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The Grey Zone, where the sh%t happens

A perspective to give a broader view on the avoidable mistake.



Though it applies in both genders, let me put it in a male tone.

Every guy has three types of girls in life:
Type I: She likes him, is romantically interested in him.
Type II: She likes him for a specific thing, for example, likes him because he is quite intelligent, likes him for his writing or signing, likes him for his leadership skill, but that like is not “romantically interested.” She adores him, admires him for specific traits or skills or his profile.
Type III: She does not like him at all. She may talk as a gesture of being nice when around, but she is least interested on him or his profile or work.

When you meet the Type I girl, you can know instantly that she is interested in you. She gives that deep looks, throws a special aura to you, her body language, her tone everything seems very clear to you that she is up to you romantically. She finds a way to talk to you, she plans to get to you. She is so obvious.

When you meet the Type III girl, you as well can tell instantly that she does not give a damn about you. She too is quite obvious and you know she is not the one to chase or invest your time and energy on.

But the Type II girl often confuses you. She as well gives that deep looks, loves to listen to you, smiles for you, throws the aura of comfort and acceptance, which feels so much like as if you being liked by her and is interested in you. However, deep inside, you know something is missing, because you are biologically capable to know the romantic signal and it’s missing in this type. But, you are too clouded in confusion that you want to push yourself to far just to end up in the real shit.

Most guys mess up with Type II because he misjudged her closeness with romantic interest and pushed himself too far to ruin everything.

We all are biologically capable to know the type. All we need is a critical mind to avoid the cognitive bias. Wise thing to do is, assume nothing and instead talk to clear any doubt or curiosity.

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Food For Thought

Remember why you started




One of the chronic problems that many of us suffer from is not being able to complete what we have started. Remember the time when you were super excited to learn guitar, that you bought or borrowed guitar but then you gave up learning after a couple of weeks? Or you joined a gym, just to never visit again? At some point in time, we all have done that. Looking back, we feel bad that we could not do what we were so determined to do. So, what really happened? Nothing. We just quit. Of course, we had our reasons, like there is always a reason for anything and everything. Reasons could be because our time didn’t favour us, or because our priority shifted or because we found a “better” thing to do. Or, we simply lost interest. Whatsoever, the truth is we failed to complete what we started. In between, money is wasted, time is wasted. And for sure, that was not the only time. Again and again, we repeat the same pattern of starting something and never completing it, just to end up in remorse and regret.

This chronic state is something we must overcome if we truly want to succeed in life. After all, success does not come to people who quit. Success is not determined by starting something but rather is determined by crossing the finish line, and only those who don’t quit get to finish the line. Thus, trying is not success. No one calls a person who has tried to climb Mt. Everest but quit without reaching the summit as “climbed the mountain successfully.” Being successful in study means graduating with a certificate; dropping out has never been called “successfully graduated.” Being successful in business means taking the business to the height of self-sustaining and profit-making state. No one calls a business in loss a successful business. Being successful in a relationship means succeeding to maintain the relationship and stick together happily. So yes, success simply means “didn’t quit.”

Irony of life is, everyone loves to succeed, but only few actually succeed. If everyone wants to succeed, why are there less successful people and more unsuccessful people? It’s not like because they were competing against each other and only one could succeed. It’s because there are more people who quit than those who don’t. The beautiful thing about success is it’s not a football match that one must lose for others to win. Success has a simple rule – CROSS THE FINISH LINE. Any one who crosses the finish line is a winner. Some may cross the line in a month or year or decade. Does not matter. As long as crossing the finish line, is a winner. So, to succeed all a person needs is a winner’s mentality of “I won’t quit.” “No matter what, I will not quit. I will keep pushing myself even if my moods say otherwise. I will keep pushing myself even if time does not favour me. I will keep pushing myself even if priorities change.” “rain or snow, I will keep pushing myself to reach the desired state.” “May it take a day or week or month or year or decade, I will keep pushing myself until I don’t cross the finish line.” That’s the kind of determination and perseverance needed to succeed.

Easier said than done. So what is that one magical wand that works for the winner’s mentality? What kind of motivation do they inject to not get tired of trying and trying and trying? How could they keep pushing themselves everyday despite finding 100 reasons to not do so? That magical wand is, they keep reminding themselves why they started in first place.  

There is always a purpose behind whatever we want to do. Be it taking a guitar class or joining a gym or a writing workshop; or be it making new friends or travelling places or even collecting stamps. Yes of course, sometimes we begin something out of whim or some shallow reason like “I want to learn guitar so that I can impress my crush.” That’s not the kind of purpose we are talking about here. We are talking about the purpose that eventually will define us, shape us and carve us. Purpose that gives us the reason to wake up every day and pursue it.

We humans in general are moody and labile animals, and there is constant shuffling of priorities making us floating from one thought to another, one desire to another, on priority to another. Today, your morning schedule may be relatively loose for you to plan something out but in a couple of days or weeks, you may have to get back to your study as the exam is approaching. Today, you may have thought evening is for training, but you don’t know when your evening will be occupied with kitchen work. Our routine never remains the same. It keeps changing per the situation and circumstances. This is when we begin to get distracted, deviated from what you were doing. This happens to everyone and has happened to everyone. It’s not that Bill Gates had no shift in priorities and distraction or deviation. It’s not that Sajjan Raj Joshi had the luxury to stick to his plan to compose a song once a week. Just like you, everyone has some or other variables and factors to distract and deviate but only few succeed to not let them take you away from what they started. For others, day by day, they begin losing interest and motivation and finally they give up. And our brain starts feeding us the self-soothing pill to convince us “it’s okay to quit. Maybe, it is not for you. Hey look! this new thing is more promising and fun.”

Trapped between changed reality and brain’s self-soothing consoling, many find the reason to quit. Whenever you are in such a dilemma, remind yourself why you started in the first place? Ask yourself “did i come this far just to be this far?” Think about all the plans you had, thoughts and desires and expectations you had built, future you had seen. Your brain might have got moody but your heart knows your true want and when you remind yourself why you started, the purpose and plan, you will be rejuvenated with the motivation to not quit, not give up, but keep pushing. Amidst the odds, find a way to still pursue what you started.

This reminder works as a compass for a ship to navigate towards the harbour, without which the ship would be just floating across the sea without any clue.

Someone once asked Sharukh Khan in his initial days of hustling “aren’t you tired of doing the same thing every day? For a person like you, there are so many opportunities out there, which would be more fun and may bring more fortune than this whatever you are doing. What keeps you motivated?” His answer was “I remind myself everyday why I started it in the first place. It gets me moving.”

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Dear suicidal minds

If you are feeling low with suicidal thoughts, read it till the end.




Hey there,

If you are suicidal, for sure your life is going through hell.  Unpleasant memories, messed up present, and dark future must be bombarding your minds, questioning your purpose of living, drowning you into a blackhole of despair, emptiness and anxiety, that you feel worthless, hopeless, and helpless, and only door you see to peace is in death, and you can’t wait for the death to come to you, so your mind is compelling you to get to the death on your own. That’s where the suicidal thinking must be coming, right?

Or, maybe nothing as such.  Maybe you don’t have as such unpleasant past, nor messed up present or dark future, but some where deep inside, you feel yourself worthless.  Purpose of life does not hold any meaning to you anymore.  You feel like being a loser or useless that hurts your dignity and ego.  You are tired of your near ones complaining about you not being right; or you are tired of trying to fit into the expectation of people around you.  Or, you are tired of seeing failures and you don’t want to try anymore.  You feel like you are done with your life and you just want to give up.  To you, suicide seems the perfect door to exist.  Or, maybe you have some other reasons.  Whatsoever, all the reasons boil down to one thing, and that is, you want to escape quietly, right?

Whatever may the reason be, you are suicidal, quietly and secretly ,that no one knows yet.  I am not here to tell you, “suicide is not the solution.”  You already know that.  I know you are not looking for a solution.  You are looking for an end.  So, it does not matter to you.  Also, I am not here to tell you, “talk to me” because you believe talk can only give you a short-term relief, but as soon as the talk is over, you will be back to your blackhole with never-ending tunnel to darkness.  So, I am not here to ask you to talk to me.  You don’t need to. Instead, I will talk to you.  Just listen to me through these words.

Garden of Eden for Ancient Humans and Animals Revealed by Migration Patterns

You know, today I was watching this documentary on human history.   It showed how 70 thousand years ago humans escaped from Africa to survive.  Some died on the way, and few finally made it to Arabian peninsula.  From there, they expanded slowly to Asia to Australia, and to Europe to America.  It was amazing to learn how they learned agriculture, and how they learned domestication; how the religions and rituals were born, and how they learned to make tools to survive.  It was also fascinating to learn how they learned to tempt river and tempt nature to make the earth their home.  Those people were our ancestors.  In these 70 thousand years, trillion lives had been born and died, resulting the modern world as we know.  In this journey of human history, earthquake, flood, famine, war, plague, disease, accidents have killed billions, just like that.  Many had died meaninglessly.  Many had died unfairly.  But world moved on.

What we can learn from our history is that our life actually holds no meaning in broader sense.  It gets the meaning only when we assign a meaning to it.

The other day, I had gone to a funeral of a relative who had died from cancer.  I had seen him struggling for a year, bed-bound. Until his last breath, his existence was valued but the moment he died, he became history.  Everyone gathered for funeral but soon dispersed as if he never existed. 

With all that, what I am trying to say is that we mean nothing to this world as soon as we are gone.  What matters to the world is the people that are breathing and living.  Look at Yama Buddha.  He was Yama Buddha until he was alive.  As soon as he is gone, he is just a memory, a story.  Everything about him stopped then and there.  Just that people moved on.

So if you want to kill yourself, you can do that for sure.  One meaningless death which will be forgotten by almost everyone anyway.  In another 50 years, those who knew you will be gone as well.  For the generation thereafter, you never existed.  Does any one remember the people who crossed read sea and made it to Arabian Peninsula? No body.  Does anyone remember the millions of armies who had died in world war II? No body.  Moment a person dies, his/her chapter is closed.  It will be same in your case if you die today.

What we can learn from our history is that life actually holds no meaning in broader perspective.  It gets the meaning only when we assign to it.

But think this way.  If you die today, you are not going to see next PM of this country or US president.  You are not going to see new invention, new technology, new galactic event, new bigger moon happening after 1000 years.   You not gonna see next war, next chaos, next celebration.   There are full of surprises waiting and you gonna miss all of them.  If you die now, world is not going to miss anything.  It’s you who gonna miss lot of things.

I understand your life is hard now, but hey! think about those humans escaping from Africa through Sahara desert.  Think about the humans that had to survive in ice age.  Think about those people from world war.  Think about Japanese living in Hiroshima then.  I can give you 1000s of stories of struggles and pains.  You are not the only one with problem. World is always full of problems. Problem has always been there, problem will be always there because that’s the nature’s way to segregate strong from weak.  It’s about going through the problem, facing it, growing through it, and still breathing and moving on.  That’s what took we humans from Africa to all over the world. 

So I say, you can choose to be a human who chooses to jump off a cliff to end a life instead of walking 1000 miles in search of foods and waters or you can choose to be the human who would take the heat, take the burn, take the flashes and wounds for the foods and waters, but does not give up.

I understand, world today is quite messed up, in sense it is so defined.  “You should be like this and be like that.”  List of do’s and don’ts is too frustrating to live by.  Problem lies in our self constructed idea of how a human should be, as a child, as a sibling, as a spouse, as a citizen, that some people take literally and feel like unfit, manifesting their suicidal thought further.  If by any chance, you are feeling anything as such, remember this: There is a saying in Nepali, “marnu bhanda bolaunu jaati” which literally means better be crazy than be dead.  So, if you are to choose between ending your life or be crazy, be crazy enough to become egoless, be crazy enough to travel the world, be crazy enough to look for world fighting and surviving, try new invention and discoveries, be crazy enough to leave your parents, loved ones, and everything and detach from the world if they are cause of your sorrow; be crazy enough to pursue your true hobbies and passions.  Be crazy and still survive to see the world unfolding right in front of you. 

Welcome to life. It sucks but it’s fun.

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How to deal with Corona-induced crisis




Image via Salman Gurung

Lockdown 2.0 begins today in Kathmandu. Back to the life where everything is uncertain. “Hello, anxiety my friend, please kick in.

Most of the times, it’s the second blow that hits you hard, makes you bite the dust to never get up; the hope and optimism, that you were standing on and keeping you strong goes off in second blow.

Lockdown 2.0 seems like going to be the second blow for many. Many will probably give up now.

Pre-lockdown, most of us had our plan all set for life. Entrepreneurs had their business idea ready to execute or ready for pitching to investor. He could see his future and was excited to reach there. Students had their education goal set; would do this, would do that. Lovebirds had their plan, artists had their plan, everyone had some or other plans. If no plan, at least had a hope. And then, BOOM! Corona happened followed by lockdown 1.0 and now lockdown 2.0.

You for sure have heard many times people saying “life is not easy.” That’s true, because it has never been easy for any generation. Think of World War time. It lasted from 1939 to 1945. Time travel to the era and imagine the life of Japanese, that of Germany, Polish, British; imagine the American society with all their men in battleground, with children and wife back home. Imagine the hardship that generation from then had to bear. Despite the hardship, some people didn’t give up. They decided to marry anyway, they decided to carry on their study anyway, they decided to still be hopeful about future and make children. These people made some babies in 1950s, who would be known as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

You don’t need to go that far. Maoist insurgency in Nepal that lasted from 1996 to 2006 was enough to understand human world. It was not an easy time. Businesses, opportunities, prospects, lifestyles, education, everything was compromised. A depressing period with looming uncertainties, chaos, pessimism, yet some people didn’t give up, and we are the result of those people who didn’t give up. Because they still sent us school despite the uncertain future, because they still run their business despite the negative growth, because they still took a job despite low salary, some of us could become doctor, engineer, lawyer, entrepreneur or manager.

The point is

ups and downs are part of life. Just like that, ups and downs are part of human world, economy, environment. Maybe, it’s nature’s way to correct, to tame, to balance to maintain the ecosystem, and in such ups and downs, filtration happens, distribution happens, filtering out weak and unfit. Maybe.

Whatever, the truth is we are passing through lows, where our economy will be down, job market will crash, earning will be uncertain; this is not the time where everyone can dream to be billionaire, plan exotic vacation, live that Hollywood-like lifestyle — not even the time that you can get your favorite bike, go for a road trip or hang out with your favorite people in your favorite cafe. You even have to think twice to upgrade your mobile phone. To squeeze your life further, you may be assigned an extra responsibility of taking care of your parents and home, as they don’t get rent income anymore.

Think as worse as you could and that probably gonna be your reality. That’s the phase our generation is passing through. Hope is a beautiful thing, but same time, it’s equally important to be prepared for worst, without which we will not be able to handle the harsh reality and that’s when we give up, we make extreme decision, we push ourselves into the blackhole of depressive state; we mess up in personal relationship, we can’t think right, don’t think straight, and all the terrible things happen, ending up becoming a loser.

Winners are those who survive this difficult time, and still keep doing what’s needed to be done regardless of uncertainties and difficulties.

If you are a student, don’t wait for the perfect time and situation to study with bang. If you are an entrepreneur, don’t wait for that “happening market” “booming economy” to kickstart. If you are a couple, don’t wait for “will have baby when everything is smooth” days. If you are lovebirds, don’t make corona an excuse to be together.

Like how decade-long war was a new normal, like how decade-long maoist insurgency was a new normal, like how 80% unemployment was new normal, like how food crisis was new normal, Covid-induced uncertainties and crisis seem to be new normal. Learn to live with it and still keep doing what you need to do, what you enjoy doing, what you want to do before you die. Don’t overthink about situation that you don’t have a control over.

Remember, the time you are living in right now is part of your time. Months or years wasted waiting for right time is only the months and years wasted from your account and not that of others.

Every time you feel down, think about history and how people then managed to survive.

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