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because story is what we live in forever

Humans think in stories, and we try to make sense of the world by telling stories.

— Yuval Noah Harari

If you want to be immortal, create a story that people will be reading and talking about long after you are gone.


Story is what we humans live in, thrive in. All our perspectives, philosophies, thoughts and ideas are based on a story. What makes we human a special animal is our ability to create a story and pass it down to generation or pass it across to unknown. From cave drawing to coding, it’s all about leaving a mark and live by them even long after we are gone. It is our natural desire and tendency. However, only few could leave a mark, live through their stories because most didn’t document their stories.

So, we offer you an opportunity to tell your story through us and we promise to preserve it for eternity.

It could be about your business story, how you started, what it is about, why, etc. It could be about your love story, how you met, challenges and struggles, good and bad memories, highs and lows, etc. It could be about your success story, about your career, your education, your life. Or, it could be about someone you care.

Think of this

Somewhere on Internet, you story is published, that you want to share with your friends, or family. Many years from now, you want to show it to your kids and your grandkids. Some people that you don’t know and will never know read your story. Just think, how beautiful it is to live in the story.


We know what you are thinking. “I am not good at writing.” We understand, that is why we have come up with this beautiful concept, that you don’t have to write your story. You just have to tell your story and we will do the writing. Think like this, we catch over a coffee or Skype and you share your story, share your pictures relevant to the story. We put it all together and create a beautiful story for you.

Then, we will publish it through this website and we will preserve it forever that even 100 years from now, if someone searches your story here, they can find it as we have composed.

We can see

You are already excited to get your story written and published through us. You can’t wait to ask “hey! how can I start…when can i meet you?” Your mind is already colored with rainbows and sunshine. You want us to write a story about your parents or loved one and surprise them by sending them the links. Or, write a story about your business and share it on Facebook. You might be screaming inside with excitement “This is what I exactly needed — someone who could put my stories in words and publish it for eternity.”

And Money?

Don’t worry. It’s a very nominal charge (depends on work involved but should be around NRS 1000 or 10$). That smile in your face is what we care about the most.

Just fill up the form below and finger cross.

E.g. Business, love, success, travel, experience, etc