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Why Am I Against Trump?



You can love or hate American President, but you cannot ignore.

I post a lot on my Facebook against Trump.  Some of my FB friends even wondered about my obsession with American politics.  It’s understandable.  After all, why a guy from Nepal should be so nosy about American politician and their politics, right?

Well, it’s not about American politics and their politicians.  It’s about Trump.  Trump is not a person to me.  For me Trump is a mindset, a mentality, and that’s what I am against and that’s what I voice against.  Because that’s the exact mentality I have chosen to stand up against, voice against, and oppose until my last breath, as a purpose of my life.  That’s the exact mentality to fight with, Kaagmandu was born.  My country, my people, my region, after decades of isolation and traditionalism, finally have begun to look beyond communalism and tribalism, finally have begun to rise above religion, caste, and creeds and nationalism and perceive the world as One Planet, humans as One Species.  AND, THEN HAPPENS THE TRUMP!  Trump is a bad influence, a deviation, an excuse, a reference for some to hide behind and push their fanaticism, racism, supremacy, nationalism.  That’s my fear, and reason why, I am against Trump.

You can love or hate American President, but you cannot ignore.  America is indeed quite an influential country, and their President is indeed quite an influential person, for better or worst.  If Obama influenced the world on class and coolness, Trump surely will influence the world on something.  The way he acts, he communicates, he poses, I am afraid that he will influence the world not for good.  He is a kind of guy that hates political correctness, that disregards diplomacy, that loves boasting about self, that suffers from spiritual poverty.  Imagine the world getting influenced with these traits of him.  I stand against Trump to not let these traits of him becoming the new normal.  I want to be clear from my side at least for my people, my country, my region and my circle, that there is nothing normal in Trump.

My country and people have suffered enough because of Trumpism of my own country, and I have made it a purpose of my life to fight Trumpism, and when I read and hear Trump, my dedication doubles up, my inner voice explodes.

World has suffered enough for the ignorance and arrogance of few in power.  Aryan supremacy gave us WWII.  I do not want to see White Supremacy.  Trump is acting like a messiah for those conservative white folks from US of A.  This grandiosity in him scares hell out of me.  World has been relatively peaceful in last 8 years.  I don’t want to lose the peaceful state of world because of superior complexity of few.  This is why I am against Trump.  I will not summon to these supremacists, I will not let people that matter to me summon to these supremacists.

I dream for the world that is reasoning based, science and facts based, and not faith, not religion. Trump is the mentality that doubts science and facts, that suffers from confirmation bias, and comes up with his own “alternative facts,” disregards climate change, divides people on religion line, that acts per opinions than facts and figures.  That’s wrong and that’s very dangerous.  This is why I am against Trump.  I want world to be driven by facts and figures, science and research, logic and reasoning and not faith and religion.  My country and people have suffered enough because of Trumpism of my own country, and I have made it a purpose of my life to fight Trumpism, and when I read and hear Trump, my dedication doubles up, my inner voice explodes.

All in all, Trump to me is not a person but is a reflection of a kind, that still exists within we humans, that love to be in isolation, that love to limit themselves within their kind, that disrespects differences, that hate competition, that are ignorant but have no desire to learn, that live in their ideal world from past, and thus no desire to progress but rather regress.  Trump is a mentality that contradicts with my core beliefs and values, everything that I live up with.  Trump is a challenge for the world I dream for.  I dream for the world where we are not divided by borders and flags, nor faiths and cultures, and Trump’s “America First” is a hard blow to my dream.  America First, based on his beliefs and actions, clearly is not about development, isn’t about progression.  It’s something dark.  “Making America Great Again” isn’t the same greatness that we know as greatness of America.  It’s something regressive.

I never cared about Trump until he got inaugurated.  I will never care about what he will do in domestic front, taxation, economy, for his people, as I have no desire to settle in US (I am happy here in this part of world within the humans of a kind.)  Americans elected him and they gotta now live per their Karma.  Better or worst, they will learn and evolve.  None of my business.  But, I will not keep quiet when he does things that can influence and effect my life, world I live in, people I care, future that matters to me; I will not keep quiet when he says things that go against my beliefs and values.

Many of us are fighting the mentality, I am living to fight the kind.  Trump is the kind.  That is why I am against the Trump..and many of we, non-Americans.  No, it’s not OKAY to close your eyes on what a mentality in administration that has influence in UN, WHO, and world.

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Lakshya S, is founder of Kaagmandu Magazine and a  blogger.

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