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Why Dalit should be called Dalit

To understand any sociopolitical movement, you must understand the history and the sentiment and aspiration behind.



Earlier we posted an article “6 things you should never say to your Dalit friends.” Some of the readers had objected over the term “Dalit.” Interestingly, those people were from non-dalit community. If you were one of them, we want to ask you few things: Have you ever wondered why Dalit do not have problem with the term Dalit? There must be a reason why they want to be identified as Dalit, right? Have you ever given a thought over why? Have you ever tried to find the answer on? If you have not, you should first question to yourself, why are you so desperate to tell the other community how they should identify themselves?

This is the typical nature of most people, especially the privileged ones. Hilly people telling madheshi how they should act and identify. Upper caste and privileged telling lower caste and underprivileged on how they should act and identify themselves. Men telling women… May be our social construct to be blamed. It is our century-old practice that privileged ones propose solution and template for underprivileged ones. Anyway, let’s leave that there for a while and jump to the topic — Why Dalit should be called Dalit and no other sound-good fancy term?

Understand the terminology and history first

The word Dalit comes from Sanskrit, meaning broken or scattered, denoted to social class consisting of low-caste and unrecognized groups by verna system of Hinduism.

For many centuries, these groups were treated inhumanly, deprived from education and prosperity and limited only to unwanted social works.

During the independence movement in India, social and political leaders like B.R. Ambedkar popularized the term “Dalit” turning it into a political identity, similar to how the LGBTQ community reclaimed queer from its pejorative use as a neutral or positive self-identifier and as a political identity.

Why Dalit and not any other name?

This is quite a political thing and to understand it, you need to think and see from a revolutionary eyes.

Imagine, all your life you have been called “Khate.” Your children are “Khate,” your spouse is called “Khate.” You know you are called “Khate” disrespectfully and as an insult to denote your low life as per society. After you, many generation from your bloodline lived by the title “Khate,” until one day your great great grandsons decided to fight against the society demanding for respects, equal treatment, and equal opportunity for your kin and clans. “Khate” has already become your identity and that of your kin and clans and being recognized as a community.

Finally the fight is won, but your great great grandsons want the justice and compensation for what have been done to them and their ancestors. They want to be accepted and respected and treated equally for the same name the society gave to them as an insult. What all this time were termed as insult and pejorative, they want to see that term being established as their identity with respects, so they go like “WE ARE KHATE, AND WE ARE FINE TO BE CALLED KHATE NOW…JUST DEAL WITH IT WITH RESPECTS!!”

Hope you got the perspective on why Dalit likes to be called and identified as Dalit and no other name or term. In India, during the reform, Mahatma Gandhi tried to come with term, Harijan (Children of God) for Dalit but Dalit activists strongly objected that. They even object term “Scheduled Castes.” Argument of those Dalit activists is, the replacement of term will simply abolish the history and what they had gone through, and people from generations to come must know what they were and they have become. They want to establish that a Dalit can be doctor, can be an engineer, can be anything, which by replacing with some other term, will only hide the history of the community and suffering and oppression they went through. People from this generation and generation must come to this realization and for that, they must be told again and again, with loud and proud “WE WERE DALIT, AND WE ARE DALIT.”

That is the reason why Dalit to be called Dalit. Dalit could take any last name and live a dignified life, but the fight was never about finding a different identity to be respected and accepted. Fight was and is about being accepted and respected for what they are known as.

Got it? So hence never ask any Dalit to be not identified as Dalit or not ask any media to not call them Dalit. Dalit must be established as a political identity for the world to never forget that once up on time the very same people, who are known as Dalit now, doing amazing things, living a dignified and awesome life, were once the oppressed ones and what a terrible thing humans from the past had done to such an awesome people. The reminder is must for this generation and many generation to come and for that as well, the Dalit as an identity must be preserved.

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Knowledge & Infos

Everyone can write and everyone must

This article is on importance of writing and the benefits one can reap from. We are writing a series of article on the topic. Keep reading.




Writing is an act of communication. Some writes because it’s their job and some writes because it’s their passion. Some of those write-ups get published through personal blog or media outlets and some just remain in personal notes.

Why do humans write? Simple, because we want to pen down what’s in us in the form of thoughts or knowledge. Consciously and subconsciously we are driven by the fact that we will not be in this world forever and everything within us will die with us. This reality drives us to write down, whether we publish it or not.

Beautiful thing about writing is, unlike singing, everyone can write if genuinely wants to. It is just that some people out of self-doubt or lack of motivation chooses not to write. This article is for those who are not finding a good reason to write.

Writing is therapy

Yes! Writing is a proven therapy, known as “Journal Therapy,” to deal with depression and many other mental disorders.  Patients are asked to write down whatever comes in their mind which would eventually help them overcoming their anxiety, racing thoughts, and getting their head more clear and be more directed.  If it works for patients, it can work for everyone.   Whether you are in your good days or bad days, make a habit of writing down whatever you are feeling, or whatever is going in your head.  As you finish writing, you may feel much calm and relieved.  You can learn more about Journal Therapy, here.

Writing sharpens your memory

To write, you need to think.  To think, you need to recall all your references and experiences and that activates your neurons in head and make them super active to search all the packets in your grey cells to get you your stored information.  That’s why writing is good for enhancing your memory power.

Writing makes you smart

No matter what view you hold for or against any subject or topic, when you have to express them out in a written form, you would like to make a quick research on to validate your thought and make sure you don’t know like one talking without knowledge.  After all, you don’t want to look like an ignorant with baseless opinion in front of your readers.  And this practices of researching, analyzing, reasoning collectively can make you smarter in a long run, because with that practice comes better knowledge and rationality.

Writing improves your communication skill

Writing itself is a communication, where you communicate to your readers through your writing.  Like for example, this piece of writing is in a way communicating with you.  When you keep on writing, you learn a way to communicate with much clarity and precision.  You learn to choose words rightly, learn to structure sentence to better communicate.  Communication in today’s world is very important soft skill and writing can help you to excel on that.

Writing gets you money

Welcome to the world of internet and media, where everyone is in need of a good writer who can write for them.  And in return, they pay decent amount for the work.  There is always a job for a writer.  What a cherry on top, ain’t it?

Writing makes you immortal

One day, we all will die but our writings will be left behind forever and they will keep us alive among people.  Probably, that’s why writing was born in first place.  Humans from past must have realized that their knowledge and views must be preserved and only way to do that was carving it down, which eventually became a script.  Maybe!

We guess, that’s enough, though there are many other benefits of writing, but all in all, writing simply makes you humans.  Every living thing can communicate, verbally or non verbally, but only humans can write.

Hope, this article has successfully convince you that everyone should write for personal development as well as for mental development and cherry on top, may get money for.  Despite, some of you must be still thinking “I got that, but I can’t write….writing is just too hard for me.”

No dear, writing is much easy than you think.  You just need to give a try and remain consistent.  After all, like any other skill, writing too demands lots of practices and exercises with consistency and attitude of getting better in every next attempt.

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Food For Thought

Culture of Gratitude and appreciation

What is Gratitude and why it’s important for every individual and how it helps in creating a healthy and happy society?




Gratitude, or in simple term, thankfulness or gratefulness, is one of the greatest of virtues. As William James said, “the deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.” Humans generally do thing for their own pleasure and satisfaction or per their own need and goals; however, there is always a receiving end who benefits from the action. A singer sings for his/her own pleasure and satisfaction, but the receiving end gets the entertainment. A writer writes for his/her own reason but the receiving end gets the knowledge and perspective. A shopkeeper sells for his/her own reason but the receiving end gets the stuff. A social activist fights for the cause but beneficiaries of the victory are the victims.

The importance of gratitude culture is, it motivates and encourages the giving end and cultivates humility and humbleness in receiving end. When you say “thank you,” to a shopkeeper for selling you a bag of rice, he feels appreciated, motivated and encouraged and same time, you cultivate a culture within you to value everyone because of who you are able to get the thing, be it free or paid.

Gratitude works as a key to joy for both sides. Humans have been practicing gratitude since the beginning of humanity. That’s where all the thankfulness act and ritual to God came in to practice. Humans expressed their gratitude to God for the foods on table, for having the children, for having the fortune. Even many modern research and study has suggested that people who are more grateful have higher levels of subjective well-being. Grateful people are happier, less depressed, less stressed, and more satisfied with their lives and social relationships. That’s because people who express gratefulness to others for whatever they got or they have become have higher level of empathy and humility, which makes them less arrogant and obnoxious.

Think like this, there are two friends, Person A and Person B. Both of them are listening a song by Sajjan Raj Vaidhya. Person A holds an attitude of gratefulness to Sajjan Raj Vaidhya for composing songs and uploading them on YouTube so that he could listen and feel good. Person B holds an attitude that Sajjan Raj Vaidhya is doing for his own name and fame and there is nothing to feel grateful for. Just suck the benefit and forget. Who do you think is more happy in life?

In a society where gratitude is not a collective value, where there is no culture of appreciation, such society tends to be more arrogant, disconnected from each others, and less happy, as people from the receiving end lack humility and the giving end lack motivation. Think of a society as a family, where every one hesitates to appreciate each others work or effort; acts cold and numb versus a family where they express their gratitude actively, appreciate every work and effort and take a moment to thank and value each member for whatever they bring to the table. Which family do you want to belong to?

Gratitude also works as a positive reinforcement motivating to keep doing and get better with what they have been doing and been appreciated for. Put yourself in the shoes of writer or singer or teacher or social activist or even a shopkeeper and think how you will feel when someone says something like “thank you so much for doing it, because of which I am able to …..” Your self esteem will definitely boost and be more determined to get much better.


A society without the culture of appreciation and gratitude will only be hanging in lack of humility and motivation and driven only by self-centric attitude with zero regard and appreciation to others. There will be lack of acknowledgement of anyone’s importance and essence; no culture of valuing any effort and attempt by others and everyone judging everyone through shallow and narrow point of view, making it all about trading.

It does not take anything to express thank you or acknowledge gratefulness or drop a word of appreciation. Try it!

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What is Clubhouse and why is it so popular?

All you need to know about Clubhouse, the trending app in town.



By now, you must have heard about Clubhouse. If not, you must have gone for a long meditation in the island of Indonesia.

Just a year or 2 old and already millions have downloaded the app and it’s the most trending app right now in App store and Google Play.

In the era of social media, Clubhouse has come as the perfect platform that everyone was looking for, where they can communicate verbally in a go, like in a real world. Naturally speaking, we humans prefer verbal communication over any other form of communication and that too with an element of interaction. Communication on Facebook and other social media platform is predominantly textual, pictorial or graphical and not a real-time interaction like in real world. Everyone was missing that human thingy in social media and they have now. BOOM!!


In short, it is a voice-chatting app. Think this way, you get into an app, and you could see everyone talking as if in a web conference.

Upon opening the app, you will land on something like Newsfeed where you can see different people talking on different topics that the Clubhouse calls “Room” that you can join and listen what people are talking about. You can as well join the conversation if you want to join them as “Speaker”. Likewise, you can create your own room. There are no videos, no pictures, and hardly any text. It’s all just audio. Think about it as joining a live podcast where you can choose to be the speaker if you want to or just listen to what others have to say by taking the audience seat. And unique part is, in Clubhouse, nothing gets saved — you talk, they talk and all the talk vanishes on airs.

Brief history of Clubhouse

Founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth in Fall 2019 under the name Talkshow, since the original concept was “designed for podcast,” the app was later rebranded as “Clubhouse.” Thanks to the Covid. It gained huge popularity immediately after Covid outbreak and lockdown thereafter. By now, more than 10 millions have downloaded the apps. The app is currently valued at 4 billion dollars. In April 2021, Twitter had entered discussions to purchase Clubhouse, at a $4 billion valuation. The talks ended with no acquisition.

Why is it so popular?

It’s popular because humans love talking, as simple as that. But, of course, many had tried something similar already but what made Clubhouse this popular is nothing but RIGHT TIMING. And then happened Elon Musk, the Midas guy — whatever he touches turns into a gold. He spoke about Clubhouse once and Clubhouse hit the jackpot.

Nevertheless, there are few other important reasons behind the popularity.

1. Nothing gets recorded: Unlike other LIVE audio/video contents, here one can speak without fearing to be wrong or mistaken that opinions or thoughts expressed won’t make a round on social media. This is making it more preferred platform for many who like to talk without being judged or being pulled into controversy unnecessarily.

2. More Freedom: You can choose to listen or choose to speak or quietly leave the room and you don’t have to feel any sort of awkwardness or nervousness. No one can force you by tagging your name or personally attack you for being different.

3. You feel Equal: Imagine you sharing a stage with someone you admire or adore the most or you sharing the stage with people with shared interests and values. That feels amazing and fulfilling, isn’t it? That’s what Clubhouse makes it possible for you to feel. Unlike typical podcasts, where they invite some well-known faces or experts and you are only to listen or at best be part of Q&A, here you can join the speakers and stand along with.

4. It feels like virtual cafe minus coffee: Yes! that’s exactly how you can feel. What happens in cafe? You hang out with your friends over a coffee and some strangers may join you and you talk and talk and talk, learn something, teach something, have a good time and split. It’s pretty much same but virtually. You create your own room, and start talking to your friends and followers. Then more will join you and they will start talking . Couple hours will go in a blink!

5. Last but not the least, your talks can earn you followers: Just like every other social media tricks, Clubhouse too has reward system for its users. More you stay engaged, stay visible, and prove yourself worthy enough to follow, you get to earn fellow users as followers. More followers, more audience for you to join your talk show whenever you host one. Isn’t that fun?

So yes! Clubhouse is amazing and fun and useful for anyone who likes to learn from others or teach others or just have some good times with friends and strangers. And best part, unlike other social media platform, people are generally soft, sweet and empathetic and tolerant towards others opinions and views regardless of differences.

Hope this article says it all. See you on Clubhouse soon. If you want to follow us there, simply search us and we are right there waiting for you. If you are struggling with invitation, feel free to message us in our Facebook inbox, and we will help you get in there.

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