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The parental lens on online classes

While online studies are taking a toll on students and educational institutions, parents aren’t left untouched by various issues that affect their children or their family due to online modality of education. We asked parents to share their perspective on online education and here’s what they have to say:



With the global pandemic not showing a sign of being over, online classes are the only viable option for safe learning in different places of the world. In a country like ours where access to offline-education itself is not a reality for many, online education might has pushed the access to education further away. Even in urban areas, the access to resources for online education i.e. internet connectivity and adequate devices for online classes is improbable for many. Despite the education is focused on students and delivered by teachers, these two parties aren’t the only one struggling with it. Many parents are grappling to keep up and ensure education for their children in this never seen before circumstance.

While access is the biggest issue so far, parents have admitted that even with access, poor internet connectivity, not so compatible or up to date devices, their inability to upgrade to devices or internet due to financial constraints and many other reasons are a hindrance to their children’s education. Parents indicated that the internet service providers in Nepal are not good enough and internet services if retrieved from mobile data is too expensive. To add to that some parents have problems with sharing their device with their kids. As many students are not of age to have their own personal computers or mobile phones, they use their parents’ devices to access online classes which is a problem of many parents who don’t get to use their phones. Parents have stated that their children are lacking meaningful interactions with their classmates and with so little interaction and continuous staring into the screen, the children have a hard time focusing on the subject.

While there are interactional and technical issues, the time frames of online classes have also been a problem for the students. Parents believe that the online system of education should be more interactive and should be more engaging for the students. The students were used to spending significant amount of their day in school classrooms. Now that the online classes are conducted, they’re conducted mostly for a short amount of time and parents are worried that the time frame is not enough for students to learn as much as they used to. On the other hand, there are issues of screen fatigue and the potential health issues that can arise from spending too much time in front of a screen or sitting idle in the same place due to prolonged online classes.

Apart from the issues of attending online classes, there are also criticisms of that educational institutions should not focus on making online classes the replacement of in-real-life classes. The approach to online classes now seems not so effective to the parents and they suggest revision in the approach of teaching methods. Meanwhile, suggestions like recoded video to be made accessible were being made alongside training and improving competency of teachers for online classes. Similarly there were questions raised in the concept of teacher-student teaching modality in both real-life classes and online classes pointing out that the method of teaching doesn’t grasp students’ attention. To tackle the problem of affordability, the import of second hand electronic devices were also suggested.

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Survey: Menstruation-related practices among urban youth



This survey is to be participated only by girls. If you are a male, and landed up here for whatsoever reason, you can play a part by distributing this survey form to your female friends.

Mensuration taboo has still been widely practiced in Nepali society, despite the rise in literacy and progressivism and rigorous attempt from all sides to normalize it. Those who keep the taboo alive have their own reasons and those who are fighting against it are still trying to understand why, especially educated groups, still follow the tradition despite knowing there is no neither science nor a rationality behind it.

This survey is conducted to understand the matter much more in general perspectives, their reasons, and their thoughts towards it; and to see the future of the taboo based on the data collected.

We would like to thank you in advance for participating in this survey. Because of your small contribution, we get to understand the matter from your eyes and state of minds, based on which we can have the more realistic and pragmatic views towards the issue.

Please note that this survey is conducted anonymously, which means your identity is unknown, so please be as honest as you could to get us more factual with our conclusion. Result of the survey will be published here on this website for public view. In case you have a problem accessing the form here on this page, please CLICK HERE.

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Survey: Usage of banking services in Nepal




Banks play a vital role in the modern economy. Despite being a significant aspect of everyday life, there has been very little or no research done on the banking sector of Nepal from consumers’ point of view. Also, although banks offer a variety of services, majority people still understand banks for its traditional roles of lending and borrowing money.

This survey is thus conducted in an attempt to learn overall banking experience from consumers’ point of view. This survey is supported by Muktinath Bank. We will publish an article later through this website based on this survey result, to make it publicly available. We believe that this survey will help the banks in the future to take it as a reference to formulate their products and services.

This form is completely anonymous, which means we won’t be knowing your identity. So, please try to be as honest as you can. You can CLICK HERE for the survey form just in case you could not access the form below.

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What motivates you every day to carry on your day-to-day life



We had asked the KMAG community to share what motivates them to carry on day-to-day life with a positive feeling and high hope. Amidst the challenging world, chaotic socioeconomy, and boring lifestyle, and negativity-charged social media, we wanted to gather motivations from our followers to inspire rests in need of some positivity and boosted energy. This is what we collected:

Every morning I wake up, I know there are people I am gonna meet, tasks that I am gonna do, things that I am gonna see. Every morning I know that all these people and things gonna teach me something new; I will be wiser than yesterday, more knowledgeable, and able to enjoy life a little more

All my short term and long term goals that I planned for a better future of me and my family

There are more problems to face. Today, this isn’t the last resort

Having breakfast over a table with family

The purpose of my life that I discovered. Since the time I realized my purpose, I made a pledge to myself that I will contribute something to promote the well-being of orphans and underprivileged children

The intention and ambition to be independent by all means

Urge to know things about life and society and wtf are we doing actually on earth

That you are alive. Many don’t take it as a big deal. Being alive is the greatest thing that is happening to you right now

Making myself capable to earn enough so that I can afford or buy anything without thinking twice

The fact that there are far bigger worries in the world than mine!

Might fall dead any moment

Pursuit of happiness is what motivates me

Hope of being a billionaire someday and do every possible good thjngs as much as i can. This keeps me alive

My hopes and dreams to make a lovely family just like my parents made us

I have a family that loves and supports me unconditionally, so it motivates me to go extra mile for them

I was destined to live this life ! And I am grateful for my existence !

The fact that I only have one life

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