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About singer

Panna Kaji Shakya was a Nepalese veteran singer and composer born on January 8, 1932 in Ombahal. Panna Kaji Shakya used to work in library section in Radio Nepal in 1951. While working there, he used to sing many songs live on radio. He sang over 300 songs. he was also involved in anti-Rana movement back then and was also arrested in 1962 for being involved in politics. He has received many awards in his lifetime including Gorakha Dakshin Baahu (Vth) in 1983, Subha Rajyabhishek Padak, Dirgha Sewa Padak and Gold medal in Aadhunik Geet Gayan in 1966. Panna Kaji is famous for Tiriri Murali Bajyo. He composed songs like Kina Kina Timro Tasbir, Lolaeka Ti Thula Timra Dui Najarle, Jati Heryo Uti Ramri, Hajur Lai Sumpeko Yo Dil Pani, among others. On January 25, 2017, Panna Kaji died of cardiac arrest at Tahachal, Kathmandu.  Shakya’s musical album; The Legend of Panna Kaji Kasari Ma Birshu Unilai, Bhajan Kirtan Sadhak Gayak: Panna Kaji, and Legends of Panna Kaji Aafno Sansar have been released and other unheard songs are yet to be released by his son – Prabesh Man Shakya who’s continuing the legacy of Panna Kaji Shakya.

About song

Tiriri Murali Bajyo Banaima is a famous Nepali song by a legendary singer and composer, Panna Kaji Shakya. The song was first heard in Radio Nepal, and back then every Nepalese used to love singing it. Later, the song was recorded again by his son – Prabesh Man Shakya which made the song even more popular. Even though the song was known to every Nepalese, the original audio was still not available to public. All thanks to Saroj Kumar Shakya who collected the original audio all the way from Paschimanchal in 1956 (2013 BS). The song is now available to listen publicly on YouTube.


tiriri murali bajyo banaima
banaima lau maya namarei
hai banaima lau maya namare
kasko yo samjhana mero
kasko yo samjhana mero manaima
manaima lau maya namare
hai manaima lau maya namare
adheri khola guhelii paakyo juneli ramayo
yo maan ma kasto pirati chaayo birahha jagayo
siriri batasai chalyo banaima
banaima lau maya namare
hai banaima lau maya namare
murali dhuna bhuleko chaina banama bajeko
hajur ko maya bhuleko chaina dilama baseko
chirbiri chari le gayo banaima
banaima lau maya namare
hai banaima lau maya namare
sailunge lekama gurasai phulyo banchari ramayo
yo maan ma kasto birahha chayo pirati basayo
jhalamala fhulai fhulyo banaima
banaima lau maya namare
hai Banaima lau maya namare
Kasko yo samjhana mero
Kasko yo samjhana mero manaima
Manaima lau maya namare
Hai manaima lau maya namare

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The Hero – The Bollywood story

A short-film that feels like 2-hour long Bollywood for good.



We have watched lots of Bollywood films and series touching upon the theme of struggle of middle-class man to find a recognition in Bollywood. This short-movie“The Hero – The Bollywood story” is also in around the similar story line about a man who once was aspired to make his name and fame through Bollywood but could not because of his personal obligation and circumstances.

It is an Google India sponsored short film starring Vicky Kaushal,notable Bollywood actor, just risen up from the fame of critically acclaimed movie Masan and Sanju, in the role of Son; Morali Desai, notable Gujarati actress, and Nandu Madhav, a notable Marathi actor, in the role as dad. This short film has tried touching the emotional dynamic of father-son relationship and has tried beautifully depict how a man’s dream never really dies even long after the dream is forgotten.

The story starts with the son talking with his mom about his job in Mumbai and how he wanted both their parents to come visit him. Then mom told him about the time when his father went to Mumbai to be an actor and somehow landed upon a small role in a movie too. She talked about his father’s aspiration and dream but how he was forced to return back home since his father insisted him to get back to home leaving his budding career in Bollywood. Listening to the story and moved by the fact that his father’s dream could not be fulfilled then, the son with the help of Google search system found out the details about the movie his father played a role in. To surprise his dad, he plans a trip to the shooting location and takes him there to give a taste of joy from the past and his unfulfilled dream.

With the simple plot revolving around the man in his late 50s/60s, who once dreamt of making big in Bollywood and how his family pressure ruined his dream but despite how after many years the son motivated him to get feel his desired life through short trips around the country was depicted quite nicely in it. The casts were phenomenal too, with Vicky Kaushal again flaunting his impeccable acting skills and so Mr. Nandu Madhav as dad.

Sound is spot on throughout the scene, with touch of sad music when mom is telling her son about shattered dream of his father and when they reach the location where Sholay was shot, we get to hear the cheerful Bollywood music. With lyrics from legendary lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya, this 5-minute actually feels like watching 2 hours of Bollywood movie.

Some annoying parts to me in this movie is it the direct push ad of Google making experience bit cringe, but hey! they sponsored for this beautiful short film, so deserve the discount.

Anyway, overall it is worth investing 5 minutes of your life over this short film. Loved it!


Hey KMAG Readers,

Glad to see you here. Since you are here, don’t forget to drop your email address. We want to surprise you.

Much love and regards,

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Who will be a Gurkha

Who Will Be a Gurkha shows the 200 years old selection process of Nepalis youth into British Gurkha.  Directed by Kesang Tseten, the documentary shows the selection process, sentiments and emotions of young candidates, their struggles and dreams, along with the recruiters and their duties, which otherwise is less known world for others. 



Who Will Be a Gurkha shows the 200 years old selection process of Nepalis youth into British Gurkha.  Directed by Kesang Tseten, the documentary shows the selection process, sentiments and emotions of young candidates, their struggles and dreams, along with the recruiters and their duties, which otherwise is less known world for others.

This documentary can trigger some disturbing questions in any mind with bit of nationalism and patriotism.  Also, can strike emotional chord in any sentimental mind.

In the end, you will only add huge respects and love for those Nepalis serving British Army because by now, you will have already learned the hardship they must have gone through to get there.

This documentary was released in 2012.  It has been screened at many national and international film festivals and has won numerous jury and viewers awards.

Also check this out, 

A small click on what happens as these selected guys reach to UK.  A small video clip overloaded with cuteness.

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Arts & Literature

Anime is not only for kids



Comic books was part of my growing up, and then came English movies and series. I am that “Government school guy,” which means my English was terrible (it still is but it was worst). Thanks to the subtitles, I would watch anyway and with time, things started getting smoother and easier for me as English didn’t seem that hard. Until now, I was still a Hollywood fanboy. It’s only after meeting that one friend in college, who happened to be a big fan of anime, that I learned about that thing. At first, like everybody else, I thought anime is cartoons made for kids. The friend introduced me to anime world, and through him, I learned that there is this one anime called “One Punch Man” that anime community is going gaga about. So, I got curious by the title and gave a shot. Guess what? I got hooked with anime like magnet to iron. And here I am giving my opinion about anime and why it is superior form of entertainment in this world filled with movies and TV shows. Yes, SUPERIOR!

So, what is anime?

copyright to

Anime is just the animated motion picture version of comic book called Manga. Manga is the original source materials for the anime. It is a picture book with all the actions, dialogues, and everything that a comic book contains produced by exceptionally good and creative artists. It can differ from simple kid shows to shows which deals with heavy real world politics too.

The original source of these mangas and anime are from Japan but nowadays it’s spreading into other countries like Korea and China too. Mangas and anime are so popular in Japanese culture that it is part of school curriculum.

My recommendation

There are lots of high quality animes out there. Some of my favourites are:

One Piece

copyright to

This is my favourite among all the favourites. This was first published around the year 1999. The storyline is about pirates and their shenanigans. It’s kind of light hearted with touch of comedy but it actually sends out the message related to an oppression of the people by those from a higher power; it covers racism, slavery; shows what real freedom feels like, so for people who like deep characterization, value of friendship, value of dream and tackle of real world problems, then this show is definitely for you.

Death Note

copyright to

This is another boundary breaking show. It gives the message that if you do bad things with good intention for good of the people, it’s still bad. This anime is about hero who wants to save others, and a psychopath who will kill all for achieving peace. It is detective-type story with main character being Kagami Light and Detective L. So for people who like cat-mouse race story, this show is definitely for you. This anime generally falls under starter pack for new comer in anime world.

Demon Slayer

copyright to

It’s not boundary breaking in terms of characterization or in a story too but its boundary breaking in animation. When it first came out, people lost their mind over its animation. With awesome cinematography using excellent animation, this anime defined the new era in anime world. So, those who like to feel the evolution of anime world should not miss this one to feel the differences and how anime world changed with time.

The Promised Neverland

copyright to

This anime belongs to the horror genre and took the genre to a whole new level. It has simple story with no as such monsters like creature, but it deals with a bunch of kids from age 4/5 to 12 years old, who are kind of genius for their age and are trying to run away from their orphanage which they found out is the place meant to harvest these kids for the monsters living out in the world. If you like horror genre then this shows is definitely for you and its animation is also of topnotch.

Okay, I am done! Now go check out on your own some of the best animes available and you know will what I meant. All I can say for now is, if you are multimedia entertainment fan then anime is something you have been missing for a long time. Containing entertainment of every genre, with topnotch cinematography using crisp animation and dealing with real world problem in a very subtle and metaphorical way, then anime is what you need to watch right now. Go watch it.

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