padne ) and understand or maybe just read for the moment… They can smile or maybe think about the things I wrote. I am thinking of a society where one wouldn’t just come up with opinions, emotions and pour them out…whether bad to unfollow or good to follow a certain person or an entity. I think of a society where people don’t have to be inclined to a belief and follow and then move along the straight path wherever shepherd (writer, leader, politician, teacher…) is marching to… So my dear readers, please just read to read:)

Contestant #40

Anu Dhakal

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 58445078_2172819436144362_7711355643843575808_n.jpg

I am a Nepalese youngster from Butwal, Nepal. I am from Science and Technology Background and have recently graduated in Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering.  You might be wondering how a person from Science and Technology Background got interested in writing for a magazine.  I was always an avid reader. I got introduced to reading from an early age through Nepali child magazine and story books. I was captivated by how the author was able to capture the attention of small child through their words. From that age and time, I have done my share of reading. Though I haven’t much done writing during that time span. I also believe reading brings us to whole new world. As we all know, Pen is mightier than sword, so I think we can change the world with words, words of imagination, words of truth etc.

As a youth, I believe through words we can play a large valid role in the development of the nation. For example, large scandal within the nation was revealed by the powerful writers using the platform of journalism. So, I always wanted to bring some changes to our Nepalese world through the power of words and writing. And I think working with your magazine give me that great opportunity to bring that dream into reality. In my opinion, my passion to bring complex ideas and thoughts into clear and concise language that could be understood by everyone within different age groups, make me a better candidate for your magazine. Throughout this recent year, I have utilized much of my free time in improving my writing ability and through your further guidance in coming days; I could do so much better improvement and will be a great asset for your magazine. I know as a writer, readers mostly expect someone who has vast knowledge about what they are writing and how creatively and expertly they could construct the sentence that grasps their attention. Also, from my own experience as a reader,  I believe that reader mostly expect good, truthful journalism that is wholly based on facts and is highly broad in knowledge that captivate their attention throughout the whole article or Journal. Also, clear and concise writing is must ability, writer should possess. I believe, I have got that ability where, I could transform the reality of the world in quite grasping and captivating clear way where fact and truth were not hidden behind sophisticated, complex words. I truly believe that as a writer one should possess the capability to captivate the attention of the youth mostly from the age of 24 to 35. I also believe that writing should be simple and precise so that all level of people can quite grasp the concept behind that article or journal. I do consider, I possess that ability where I am quite capable to present the narration in quite simple and catchy way. I personally think that reader should follow such writer who presents the truth without deviating them or tampering them. And I deem, I am such writer.

I was always been a believer that good powerful words can bring great impact in the world. In the context of Nepali journalism sector, I was inspired by Biddhya Chapagain. She has been my great idol in this journalism sector. The way, she narrates the story precisely that could capture whole mind and soul of any person is so beautiful. I consider journalism or writing as an art that could bring positive impact in the society and connect people all round the world and in reality, I saw Biddya Chapagain maam doing that through her journalism. Her stories as shown in Herne Katha show the real life of Nepalese to whole world. Also, I believe that we youth are the building pillars of any country. Our progressive and broad minded thoughts and ideas if presented through words could give great impact on the world. Through writing, we are able to show the good and bad aspects of every sector and our factual and less constructive narrative could bring great impact in the progress of nation and can be a source of inspiration to millions youth to work toward betterment of society.

Contestant #41

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My name is Saroj Raj Sharma, a resident of Itahari. I am a software engineering professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Based on my educational background it is quite obvious that I have a passion for Science and Technology. From my childhood I was fascinated by scientific facts and technological advancements. I used to watch movies like Terminator, Matrix and Back to the Future and dream of using the technological advancements shown in the movies. Also growing in a time when the internet and computers were being introduced in our country had a huge impact on me to pursue a degree in a field related to computers and technology. After completing my studies I joined a software company and started working on solutions that enhance our experience of using digital services.

From my background it is quite obvious that I have experience in technology. I was always interested to share my tech related knowledge but due to lack of time and proper platform I was unable to do so. But I guess this is the right time to share my expertise and ideas through writing as the internet and digital devices are ubiquitous. I will share any kind of tech related knowledge I have or that I will gain in the future ranging from fixing minor issues in your computer to building software. Also my main motive is to help increase digital literacy in Nepal. In my opinion we had a huge transition into the digital era without getting proper knowledge about its good and bad aspects. That’s why we are seeing cases where people are caught committing cyber crimes and they have no idea what they were doing was wrong. I hope my efforts will have a positive impact and help in the smooth transition of our society in this new digital era.

Apart from being a tech geek I also love to watch movies in my free time and travel somewhere new when I am free from my office work. So, besides the tech related stuff I will also casually write random fiction stories and share my travel journey.

Contestant #42

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Hi this is Rohan, a local from Kathmandu.  Well I like to meet new people to understand their views and current trends because getting to know everything on your own is rather not possible. Talking about my educational qualification, I have already completed my bachelors back in 2016 on major of Marketing and finance that’s why I am currently working at an ecommerce organization as a sales officer (reason, that I would develop my skill to face and accept rejection while making sales). I have few hobbies like reading books, newspaper and can write somewhat, that is why I thought I would be eligible to join the session.

The main reason I joined this session is to open up and express my views to the mass. And I believe that one should keep on learning and adding skills to his/her portfolio. I have not thought of sharing specific news but I would be happy to share my lifestyle and even have plans to travel if my finances support me. This way they can follow me to know the culture of different parts of the country and abroad.

Contestant #43

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Who am I?

Probably, 26years and 9 months from now, out of love, the union of a human egg and sperm occurred in the fallopian tube of a woman, whom I call mother. After 11 days of birth, the baby boy was named Manoj Basnet. I think it’s enough to grasp your attention. Let me be straightforward. I was born in Panchthar district, raised in Jhapa, and currently pursuing my master’s in MRD (Masters in Rural Development) in Central Department of Rural Development, T.U. I am a certified trekking guide. Travelling is my passion and I believe that we all are travelers to the planet earth with an unknown visa expiry date. “You don’t live on the earth, you are passing through it”- Rumi.

“You don’t live on the earth, you are passing through it”- Rumi.

I am an Osho sanyasin. For the past 10 years, I am in the process of self-discovery. So far I have understood the simple fact about life that nothing in this temporary life is permanent. Life is just a leela (play) and we are mere actors. This understanding has developed a non-serious attitude in life, towards life. So I laugh till my belly hurts, I play and dance till my ankle twist. I have learned the subtle art of not giving a F*CK to what other think. “If we think about what people are going to think about it, then what will people think about?”  I am enjoying my life to the fullest and don’t want to regret for the missed chances of being happy and joyful on my death bed. We are just visitors to the planet earth, we come with certain visas and need to go back to the source from where we came, leaving the world more beautiful than we had found.

“If we think about what people are going to think about it, then what will people think about?”

What do I offer?

Kmag is currently covering all together 10 segments.  I am coming to you guys as a writer. And I will be covering spirituality under the Life & stuffs segment, travel & places under Happiness segment, and photographs under Arts and literature segment. I want to blend my spiritual experience with the travel experience and serve you the cocktail in the writing form that can quench your thirst of mind, heart, and soul.

Contestant #44

Pramila Katwal

I’m a woman in my early thirties, and I’m experiencing a different way to look at the world through the eyes of a toddler that is my daughter.

I spent my toddlerhood days with my grandparents in the remote village of Khotang which I consider were the best times of my life. After that, I was in Kathmandu with my parents for few years and finished my schooling in Udayapur later.

Life has been like a roller-coaster ride to me as I went through extreme changes in my lifestyle geographically and culturally.These changes and experiences filled my heart with so many things to share. Being an introvert during my childhood and teenage, I used to write them all in my diary. I would share some with my close friends.

I learned about friendship and ways to nurture every relationship from my friends in Tamilnadu where I was studying BBA. I was studying in Tiruchirapalli, a typical South Indian woman college, and staying inside a college hostel which was like jail. We were not allowed to go out without guardians, no cell phones and laptops, strict dress code, forced prayers two times a day. I would have escaped the environment but my friends helped me to survive those conditions. They always encouraged me to follow my passion.

I completed my two years MBA degree in four years from ACE Institute of management. I was never interested in accounting and finance. I wish, back then I had someone to guide me to study what I am into, as I failed to decide on my own.

Talking about my passion, I love to travel, read and write. Traveling aimlessly, understanding diverse cultures also fascinated me. I used to write too much but was never confident about my own writings. Maybe they aren’t worthy of sharing, I am not an expert, I am not well trained, people may laugh, etc were the hurdles in my brain.

There was something that kept me from expressing my experience, thoughts, and views in public. The fear of being judge, rejection, and unwillingness to leave the comfort zone. There were many times when I so much wanted to comment on certain issues on Facebook, write a post about my opinion on certain things, but these fears pulled me back. The question is till when? So here I am. Finally, breaking the chains and coming forward. I love to write about my own life experiences regarding travel, humor, relationship, and songs.

I am looking for a warm welcome from all of you and I want to grow better in my writing career with your feedback.

Contestant #45

Pooja Bista

When I was in grade two, I composed a Nepali poem about my country. With excitement, I rushed to my cousins and recited my first-ever creative work. I vividly remember their faces turning into suspicions and curiosity. They told me I did not write it. I tried to convince my big cousin who blamed me for plagiarism when I didn’t know what the term exists for and, slowly, my excitement turned into sadness. On that evening, I affirmed to write and never disclose to anyone. However, fate had other plans and I am soon to be writing for a book. Hello, World! I am Pooja Bista. I’m a researcher by day and a writer by night.

Yes, after that one poem, I imagined myself to be the finest poet of my age. Do you remember your student life playing hangman or making sketches or calculating the love percentage of two lovers in our classroom on your last page of copy? I do. I recall making that because I used to scribble my thoughts and emotions on the last page of every copy I owned. Later, I thought about dedicating different copies for my writings and then, I never stopped pouring my unspoken words and unheard feelings into a poem and stories. I gained confidence in sharing it with my friends and teachers. Little did I know, it was not ‘just’ a phase but me seeking to be discovered?

When my school life was over, I was in a dilemma about choosing my subjects for high school. “You’re good at writing. You should study literature, Pooja,” the voice of my English teacher always whispered in my ears. Apparently, it guided me to study social science including literature later and still gives me hope when I couldn’t even write a sentence. After completing high school, I joined one of the reputed English daily media in Nepal as an intern. Afterwards, I wrote articles regarding social issues through the lens of feminism. That’s how I explored my writings.

Similarly, I am always fascinated by trees, rain, wind, animals roaring, birds singing, individuals and places. It adds a sense of value to me and in my writings. I firmly believe one needs to observe things from distinct perspectives to be a writer. Try it and you will know why. Of course, you can write letters to me, or tweet me when you got your answers to that. I love the readings. Be it the smell of letters or digital.

Ha! You might wonder what kind of book I’m going to write, isn’t it? If I say that now, wouldn’t it be a spoiler? Let there be suspense!!

Before sign in out for today, I want to add that if you crave to know the stories of trees, rain, rainbows, wind, sounds of birds and animals, human’s psychology and different places, travel through my book. I am sure; it won’t be as boring as my speech here neither as messy as my hair. But hey, it will be as fresh as a monsoon breeze and exciting as a rollercoaster drive.

Contestant #46

Hi, I am Saroj Bhandari by name. I am from Sinchupalchok, Nepal currently residing in Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. I am 25 years old. I would describe myself as a well disciplined, honest, quick and self-learner, hard-working and generous person. I have a friendly and positive attitude towards colleagues and team members.

I have a bachelor degree in Information Technology. Apart from some part time jobs during my college days, I have one and half year experience in IT sector as a Python Software developer. I have learned much more technical skills as well as discipline, quick learning, and confidence gained during these years have been high. I have completed each and every task given by project lead. I have gained much more technical knowledges in these years. Apart from these I have also experience as a blog writer. I used write technical articles in a website few years ago.

Some of my hobbies include visiting new places especially natural places, long ride in motorbike and recently I have been attracted towards vlogging, writing and youtubing. My goals in my life has always been to become traveller, writer and trustworthy person.

That’s why I have I am very much capable and deserving candidate as technical writer in your reputed web portal.

Contestant #47

Nabin GM

The clumsiest absent-minded person you will ever met

For the last two years, this has been my Instagram Bio. And, this is the most accurate one liner that I came up with. I haven’t changed it yet, cause I still do feel the same— that I did feel, while writing that bio. Damn accurate.

► I’m a 22 years old guy pursuing BE in the Civil Engineering branch— having too much passion with enough determination and more than required devotion towards academics, studies, ECA’s and bla bla bla.. This is what I would exactly write ‘About Me’ in my application form— when needed to join as a volunteer in any college function.

► Big words like; Hardworking, Dedicated, Energetic, Flexible, Creative, Innovative, Punctual,  Enthusiastic, Team Player and many more… that we most of us do use as a piece of cake, while describing ourselves in CV’s will also be penned down by me, if I need the job right now, not gonna lie.

► No matter how cheesy or sugarcoating it would feel, trust me, I won’t even think twice while describing myself as a funny, adventurous, pet loving, ambitious, optimistic, career driven and even would write ‘boyfriend material’ too— if I’m making my profile on tinder.

But, that’s just not me. Infact, all the adjectives written above just don’t describe me as a whole. I’m more than this.

► I am too moodie— I make weekend plans, convince every single friend to join and later— would drop the bomb at the last minute out of nowhere. I’d be the happiest man alive during day time— while I’d feel anxious and be gazing at the ceiling for hours at the same night. Mood swings have become my best friend lately.

► I’m kinda wired— I find myself more comfortable expressing in words yet, I’ve muted all my family, friends, classmates, and discussion chat groups— just because they do send long messages. I love playing futsal/football alot. I mean ALOT. But, I do unfollow people sharing anything related to football— always avoid sport related discussions in real life. Maybe, I overthink a lot.

► I am unpredictable— I can listen to podcasts for hours straight, but I can’t stop myself changing the songs after every two minutes. I can binge watch photography videos on YouTube all day long, but don’t even have an attention span of a few minutes for any videos forwarded by friends. Maybe— I’m more comfortable minding my own business.

► I am like any other normal human— I can read 400 pages of a novel in one day, yet, I’d easily get distracted and find it boring while revising a single derivation. I’d be so energetic while writing a journal, yet, I’d be the laziest person while doing assignments. Maybe, I’m a human like you, after all.

► Last but not the least, I am too clumsy— I do get something wrong every single day. Awkward things do happen out of nowhere. Aghhhh ! And and and, ‘I’d be Picasso if being absent-minded was an art.’ I don’t even remember the names of half of my classmates yet. And, it’s so embarrassing— sometimes, I forget the names of places that I do pass by every single day. Maybe, I’m more likely to recall the important things only in my life. Uff !

So, I won’t mind being called;

The clumsiest absent-minded person that you ever met.

Contestant #48

Greeting from Yugant, I describe my self as learner, traveller, nature wonderer,avid arts lover. Though, i studied computing, over the past few years i have inclined to writing and arts more to a code. I am learning graphic design and working as a freelance designer for some institution. Sometimes, I write. Being quite in nature, i uses words and arts as a medium to express and communicate with the world. I write about anythings that facinates me.I love to pen down my travel journals,sometimes poem, ancedtodes, and opinions and perspectives on social, economical,and cultural issues.

Contestant #49

Shruti KC

I’m traveling into the unknown, stripping away every limit that my existence has to offer. What distinguishes me is my desire to learn more about every aspect of life and the world around me. Every recollection of nature and phenomena around me, every delight, and the veil of unknown that I experience as I grow older, this nature within me is what keeps me alive, or to put it another way, every tranquility and piece of memory is kept in paper, and these conversations with paper gives me life. With the same passion for writing, reading, and observing phenomena, I, Shruti, am here to share the same journey and my paper memories with you. I had to think for more than 2hours to just simply question and answer myself about who I actually am. If this same question was asked to me 5years from now, then maybe I would have described myself as an advocate who loves doing the talk of justice and laws. But right now, I am just a rookie law student who is deeply and passionately in love with her study and career. As a newly recruited author for this magazine, I want all of you to know that I am not someone who has achieved a peak of progress or someone who has high academic qualification. I am just a simple student who loves to research and write and all of my researching and writing skills are nourished by my law college study. 

 I am but a traveler venturing on a journey hoping to discover myself among all the chaos that surrounds me and over the past dozen years of stumbling and knocking on every door I have managed to open a few that have given me some a vague insight on who I truly am. Being a law student it’s no surprise that my passion lies in writing, it’s what I love doing. I love the idea of being able to share stories with people, be inspired from their stories and perhaps even inspire, which I am sure that KMAG will be offering me and through which I will be offering you. Besides writing my passion lies in travelling, I am intrigued by the world and everything that surrounds me, I love going out searching for all the tiny little details of life that hides so perfectly behind the vibrant colors of the world. I do not believe in the idea of pretending; I am honest or at least I try my very best to be honest. There is a lot that I do not know about myself, a lot that I have yet to find. But I hope that all the experiences, all the people that I meet throughout my journey will give me a better insight. Through my writing, I am convinced that I will be able to connect with all of my audiences. From the audience, who will read my writings and tales, I hope to learn and grow more and that you all will appreciate me and mostly my stories and writings.  

Contestant #50

Milan Khadka

 I’m a hardworking, welI disciplined quick learner person who looks for a chance of learning new skills. I’ve completed my bachelors in business studies from Nepal Commerce Campus, minbhawan Kathmandu. I’ve done a year course on Japanese language from Sendai Educational Academy , Japan. I’ve also done diploma course in International Business from Tohoku college, Japan. I’ve done 3 months internship in Mega Bank. I’ve worked as a forklift operator in Morinaga Milk Industries for 4 years. I’ve worked as a chef in Japanese restaurant for 2 years. My hobbies are movies, music and reading.

Contestant #51

Sudip Neupane

Hello everybody! In this hectic world everybody is doing their work for making better life vector. By moving with time, knowledge play very significant role in day-to-day life. Information is becoming the key to success. With the sense of all things, I am joining with KMAG as a part. It has an opportunity to me to do work with KMAG. Being a student, I had always felt like there were so many areas such as law, politics, economy, geography, and all where I could grab the knowledge unfortunately it was, is and will be difficult to me and others equally.

A KMAG is that platform where a people like you and me get opportunity to learn the things on different issues with different lance of area. Here I am introducing myself with you all as a friend of your mind more than a writer on KMAG.  Becoming a good friend with someone else has been a great achievement for me since I know friends are becoming an information in today’s world. moreover, I would like to give information about social issues which is relating with laws and politics because everything revolves around into these things. I am grateful if we learn the things in interactive way. once my teacher told me that, “questioning mind is always a critical mind” so we all hope to be critical by raising the question on other thought.  Despite, of all these points I am announcing myself to all readers of KMAG as a writer. I personally often love to share my thoughts on any social issues.  One of my defining part of my life is travelling

Contestant #52

Hey! this is Aastha Poudel. Residing at Kathmandu. Currently studying Bachelors in Science. 3rd year. 

Writing is a beautiful thing. I see writing as a very interesting form of communication. It is a creative flow and I find it important to keep ourselves sane. However, the beginning and the process might be difficult to many people. Personally, I struggled a lot as well. 

I always wanted to write. Since I was a kid. But my mind was always too cluttered. Always too crowded. Always too this and too that. I never could start. I would take my pen, try to write but instead I would just bite its end because I was too anxious. I would spend hours looking at stupid blank paper but no nothing happened. Not even one word came out of me. This is childish. But writing, it feels like death.Especially having to write about myself. It’s dreadful. I just can’t seem to do it. This is awful. I know. Unprofessional. I know. Too much self awareness is fatal sometimes. And in my case, sometime is just all the time.

Lately, one thing I am realizing is that I can’t spend my whole life like this. Being scared. I don’t want to be that anymore. I want to change. Step up. I have to overcome this. And get better at it. With time and enough practice, I am sure I will get better. After all, one starts from zero. I can’t just forever compare my zero with other people’s hundred. I should just look and focus on myself. My yesterday and my present and hopefully future. Yesterday, I couldn’t write a word and today, at least I wrote something. Even though I don’t like it. Even though this is not expected of me. Even though I have this urge to delete this and throw my phone outside the window. I won’t do it. Because it won’t solve anything. It wouldn’t make anything better. I would just hate myself more.

I am sure that many of you feel the same. Maybe not this intensely but there is some insecurity and self doubt in everyone. It’s so easy to say ‘just write whatever’ to other people when you are already good at writing. I understand the creative block personally where you just can’t do it no matter how much you try. In an attempt to not let this affect your deadlines, schedules and eventually your mental health. For now, I am just grateful I am here. I have my doubts but the doubts are insignificant in front of desire to get better at writing. 

Contestant #53

As everything in this universe has a name given to them, I was also given a very handsome name Sujit Khadka. Young and energetic male, I have a rooted desire or you can say it I have a strong want to make some dramatic changes in this society. Life cannot be fair at every steps. Similarly, I am here still living at my birth house at Sanothimi Bhaktpur. Just like any other kids born and raised in this valley, I was also interested in sports, travelling, music and most of them all was to lark with friends. Though my hobbies still remains same, there is something inside of me which is triggering me make some worth of this life. I feel like I should somehow contribute to these beautiful societies.

Every individual are born with their own abilities and strength. I believe, I posses the capacity to learn new things, adopt changes and best at making friends and connections. Therefore I would take myself as an individual who is here to learn the things and pass this knowledge to other pupils.

Contestant #54

Greeting from Yugant, I describe my self as learner, traveller, nature wonderer,avid arts lover. Though, i studied computing, over the past few years i have inclined to writing and arts more to a code. I am learning graphic design and working as a freelance designer for some institution. Sometimes, I write. Being quite in nature, i uses words and arts as a medium to express and communicate with the world. I write about anythings that facinates me.I love to pen down my travel journals,sometimes poem, ancedtodes, and opinions and perspectives on social, economical,and cultural issues.

Someday, we shall be smiling together, looking back — how it all started; what they were and what they had become.

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Survey: Menstruation-related practices among urban youth



This survey is to be participated only by girls. If you are a male, and landed up here for whatsoever reason, you can play a part by distributing this survey form to your female friends.

Mensuration taboo has still been widely practiced in Nepali society, despite the rise in literacy and progressivism and rigorous attempt from all sides to normalize it. Those who keep the taboo alive have their own reasons and those who are fighting against it are still trying to understand why, especially educated groups, still follow the tradition despite knowing there is no neither science nor a rationality behind it.

This survey is conducted to understand the matter much more in general perspectives, their reasons, and their thoughts towards it; and to see the future of the taboo based on the data collected.

We would like to thank you in advance for participating in this survey. Because of your small contribution, we get to understand the matter from your eyes and state of minds, based on which we can have the more realistic and pragmatic views towards the issue.

Please note that this survey is conducted anonymously, which means your identity is unknown, so please be as honest as you could to get us more factual with our conclusion. Result of the survey will be published here on this website for public view. In case you have a problem accessing the form here on this page, please CLICK HERE.

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Survey: Usage of banking services in Nepal




Banks play a vital role in the modern economy. Despite being a significant aspect of everyday life, there has been very little or no research done on the banking sector of Nepal from consumers’ point of view. Also, although banks offer a variety of services, majority people still understand banks for its traditional roles of lending and borrowing money.

This survey is thus conducted in an attempt to learn overall banking experience from consumers’ point of view. This survey is supported by Muktinath Bank. We will publish an article later through this website based on this survey result, to make it publicly available. We believe that this survey will help the banks in the future to take it as a reference to formulate their products and services.

This form is completely anonymous, which means we won’t be knowing your identity. So, please try to be as honest as you can. You can CLICK HERE for the survey form just in case you could not access the form below.

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What motivates you every day to carry on your day-to-day life



We had asked the KMAG community to share what motivates them to carry on day-to-day life with a positive feeling and high hope. Amidst the challenging world, chaotic socioeconomy, and boring lifestyle, and negativity-charged social media, we wanted to gather motivations from our followers to inspire rests in need of some positivity and boosted energy. This is what we collected:

Every morning I wake up, I know there are people I am gonna meet, tasks that I am gonna do, things that I am gonna see. Every morning I know that all these people and things gonna teach me something new; I will be wiser than yesterday, more knowledgeable, and able to enjoy life a little more

All my short term and long term goals that I planned for a better future of me and my family

There are more problems to face. Today, this isn’t the last resort

Having breakfast over a table with family

The purpose of my life that I discovered. Since the time I realized my purpose, I made a pledge to myself that I will contribute something to promote the well-being of orphans and underprivileged children

The intention and ambition to be independent by all means

Urge to know things about life and society and wtf are we doing actually on earth

That you are alive. Many don’t take it as a big deal. Being alive is the greatest thing that is happening to you right now

Making myself capable to earn enough so that I can afford or buy anything without thinking twice

The fact that there are far bigger worries in the world than mine!

Might fall dead any moment

Pursuit of happiness is what motivates me

Hope of being a billionaire someday and do every possible good thjngs as much as i can. This keeps me alive

My hopes and dreams to make a lovely family just like my parents made us

I have a family that loves and supports me unconditionally, so it motivates me to go extra mile for them

I was destined to live this life ! And I am grateful for my existence !

The fact that I only have one life

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