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About the song “Ocean”

Ocean is a song by Indian singer-songwriter Anuv Jain. The song is the second studio single of the singer after “Baarishein”. “Ocean” was written and composed by Anuv Jain.

About singer

Anuv Jain is an Indian indie folk/soft/pop rock singer-songwriter from Ludhiana, India. In 2011, at the age of 16 he uploaded his first song “Meri Batoon Main Tu” on video sharing site YouTube. After uploading three songs on YouTube, in 2016, he released his first studio recorded single which was one of his old song “Baarishein“, which has 6+ million views on YouTube as of now. In 2018, Jain released his second studio recorded single “Ocean”.


Your life is the ocean
And your heart is a wave
Like a dog in the sun
I found my peace in your storm As I sail for days
I keep drowning away
Would my sailors forgive me
For feeling this way You said, “Hey Mister!
Do follow through
Let’s go and build a house
Big enough to fit us two We’ll weave a castle there
The castle of our dreams
My knight in dining armour
And I your blanket queen” Girl, you’re just like that pretty house
With wooden beams, you’re facing south
You are my shelter, you are my little home
Your walls are painted pink and green With a hint of tangerine, I see
A crack in the window
I’m waking up to hold you
Your blemishes, all your tragedies are mine ‘Cause your life is the ocean
And your heart is a wave
Like a dog in the sun
I found my peace in your storm As I sail for days
I keep drowning away
Would my sailors forgive me
For feeling this way As days turn into years
Got more than I deserve
There’s so much left to learn
As I flip through pages As sweet as crème brûlée
These memories we’ve made
Now let me take your hand
And offer a lifetime ‘Cause darling all these years have gone
Just as the tree we sat upon
So afraid to fall, the way we laughed
We made it through My sailors they have come ’round
Their ballads bring a different sound
I guess they all have drowned in love with you
The way I have too ‘Cause your life is the ocean
And your heart the biggest wave
Like a dog in the sun
I found my peace in your storm As I sail for days
I keep on drowning
Drowning away
Would the gods forgive me
For feeling this way

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“Sadak-2” trailer is breaking a record of most disliked youtube video.

Indian Netizens in power demonstration mode as a tribute to SSR



“Sadak-2” trailer is breaking a record of “Most Disliked Video” in YouTube with already 6.3 million dislikes in last 24 hours.

Why so?

In one word, retaliation.

Well, the fact is it’s the movie directed by Mahesh Bhatt, the old man who has been in news since the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput for alleged “friendship” with Rhea Chakraborty, Sushan’t gf then, and speculations surrounding it. It could be one of the reasons why the movie is getting so much of hate from SSR’s fans.

But the most important reason could be expression of voice against nepotism in Bollywood. Several comments on the trailer had people saying this was a “Tribute to SSR” and a way to fight the nepotism in the industry as the lead actors are star kids.

The movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt, Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Jisshu Sengupta, all star kids, who fans believe got the roles and opportunities because of nepotism…could be the strong reason to press the dislike button for the video.

How the fight against nepotism got this intense

Sushant Rajput, a Bollywood actor died from suicide, was an engineering student who grew up in the northern state of Bihar, who managed to force open the doors of Bollywood to craft a brief but successful acting career. Replying to an Instagram post last year, he had asked his fans to watch his films because he needed their help to “survive in Bollywood.” To escalate the debate, Kangana Ranaut, Queen of Bollywood, has accused the powerful Bollywood studio owners, influential filmmakers and movie critics of pushing Rajput over the edge by their alleged lack of support for the actor.

“Movie mafia not only banned him, but I can tell you how his mind was systematically dismantled, bit by bit,” Ranaut said in a widely viewed Instagram video.

Many believe that SSR’s suicide is somehow related to bully and nepotism that exists in Bollywood and since then, people both from the industry and outside the industry are voicing against the nepotism.

Looks like, internet is making it easy for general public to express how they are feeling by negatively responding to any work or post from Bollywood.

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Maicha, a proof to prove music has no language

A song to prove that music has no language



As someone said,

Good music has no boundaries. No matter what language, genre, rhythm, it can always find a way to everyone’s heart.

This song, Maicha, is the proof.

Maicha, a song in Newa language, was recently released by a band, Emerge, on June 19, 2020, through their youtube channel by the same name and the song has already been viewed more than one million times. That’s because this song is not just a song but a music, that anyone can listen in loop even if does not understand the words.

What a beautiful and soul-soothing song to treat any ear.

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Magadh by tShunya

A song not meant for everyone



Some songs are not meant to be popular or viral nor is composed for everyone to hum or sing. They are like an abstract art, not meant to be obvious.

The song Magadh, tShunya, is one of the kind. It does not fit in any genre because its uniqueness itself is a genre. According to the video description, the song is on a historical fact about a king….

Leave it, not going to reveal here. Watch it, read the lyrics and find out yourself.

About Video, according to the team:
Generated using combination of Deep Learning and Digital Signal Processing. The background video is completely generated. No manual process is required, however, lyrics, logo, and mirror were added on post. Image generation was trained using custom trained StyleGAN with a dataset consisting of war paintings.”

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