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Jatra Movie Review



I was invited to watch ‘Jatra,’ a new Nepali movie that was premiered yesterday.
For the first 15 mins, it was like “khoi kasto kasto” type movie. As the movie takes its pace, it turns exciting. I started with a mindset, “will watch for a while and leave if not good enough” but ended up watching until the “The End,” because the movie was just so brilliantly made that the curiosity with bags full of humours can hold anyone until the end.
It’s a comedy movie. But, it’s not the regular “Tito Satye” or “Jire Khursani” kind of comedy, nor “Hera Feri” kinda Bollywood comedy. It contains humours of day-to-day life, in natural tone and regular accent. Nothing overacting, nothing over exaggerated.
And there happens some emotional moment in between, and nothing like “Naahiiiiii… Maa !!” shouting scene. Nor, annoyingly crying or fussing.
It also got a fight and brawl scene and nothing like South Indian movie stunt or Nikhil Upreti’s style. It’s real world fight, where you slap someone when in brawl or hit with mobile out of anger.
And above all, no singing and dancing in rains and snows out of nowhere that you would go like “wish it was YouTube and I could just skip the part.”
It is a movie that reflects Nepalese life as it is — struggling to survive, struggling to achieve basic life, hardship during the process, resisting peer and family pressure, love and care as it happens in real life. But it’s a movie for entertainment, so the twist happens. A sack loaded with 3 corers of cash is found. Then the drama happens revolving around how to make use of that money without being caught.
Movie ends in bit awkward twist though. It seems, the ending is made that way keeping “Jatra 2” in mind.
That’s all the movie is about.
A very beautifully scripted, brilliantly acted, purely entertaining movie that deserves anyone’s couple hours of life, that while leaving a theatre, one just does not only feel entertained, but also get a sense of pride that Nepali movie is coming up with its unique style and identity and nothing like copy of Bollywood or Hollywood anymore.
Kudos! to the team. I give the movie 4 stars.
Please, go watch the movie. The attempt is worth promoting and worth watching.

by:- Lakshya S
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