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Thank you for choosing us to advertise with us.

We practice bid-based advertising policy, which means there is no as such fixed price set for any ad slot and rather we leave it up to market to decide.

It is very simple process. All you have to do is, decide how much would you like to pay for the specific slot and if you are the highest bidder, you will get the space.

Please go through the ad slots options available and in the end, there is a bid box, place your bid there and done. 🙂

Home Page

These are the ad slots available in our home page or the landing page for
1. Everest Ad Slot
2. Ranipokhari
3. Koshi & Bagmati
4. Few, Rara, Begnas

1. Everest Ad Slot

This 1600 x 400 size Ad slot is the most majestic ad slot available in our platform. It floats across all pages and posts, which means your ads will be shown to our viewers throughout their navigation.

2. Rani Pokhari Ad Slot

This 300 x 300 ad slot is perfect pick for advertisers who want to showcase their brand or product by positioning right next the featured post.

3. Koshi Ad Slot

This 1600 x 300 ad slot lies right above the video section on Homepage. It’s bold and big and eye-catching and as video section is quite popular, this slot can be the right option for you.

4. Bagmati Ad Slot

This 1600 x 300 ad slot lies right above the “More News.” It is as well bold and big and brighter, and as it’s almost in the bottom, there is a high probability of effective advertisement as psychologically speaking, humans have lasting memory of what they see in the end.

5. Few, Rara, Begnas Ad Slot

This 300 x 300 ad slot are available on homepage that you can see in side bar as you scroll down.

Content page

These are the ad slots available in our content page.
2. Tilicho Ad slot
3. Darahara Ad slot
4. Narayani


In-post ads are placed within a content. The display can be both in square or rectangle. No of ads in a content depends on length of the article or the content.

7. Tilicho AD Slot

This 300 x 300 ad situates right at the sidebar of a content

8. Darahara

This 200 x 500 ad slot is a tall and firm ad space that is popularly also known as “Skyscraper.”

9. Narayani

This 800 x 200 Ad slot is situated right below the author section. Once an ad is placed in this section, it will be displayed across any post just like the Everest ads. Please check the website for reference.

10. Custom

Want to go with your own ad size and placement? No worries, we value your creative freedom and as long as it does not compromise the aesthetic and professional element, we are ready to go with your wish.


Your business URL or social media link
(Max 7 Days)
Amount to be in Nepali Rupees (e.g. 10 rupees/day, 100 rupees/day)
You can only book one slot in a bid. If you want to bid for multiple slots, please bid it multiple times.

Bid the amount that you want to spend for the slot. If you are the highest bidder, you will be contacted by our team to take the matter further. If you are having trouble bidding or have any query, please feel free to mail us to