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Shall I go abroad or stay



In 80s, there was a trend of leaving India for abroad. Many artists, intellects, youths had left India for abroad, because India was too restrictive, too underdeveloped, too corrupted and and people were mostly ignorant.

Despite, some chose to stay back. Regardless of hardship and hurdles, they chose to do something in India itself, survive and live in India itself instead of going abroad.  Thus, some started IT company, some entered Bollywood, some joined government job and some chose activism and politics as career.

30 years since, those who chose to stay back are known as founder of Infosys, Wipro; known as Ambhitab Bacchan, and many other names.  It’s not like people who left for abroad had or having a bad life. It’s not like everyone who stayed back having a good life. Somewhere down the road, what happened though was those who shined in country happened to be the mostly ones who stayed back.

Looking around in our own country, I see similar pattern.  All the CEOs of companies who make up to headlines and event banners are in the position because they chose to stay back instead of going abroad. All the artists that we know are the one who had chosen to stay back. All the rich and famous that we know are in the position because they chose to stay back.  And those who chose to leave for abroad, I see many brilliant minds, artists and talents are being lost in some continent within their small circle, who otherwise could have been one of the CEOs or artists mentioned above.

Considering the fact, what can be assured is that you have a better chance of shining and rising with your own identity and sense of fulfillment if you pursue your life and career in your native place.

Rajesh Hamal wouldn’t be Rajesh Hamal, Sarukh Khan would not be Sarukh Khan, Asgar Ali would not be Asgar Ali, Narayanmurthi would not be Narayanmurthi if they had chosen to leave their respective country for abroad.

Our time on Earth is limited. In the end, we all die. Some die with a broad identity. Some die with a narrow identity. Some die with no identity. For some people, it matters. For some, it does not.

So my answer to “Shall I go abroad or stay?” is, stay if a broad identity matters. Leave if doesn’t. In the end, we all die. Winner or loser is our birthplace and generations to come.

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Corruption in Nepal: Unspoken Side

When it comes to corruption, we only talk about government level and often ignore corruption in corporate level and private firms.



Most people in Nepal when think of corruption, immediately think of government bodies and their employees and politicians in power.

That’s because our media and society have always focused. The wikipedia definition of corruption is “Corruption is a form of dishonesty or criminal offense undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for one’s private gain.” It didn’t say only for government bodies and their employees and politicians in power. If we breakdown Nepali term “Bhrastachar” for corruption, it means Bhrasta + Achar. Thus, anyone with “bhrasta achar” is bhrastachari. But since our media narrative and fight against corruption only involve government bodies, government employees and politicians in power, we as a society have made it all about those in civil and government service.

Many people may be surprised to learn that corruption exists in private sector as well; in banks, in private firms, in private schools and colleges and many more places.

There are many marketing head from banks and/or other big firms who ask for “cut” if you are to be provided advertisement. There are many operational in-charge, who ask for “cut” if you are to be given a contract for uniform or other works. Anyone in the business know how hard it is to get business in Nepal from big private firms if you are not willing to give the “cut” to the manager or unit head.

The other day, I was with an accountant from a restaurant and banquet and he was telling how teachers from private colleges ask to bill in higher price when they organize an event or seminar at his restaurant.

You may not believe this but even have found some organisation where one of the investors ask for “cut” for giving the business that his other partners should not know. Isn’t that sick?

These are just few examples that I can confidently share because I have personally witnessed and have heard. God knows, what all sorts of corruption happens in internal level. Maybe, leaking out inside information, maybe leaking out data, etc too happens in these shiny glossy private companies and firms.

Irony is, you can find them criticizing government employees and politicians for corruption through their social media posts and “teaguff.” Maybe, they are conditioned to think that what they do is not corruption — corruption is only when someone living in tax payers money does what they have doing.

You see corruption is everywhere and it’s the biggest pandemic that our economy is getting direct hit from. The other day a group of interior design was saying that they were to design a stall for an automobile show, which actual cost would be around 15 lakhs but they needed give the “cut” to the guy who got them the contract, so it was billed at 20 lakhs. The company who has to pay that money will naturally plan to incur the cost by passing it down to the consumer.

More you get deeper into the Nepal market, more you will realize that this country is not just ruined by government employees and politicians.

How can we drive an economy in such game, culture, practices? How can you fix a country where lives people with no morale, ethic and principle? How can we build a thriving private business world, where right under the nose of CEO, CMO can ask for cut, right behind the back of partners, a partner can ask for cut? How can we build work force high in morale and ethics with the teacher that asks for high-priced bills?

If you are one of them and reading this, please touch your conscience and do ask the questions. Understand this, until someone like you exist, this country will never be corruption free.

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Social Media Tamasha

This post is created to show all sane minds the insanity that exists in our society that we often neglect or care less, as we often collectively think all our problems solely lie on politics and politicians and government body and institutions, whereas a country is beyond handful of politicians and their politics, few thousands of officers and institutions they lead.



Routine of Nepal Banda posts this

Posted on 07/11/2020 on its Facebook page

There a girl comments this

Don’t know what she was thinking and what she meant by that. Maybe she was kidding or maybe she really meant to say that. Or, maybe she was fooling around with irrelevant comments. RONB’s community is known for commenting irrelevant comments. Don’t know what she was doing there, but she did it anyway.

The comment, while writing this, has received 452 haha reactions and 86 replies. And, as I expanded the replies,

Immediate reply was

Followed by

It goes on like this, as if some tamasha is going and every one is amused. They clearly have no guilt and remorse to harass her like this and those reacting haha are enjoying the harassment of a female publicly in a page with million followers. They have learned new term from Internet, “Gold Digger,” and they think their douchebaggery and harassment is justifiable.

She checks her Facebook after 1 hour just to see the maggots crawling on her comment.

What else she could say

She probably had not thought that within 1 hour, her one comment could get her this level of public humiliation.

Tamasha goes on

She makes a final comment stating she is not going to read all these filthy comments. She is clearly disheartened, disgusted, speechless and is choosing to leave the scene without responding, just like any victim. And there were usual victim blaming, “yesto comment garepachi yestai ho…sochera comment garnu parthyo (should have thought before commenting)”

The tamasha must be going on. There are more maggots there now inviting their friends to read the comments as for them, “it’s so much fun going on here.”

To conclude

I don’t know what conclusion to make because this single incidence has so many messages and things to learn from. I won’t say these guys represent our society but these guys remind me that these people exist. Ironically, somewhere they must be saying “suicide is not the solution,” “respect women,” talking about bullying, talking about rape. I don’t know whom to blame, their upbringing, our education system, and they themselves.

No, I can’t change them nor you can by cursing them or shouting at them, because they in first place themselves are too blinded by their own defensive reasoning, but I just didn’t feel right to ignore them, to ignore this incident because these people at least should know that even though they are untouchable, unreachable, unknown but still they are being watched and disguised by sane minds for their insanity and filth.

As long as we close our eyes towards insanity and idiocy of people, no matter how hard we fight against political and ruling class, we will never accomplish a country and society that we want for our children to inherit.

p.s. Names and pictures are not blurred because they are not victim and well! they deserve it, so that they next time be careful on public forum while acting douche.

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Sincere gratitude and appreciation

A letter of gratitude from editor for a help provided by the gentlemen because of whom the website is back



One thing is certain about life and that is everything is uncertain.

This website that you are viewing now is an idea, a dream, an obsession. It’s not yet the destiny though but certainly a dot to connect to the destiny. A dot where we will be sticking to for a while now, before we move to the next dot. This dot however would not have been found without the gentlemen in picture and I am personally writing this to express my gratitude and thankfulness to those kind and generous souls.

On September 3, 2019, I made an announcement that “I am leaving Facebook.” I expressed my genuine reasons to do so in a follow-up post. I was sincerely dead serious about leaving the Facebook (not in sense completely leaving it but stop posting contents on Facebook and instead do so from the website.) Thanks to the One by None team who helped me in setting up the website. We were showered with “all the best” and “congratulations” from our fans and followers and well wishers and friends. They really hoped that the decision will take us to a new height and they were happy for. But then, we sneaked back to Facebook like a loser because we got the taste of reality and reality being server.

Running and maintaining a high-traffic website from a third-world is a very costly business. Most people who are not in website business probably don’t know that a website to run smoothly and securely, there are many things to consider that can burn anywhere like 30-50K per month and there is a cost involved regarding content development, and other operational cost. We faced server issue with speed and storage limitation which were creating bad user experience and we didn’t want to turn off our users, so decided to halt the plan and rework on website. That was the reason why we went back to Facebook. It was very embarrassing situation and we probably lost the respect and trust from some of our followers for failing to stick to our words.

But then, as they say “you are not failed until you not giving up.” Or in other word, falling is not failing. Giving up to stand up is failing. So, here we were back to square one. Needed to rework on website, migrate the server, cut down the cost, and start everything from scratch as a new beginning.

That’s when the above gentlemen came to rescue — Dennish Karki and Bijay Adhikari. Both of these guys have been a long-time followers of Kmag and a genuine well wisher. Dennish Karki is an experienced PHP Developer and quite thorough with WordPress. Bijay Adhikari is Nepal-born foreign citizen how loves his birth country and wish best for the country and its people. Dennish helped us in setting up the website from scratch and guided us step-by-step in not repeating the earlier mistakes. Bijay helped us with the server cost.

Thus, we are back with the same zeal and dedication.

Life is hard and entrepreneurial journey is much harder. It’s much much harder when economy is down with looming uncertainties around. But again, in such hardships and uncertainties, we sober down and the true test begins — if I really want it or if I am only betting? When you pass the test, universe will send you the helps. Indeed, universe works mysteriously.

Or maybe not. Maybe everything is randomness. Whatever it maybe, fact is, we are not alone in this universe and everyone of us are capable to help each other irrespective of ours differences, destinies and purposes, wishes and aims.

Thank you Bijay and Dennish for your help and support because of which this website is back, we are back to our keyboard, and thousands are able to read and watch. No help is big or small.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation on behalf of my team and our followers.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

p.s. There are obviously many other players behind the curtain because of whom we are still thriving and walking to whom we are equally thankful but since this note of gratitude is dedicated for the gentlemen, this was all about them. No hard feeling if you are reading this.

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