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Social Media and Women’s Participation



We know, equal participation of women in public discourse is very important to develop equality and strengthen democracy. With the advent of Internet, social media has proved to be an amazing platform to increase awareness and bridge gender disparity in present day. However, despite of equal opportunity, we get to see women’s involvement in public discourse on social media forums and platforms is still quite low. So we asked what could be the reason behind it and if they have you experienced any bad incident as such that discouraged them to speak up publicly?

Below are the few responses from our female audiences.


By  Reya Shreya Rai 

“Personally, I don’t think such is the case. I think you’re looking at the wrong places for such debate evidences. I have seen many articulate and thoughtful ladies in these platforms. Let’s talk about just Instagram for example for now. There are hundreds of pages that talk of equality, Brown girl problems, anti- casteism, aboriginal and immigrant problems and so on which are run by women. The admin and the followers actively debate and spread awareness based on these causes and consequences steadily. I know many of my friends themselves actively participate in posting and debating on issues including my mom on their own platforms.

I think the issue here is, you’re looking at the wrong places. There are many kinds of people with varying interests regardless of their sexual orientation but in every case, I think there are people of progressive mentality who actively engage in debates.
As for me, I find it useless most times to debate in social medias but I swallow my indifference and proceed to comment here when I deem it important.”


By Anusha Maharjan 

“Culturally we are taught to speak in manner thoughtfully with respect thinking about their family, society, and community from childhood so the base is already created for the women out there, speaking in public is also a matter of self confidence as well.”



By Heena Ghimire

“To be really honest, most of the women of upcoming generation or lets say the generation as a whole regardless of the gender do not care about such topics. And half of those who care are already into the works which is why we see so many changes in the city (just) and the other half are not having a proper platform to speak up or maybe communicate ideas. For example being hushed at home for keeping opinions on such topic because women need not show interest in politics and equality is what taught to every daughters at home so growing up their mentality becomes as if it’s a man’s conversation or man’s job. Some are way too scared to post their opinions on a given subject on the internet because lets face it we don’t have shortage of bullies online.
Men however, can be seen always and I repeat always having a conversation about business, work or the country’s political situation. The more you communicate your opinions the more ideas you generate on the given topic. Hence, men tend to have more voice than women in Nepalese society about equality, politics, democracy and rights.”


By SWeta Chalise

“We live in a place where if one chooses to speak less then their presence is not entertained. We tend to speak more than we listen. In the process of learning, listening is more important. Also, speaking unwanted serves no good. So personally I prefer listening more than speaking. Also, if you speak make sure you say something worth hearing.”

By Somika Shrestha

“When you take current statistics, there is vast difference in the chart between genders. It is quite obvious coz most of the today’s social personalities or media person had long history, run through male dominant period. But currently young ladies outnumber the case, be it debate, public speeches or any public event,including women centered pageant shows. There are numbers platforms which encourages the voices to come forward. Thus we can clearly expect quite a change in future.
This, is prediction.
Now, let’s come to present. When I see young girls so empowered, I realize how vocal ladies are. We see, generally in our daily life women rarely feel reluctant to speak up her opinion and discomfort, despite of many refrains. They are appreciated less though that cause them lower their voice so many later turn silent. And for the ladies public speakers who are fierce and bold, they face reality check , they belong to such society where women make most compromises in name of family including her career. So what seen today fades tomorrow. Lets hope such context change.
And so I disagree, that its insecurities or fear that has made the difference, for its not gender based but mutual. We have plenty of platforms now, parents are so aware to empower their children (I won’t say only daughters), world is turning competitive, and ladies are turning fierce, so we can hope for equal part of make and females in coming days.”


By Änu Maharjan

“Oh many times, that actually starts from your home basically when man are raised like they are the control freak and woman have to be the submissive!! Changing the stereotypes is hard when whole mindset is polluted!!”




By Sashi Bhandari

“If a woman express her views, people doubt if that is her own opinion. I guess, relatives asking too much questions might be the reason.”


By Sony Joshi 

“Well for me, I have always been vocal on matters which I think are important. But having said so, I have been replied back by some “Man” who think (to quote) I am just a girl who should keep my opinions to myself and go shopping!!” That was funny to me. And so I neglected. But in some cases, commenting or posting something somewhere results in unwanted messages and friend requests. Which might not be a big deal. But as a girl/woman, my/our profile being visited by unknown men is sometimes uncomfortable, (also dangerous sometimes). There are other reasons like “Arule k sochha” wala attitude because of the society standards( wen it comes to sensitive topics) and also the fact that in discussions on some topics, guys tend to swear rather very soon using disgusting languages which ultimately leads to deleting one’s comment.”


By Kristina R L Rana

“Few topics can be uncomfortable to comment on… If we do then someone (family, relatives) will screenshot it and later show it-” did u comment this or that… you are like open book blah blah…. so I type the comment, read it and erase it.” 


By Sheetal Khadka

“Reason is people dislike strong minded women.. Its the society where no matter what women are taught to be subtle and on the other hand are given free pass for everything.woman are judged by fellow women and men, so when u r being judged for everything it’s natural to step back though u have a better perspective and solution.”



The above answers on the question were collected from our Facebook page, Kaagmandu Magazine. For more answers you can visit the post HERE.  Also, you can add your comments there.  Best comments get published here.

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