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“Spoken Words,” an event of voices for voiceless

This article covers everything that you need to know about “Spoken Words.”



KMAG is planning to organize an event called  “Spoken Words” where individuals can express their inner thoughts and feelings or stories and ideas in the form of poetry, monologues, storytelling, public speaking, and stand-up comedy. We were always amazed by the KMAG community for their ability to express out their heart and mind on diverse issues and topics. We feel these amazing minds should be provided a mic to reach out far beyond social media. 

What is the ‘Spoken Words’?

Spoken Words is an event where individuals get a platform to vent out their raw emotions and feelings; share their stories and experiences or play with words to amuse and awe the audience. To put it in perspective think of a stage where those who are good at singing or dancing get the stage to showcase their talent. In the case of spoken words, it’s a stage for those who are good at expressing themselves through words. There are basically five categories under the spoken words and the participant can choose whatever form they enjoy the most. 

  1. Poetry
  2. Monologues
  3. Storytelling
  4. Public Speaking 
  5. Stand-up Comedy

Why are we doing this?

What makes us human is our ability to express out our thoughts and ideas, share our stories and experiences transcending to our fellow humans. For many thousands of years, humans gathered to express out and speak up making it the fundamental activity of the modern world. However, with the rise of social media, we are limited only on devices and our voices are lost in floods of content. Through spoken words, we would like to revive the lost culture and forgotten fundamental. In short, spoken words is a stage for poet, storyteller, educator, comedian, and leaders. 

Where is it happening?

Our plan is to make it like TED events happening in every corner of cities in cafes, schools, colleges, in chaur and chautari. For now, to start with we are organizing our first event at “Doko Deli” restaurant, Jhamsikhel.  Date and Time will be shared soon after the audition.

Who can participate?

Anyone good at words in the forms of poetry, monologue, storytelling, public speaking, and comedy; who doesn’t fear stage and strangers. 

How to participate?

Simply by following this link.

Why should you participate?

  1. Because you are born a leader.
  2. Because you are the voice of the voiceless.
  3. Because you like to awe and amuse people.
  4. Because you like to connect to fellow humans.
  5. Because you want to store your words in this vast universe in the year long after you are gone. 
  6. Because last but not least, because you love the idea that we are up to. 

And yeah, we will be treating you with food and drinks and a cute little token of love for believing in us. 

Hope everything is clear now. Please fill up the application form. We can’t wait to meet you over the audition. 

Voice of progressive minds.

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