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Survey: How much do you earn in Nepal

This income survey is to be participated only by those residing in Nepal. If you don’t reside in Nepal, people DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS SURVEY



This survey is conducted to know income pattern among Nepalese youth and also to learn current pay scale in different sectors and professions. Unlike many other countries, income pattern in Nepal has not been that known, making it hard to rightly understand or judge job market and available opportunities in Nepal, and to break this obscurity, we are conducting this survey, that you can participate anonymously.

We plan to publish this survey and make it public, so that it can be quite handy for all to realistically value themselves in job market and also can be a good clue for those interested in Nepal’s economy and job market and for scholars to base a comparative report.

Please understand that your false answer can give false conclusion, so please either participate genuinely or just skip.

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100 life lessons based on personal experiences




Life is indeed a teacher and it teaches so many things as we grow up. Every individual have learned life in their own way but nevertheless, those learnings and lessons are equally relevant and useful for all. As they say, “life is too short to learn everything from your own mistake, so learn from others,” it is always wise to listen to others and draw lessons from their life experience. So we have asked KMAG’ers to share their life lessons based on their own life experience.

The following are the 100 life lessons:

1. At times, life pushes you with so much intensity, almost like you are inside a pressure cooker. And, there is a limit to the limit to be resilient. After that, you either will release steam and transform to a stronger version of the self or, if you cannot withstand the pressure, you may explode. Even if you explode, you still transform. And this happens in different situations, personal as well as professional.

2. You learn more from the slips than from the winning trips .

3. Learn to be vulnerable. You, speaking your truth allows the other person to speak their truth. Nothing is important than a genuine human connection. Always strive for that. Never forget that the true essence of being human lies in empathy and compassion.

4. Sometimes letting it not be your way is the best way for it to be. Life has so many others ways for happiness you never knew existed.

5. You can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try.

6. Everybody sees life in their own view. Do not try to change their view. Just go with the flow when dealing with individuals. Let them be and have a lot of patience with everything.

7. Doing the same deed as others did to you will eventually make you the same person.

8. Everything is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Do not get attached with anything. Just enjoy the flow.

9. Stop thinking you’re the centre of the universe coz’ nobody got time to think about you. Everyone is their own centre in their own universes. You’re the main character only in your story. To everyone else, you’re just a side character. 

10. Group identity is for losers. Bear personal responsibility, have individual identity.

11. There is no free lunch.

12. Build a habit of investing. Start small. Begin from as early as your early 20s. Scale up slowly but scale up nevertheless. Set aside a certain amount each month and increase your investment by 10% every year. With the power of compounding and your own ironclad discipline, reap the reward 20 years later.

13. Maintain a good distance with toxic people.

14. No matter what you do, people gonna trash you.

15.  Life is complex, dynamic and spontaneous. So trying to find a general way/formula to solve all problems will never workout.

16. Be a realist and not an idealist. Once you start accepting things, it’ll make you a lot peaceful.

17. Things don’t go as expected but still working on it continuously will definitely give results that are beyond one’s expectations.

18. You should be your first priority.

19. Certificates don’t sell, your technical knowledge sells. So don’t just study, explore more.

20. Nothing is more important than your health, so invest in good habits from as early as possible. As you grow up your good habits will compound overtime just like the good investment in stocks.

21. Always be confident to move from your comfortable zone to learn something new and different.

22. Respect others irrespective of what attire they are in.

23. If you don’t know something , admit it rather than convincing people with baseless logic. 

24. Not to force anything in your life. Friendship, relationship, attention or even love. whatever flow flows, what crashes crashes. It has to be that way.

25. Life is unfair. Stop complaining.

26. Never believe anything..question everything u come across.

27. Facing and managing emotion is better than escaping and suppressing.

28. Never hesitate to quit the current job if you have a better opportunity. You don’t owe them anything.

29. Keep doing good. Other opinion and approvals doesn’t matter.

30. You will always laugh at silly past, which used to be a heartbreaking serious present during those times.

31. In different stages of life, we have many characters to support our growth; some support us to see us growing and some of them are there only to fulfill their own desires. It is not that easy to recognize people without practical experience. Try to read and understand people around you.

32. Make your happiness a priority.

33. No matter how serious you are about life, there are people who finds you funny and make fun of you.

34. To learn new, you have to unlearn old.

35. Believe yourself , be your own best friend , spend time with self , talk with self ,treat yourself because you’re the only yours.

36. Don’t do drugs.

37. Give it a time , everything will be fine.

38. Set your house in order before you criticize the world.

39. Never expect, work for it..!!!

40. Life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it.

50. Don’t mistake people’s opinion with knowledge or truth.

51. Outside your life, you are a story, in which you could be good or bad or nothing, based on impression that you have left to others.

52. People like you as long as you are not threat to them.

53. Live by law and order or die fixing the mess.

54. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

55. If you have to choose between freedom and security, choose freedom, because secured life in prison is worse than insecure life under blue sky.

56. Don’t be overtly attached with your parents or spouse or children even when they are wrong. You are neither helping them to realize and learn their weaknesses and mistakes nor you are helping yourself.

57. Listen to experiences more than hypothesis.

58. If you don’t learn to be polite, the rudeness in you will pop out anytime anywhere without your knowledge.

59. There is a huge influence of people you are surrounded by that includes your loved ones, friends, parents, siblings and media influences. The weaknesses and flaws in them must have got in you that even you may not have realized. Work on removing them from you.

60. Life is full of distraction and deviation. Don’t let them to make you forget your goals.

61. Don’t make life about settling. Make it about exploring.

62. If you make life all about pride and reputation, you will be the most loneliest person.

63.  Don’t make a life decision to please others.

64. Get right advisors or get wrong road.

65. Good intention isn’t enough if you have poor communication skill.

66. Take rest when your body need it the most.

67. Every end is the new beginning.

68. All the Ups and downs is what keeps journey alive. Everything is worth living.

69. If you don`t try, you`ll never know. Don`t spend the rest of you`re life wondering what could have been.

70. Be involved without being attached in everything.

71. Do what you love or love what you do, if you truly want to be happy with what you do.

72. It’s not about how much resources you have. It’s about how resourceful you are with what you have. You are doing a lot does not mean you will be getting a lot more done. Don’t confuse movement with progress.

73. Simplify your life. Don’t complicate anything.

74. Try to see things that others can’t.

75. Don’t stress over things that you don’t have control over.

76. Everything in this world needs to be either earned or bought.

77. There is always a source behind anything said or done. Don’t go with what being said or done. Rather go with where it is coming from.

78. Be humble, be grounded, be respectful to anyone and everyone.

79. Choose your partner wisely.

80. Without financial independence, you are never truly free.

81. If you make any decision in life with full conviction, you will not feel bad or regret later in the future.

82. Acceptance leads to peace.

83. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

84. Don’t be so confident about future based on the present. Absolutely no one knows what future holds.

85. People have many sides, but you mostly get to see only the side they want you to see.

86. Our judgement is highly flawed and bias, so don’t be so sure about anyone or anything.

87. Life is easy as long as you live by law of nature.

88. As long as you know what you are doing and why you are doing, just do it irrespective of what others are saying.

89. When you know where you want to reach, you will find a way.

90. What is right now, may turn wrong later. What is wrong now, may turn right later. What is right for one may be wrong for others. Right and wrong is very subjective and contextual, so do what is right for you but don’t expect everyone to live by that.

91. Learn to accept the differences and live will be filled with joy and peace and happiness.

92. Never get that easily influenced by opinion coming from inexperienced people.

93. You never look great by making others look small and insignificant.

94. If you don’t know something, just google. There are 1000s of answers to all your wonders and confusions.

95. Don’t waste your time over people and activities that don’t seem the connecting dots to your goals.

96. Everything is constantly changing and evolving. Go with it or be left behind.

97. Don’t hesitate to ask money for doing something for others.

98. If you like someone, let them know that. If you don’t like someone, never let them know that.

99. If someone does not like you for you being you, don’t try to win their heart or please them.

100. Know what you want from your life, know how to get that and work towards it. Everything else is secondary.

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The parental lens on online classes

While online studies are taking a toll on students and educational institutions, parents aren’t left untouched by various issues that affect their children or their family due to online modality of education. We asked parents to share their perspective on online education and here’s what they have to say:




With the global pandemic not showing a sign of being over, online classes are the only viable option for safe learning in different places of the world. In a country like ours where access to offline-education itself is not a reality for many, online education might has pushed the access to education further away. Even in urban areas, the access to resources for online education i.e. internet connectivity and adequate devices for online classes is improbable for many. Despite the education is focused on students and delivered by teachers, these two parties aren’t the only one struggling with it. Many parents are grappling to keep up and ensure education for their children in this never seen before circumstance.

While access is the biggest issue so far, parents have admitted that even with access, poor internet connectivity, not so compatible or up to date devices, their inability to upgrade to devices or internet due to financial constraints and many other reasons are a hindrance to their children’s education. Parents indicated that the internet service providers in Nepal are not good enough and internet services if retrieved from mobile data is too expensive. To add to that some parents have problems with sharing their device with their kids. As many students are not of age to have their own personal computers or mobile phones, they use their parents’ devices to access online classes which is a problem of many parents who don’t get to use their phones. Parents have stated that their children are lacking meaningful interactions with their classmates and with so little interaction and continuous staring into the screen, the children have a hard time focusing on the subject.

While there are interactional and technical issues, the time frames of online classes have also been a problem for the students. Parents believe that the online system of education should be more interactive and should be more engaging for the students. The students were used to spending significant amount of their day in school classrooms. Now that the online classes are conducted, they’re conducted mostly for a short amount of time and parents are worried that the time frame is not enough for students to learn as much as they used to. On the other hand, there are issues of screen fatigue and the potential health issues that can arise from spending too much time in front of a screen or sitting idle in the same place due to prolonged online classes.

Apart from the issues of attending online classes, there are also criticisms of that educational institutions should not focus on making online classes the replacement of in-real-life classes. The approach to online classes now seems not so effective to the parents and they suggest revision in the approach of teaching methods. Meanwhile, suggestions like recoded video to be made accessible were being made alongside training and improving competency of teachers for online classes. Similarly there were questions raised in the concept of teacher-student teaching modality in both real-life classes and online classes pointing out that the method of teaching doesn’t grasp students’ attention. To tackle the problem of affordability, the import of second hand electronic devices were also suggested.

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My story

Who gave my name and what’s the story behind



Image: Unsplash

Having a child is probably the second most exciting thing. The child is a dream, is a hope, is a mission for many parents and their nearer/dearer ones. Child becomes the reason and purpose…the brand that they plan to outshine. So, if you go by name, name is not just a name, but a window to look into human world; understand their joy, their faith and belief, their taste and preference. There is so much of “awe” behind each name that may bring joy of tears.

Something just like that happened when we asked KMAG followers to share the story behind their name. Don’t miss any. Each name has such a lovely and adorable story that it feels like watching a movie.

Pooja Subedi
From: Uncle
Story: While uncle was in school, there was a sweet girl name Pooja. She was once proposed by somebody, and she called her brother to beat crap out him. Uncle was so impressed with her that she gave the name to me saying “may my niece be like her.”

Ashmita Poudel
From: Mom
Story: My mom named me after Asmita Adhikari dijju who happens to be my mom’s favourite teacher’s daughter.

Rejina Rosemary Giri
From: Mom
Story: Mom used to have a foreigner teacher at her school and she use to teach my mom English. She liked that teacher and her name so much that she gave me the name.

Rosha Lawati
From: Eldest Cousin Sister
Story: She mentioned earlier that she used to have a friend named “Rosha”. Maybe they both shared good friendship bond and there it happened!

Srijana Karki
From: Parents
Story: I had a sister who died in seven months after birth, my family was very poor that they couldn’t afford good nursing, medicines, so she died because of her illness in that early age. Mom told me, she was very beautiful, baba was so happy when they had her , but it was getting difficult for baba to get over the pain of her death, he seemed hurt all the time. Then after they had me they put her name to me. It hurt me when I knew this but still it’s life, acceptance is all that we can do so I’m happy that I got my sisters name and I love my name and I’m proud of it.

Kristina R L Rana
From: Father
Story: My dad followed Christianity for a while just out of curiosity and thus my name happened.

Jeetu Shrestha
From: Father
Story: My dad’s favorite actor back then was Jeetendra so he gave that name to me.

Regan Basnyat
From: Grand Father
Story: My grandfather was the biggest fan of 40th president of US Ronald Regan, so he named me after him.

Khusboo Thapa
From: Father
Story: My mothers friend had actually thought of a good arabic name starting with khu for a baby boy as I was mistaken for being a boy while in the womb so my father thought it would please my moms friend for naming me khushboo.

Subekchya Shrestha
From: Aunt (Thulomummy)
Story: My thulomummy accidentally said my name while I was taken for vaccination (later both my mom and thulomummy forgot what they named me while the nurse was calling out my name). Later on, this was the final name I got as it nearly matches with my brother’s name!

Ashtha Karki
From: Father
Story:  My father named me Aastha after ‘Asthalin’. My grandfather was Asthma patient and he constantly forgot his medicine’s name. And, here we are!

Dilip Neupane
From: Cousin Brother
Story:  One of my cousin brother named me after Dilip Rayamajhi

Krishna Sharma
From: Grand mother
Story:  I was born one day before Krishna Janamastami, so my grandmother named me Krishna.

Jyotsna Chandra Mahato
From: Father
Story: My daddy kept my name as Jyotsna which means moon light,because he always says I will bring lightness in every darkness.

Johnson Shrestha
From: Father
Story: Funny story, my name used to be Eric actually, and then my dad saw the “Johnson’s baby powder” commercial, and long story short, here I am.

Aarjan Baskota
From: Grandmother
Story: My grandmom found money in the Birgunj bazaar at the day of my birth, so, she named me Aarjan (आर्जन) which means to earn.

Birodh Ghising
From: Father
Story: My dad named me Birodh on 3rd day of my birth. He named me Birodh as he was big fan of parliamentarian Birodh Khatiwada, a communist leader and father of Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada. During the year I was born, Birodh Khatiwada was a very famous communist leader for his oratory skill second to late Madan Bhandari and my dad was huge fan of his speech skill so I was named as Birodh, a very unique name.

Raviya Shakya
From: Aunt (Sano Mummy)
Story: My sanomomy used to watch Pakistan serial at the time of my birth.So she liked the name Rabia.But my mom changed the spelling as Raviya.

Kamaleshwar Prasad Pathak
From: Father
Story: My name has Kamal and Ishwar within – the god on the lotus. It is the alternative name for lord Vishnu and my daddy chose it.

Kusum Karki
From: Grandmother
Story: My grand mom named me as Kusum because while my mom was in labor giving me birth, the doctor’s name on duty was Kusum and she loved it so she gave me this name.

Avinash Tiwari
From: Grandmother
Story: My grand mom named me. I was diagnosed with Pneumonia and Jaundice when i was just of 6 days. She wanted me to have a healthy & long life. But she left me alone with her name given to me. I loved her and miss her.

Santosh Giri
From: Father
Story: My father gave me the name since as a child I was easily placated and satisfied, hence my name means satisfaction.

Rachel Pradhan
From: Father
Story: My father named me after Rachel Carson- American Marine Biologist.

Sajjan Utsuk Sapkota
From: Father
Story: My middle name is Utsuk which was added by my father even in the citizenship. Actually it is his nickname. Our businesses are named on it. He kept it as his nickname during his college days where there was a trend of doing so. While others were keeping names like, “Udaas”, “Pyasi”, “Yatri”, et cetera, he opted for “Utsuk”. This name can be recognised well in Nuwakot now which is actually a proud thing. Even though he don’t carry this as his official name, people know him by it and also me.

Madhav Kushwaha
From: Father
Story: As its the alternate name of Lord Krishna and he was also born after a lot of struggle. Hence, similar story in my family.

David Acharya
From: Grandfather
Story: I am the youngest child of my parents. Until I was born, the financial status of my parents wasn’t good. So my Grandfather (who gave me this name), decided to name me as ‘Debit’ (as in Accounting (Debit/Credit)), and believed, with my arrival in the family I would bring some financial prosperity. And my father modified it as ‘David’. That’s the one and only name I have.

Sumana Shahi Thakuri
From: Aunt
Story: My aunt loved her best friend’s name so much that she gave the name to me.

Gauri Bomjan
From: Teacher
Story: My teacher because he thought my original name was weird. I think one thing a teacher should never do change the students name.

Jamoona Aryal
From: Mother
Story: My mom told me that god gifted me this name. Because I am a twin.

Dikshya Karki
From: Father
Story: My father named me Dikshya,as he was working under ministry of education,at that time. So it was like,sikshya -dikshya.

Rasu Budhathoki Thapa
From: Father
Story: One of his friend has their film production house name called “Raskala production “ . My dad was influenced by him. And hence called me raskala and in short my fam started calling me Rasu.

Arseen Sonu
From: Father
Story: My dad named me ‘sanu’ meaning small as I am 2nd child of my parent. People used to get confused and pronounce my name differently like ‘saanu’ for sanu. So got my name changed to ‘Sonu’ for 5th standard district level exam (which is no more in practice now). Then in 2014 I got converted to Muslim and Hazrat named me ‘Zainab’. Which I somehow felt not me completely so changed my name myself to ‘Sonu Zainab’ following legal process.

Bhagabati Maharjan
From: Mother
Story: My father got into jail for an accident case while I was just 1 week old and the Chaitey dashain was in the end of the month. My mother prayed and made a pledge (bhaakal) for naming me after a goddess and a contribution of a black hen if dad got released, since she’s a extreme Hindu follower.My dad got out from the case and I was named Bhagawati to fulfill the pledge.

Shiva Ram Ghimire
From: Teacher
Story: My Nepali teacher during grade 1 changed it. My name was Manish and there was another student named Manish too so he changed my name as my brother name is Shree Ram.

Sistata Basel
From: Mom
Story: My mom’s name is Namrata, so she called me Sistata.

Anil Bista
From: Mom
Story: My mom named me Anil because once she heard it somewhere and she loved the way it sounds . For her it’s a pleasant word to hear.

Bijay Adhikari
From: Mom
Story: My mom said I was born in Bijaya Dashami so they named me Bijay.

Amshu Kiran Shahu
From: Father
Story:  My name was AmshuVerma given by my granddad who loved it, but later My dad changed it to Amshu Kiran.

Rabi Bhusal
From: Family friend
Story:  I was born in India. And was born on Sunday, so one of my parent’s indian friend called me Ravi (since Sunday is known as Ravi Baar there).But, in my school they wrongly registered me as Rabi Bhusal, and the name stayed.

Anupam Raj Bhattarai
From: Father
Story:  Anupam means upama nabhayeko, which refers to being one of the kind. my father loved the name and kept it.

Robin Gurung
From: Neighbor Aunt
Story: My neighbor aunt gave me my name as she was fan of tales of Robinson Crusoe,after she didnt like the name given to me by the priest which was Suk Bahadur Gurung.

Siddhant Yadav
From: Father
Story: My father once watched Govinda movie,So he kept my name on role the govinda was playing.

Ajara Bhattarai
From: Mother
Story: My mother named me ajara because it means immortal.

Prajwalla Dahal
From: Mother
Story: My mom wanted to be creative and she was saving me from a traditional name my baba wanted me to have.

Ruchika Shakya
From: Mother
Story: She came across some directors daughters name and loved it. So, she kept my name with that.

Shraddha S Adhikari
From: Parents
Story: Shra is intial of dad’s name and D is of my mom and also it’s my grand mom’s name modified too. So, they kept my name as Shraddha.

Asmeeta Sapkota
From: Mom
Story: There was a serial whose lead character’s name is the one I got, mom loved the serial so she named me after her.

Salina Chapagain
From: Sister
Story: My sister kept my name because she had a friend with this name. But after few years the girl after whose name I was named by died. I dont know the exact meaning of it… but it is closely associated with the word ” शालिन ” which means peaceful.

Chandani Tamrakar
From: Dad
Story: My father was obsessed with Sridevi, so he kept my name Chandani (after one of her famous characters.)

Aren’t the story so AWEEE!!

Do you have a story behind your name as well? Comment stating what’s the story behind your name and who gave it to you and we will add that in the list above.

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