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Why do I write?”



If the definition of a writer is someone who writes, then I am a writer. Writing to me is to communicate with my readers and audience on things I know, things I think, things I believe; stories I have witnessed and life I have lived and sometimes simply amuse them with wordplay. I often get asked “why do I write?” I know where the question is coming from. For most people, writing is a tedious task with no as such monetary gain yet time consuming which instead could be used for something more productive and profitable. In the world of YouTube and TikTok and live events and conferences, there are better ways of telling the story, spreading the knowledge, influencing and inspiring, and making a living out of it, rise and shine. Writing seems like screaming on a screen with no idea how many are actually listening to you but you keep doing it and that too all for free. Does not really make sense to many. Understandable.

But I see writing differently. The thing about the writing to me is not about how many are reading on the day I published the article. When I started writing through my Facebook page, I barely had 100 followers to read what I have to say through my writings. The number rose to almost 1 lakh over time but not all of them read everything I write anyway. It’s not the ads earning or “going viral” that motivates me to write. It’s not even the present audience or readers to be honest. My actual motive behind writing is to live through my writings even when I’m gone.

My way of seeing life is – it’s a journey between birth and death, where I am to explore, experience, experiment and understand this mysterious world and universe; understand the drive and passion in pursuit of happiness; understand purpose and goal of a life and much more. And I believe the accumulated knowledge and perspectives built through my life journey will die with me if I don’t share them with others and to me, that is just a waste of a life. What makes humans different from the rest of other animals is our ability to share our knowledge and perspectives through our own experiments and experiences and exploration; through our discovery and invention, without which we would be lost in a loop like every other animal – never growing further, never progressing further. Thus, I write to shed my knowledge and understanding and perspectives and stories for others to learn from without ever experiencing the road I took.

This way of seeing human life has assigned me a role to document my life and that of others I get to meet and read. Verbal communication to me is a bubble that vanishes in thin airs with no going back to listen for others whereas writing is a preserved form of communication. This is why I write. I write because somewhere in this world, my life, my thoughts, my beliefs, my ideas, will be preserved, which may make sense or may not but when I am gone, people from future will at least know what I used to think, how I used to think; my stance over issues and concerns; beliefs I lived by, values I guided by. In between, they will also learn stories from people of my time, their struggles and their privileges. This documentation may help for the humans from future to live our time without even experiencing it, so that they avoid the mistakes we made, carry the wisdom we discovered.

I plan to bring together many writing enthusiasts for the same purpose. The ongoing writing workshop is also part of the plan, as we call it “producing writers, creating messengers.” For the humans of my time, it may feel like a desperate attempt to be right, to be heard; a desperate attempt to make money through ads and what not all, but in reality, that’s never the case. I am quite aware about other available paths and methods to accomplish such shallow desires if it was all about that.

I know I am weird, but hey, this is what I love about myself. I consider myself to be the happiest person. Anyone who knows me knows that I am barely in any stress regardless of the situation or circumstances I am in. Always chill, happy-go-lucky, living by my own terms, detached from what should not matter to me, and attached to what should matter to me. This me was not always like this. I was also like everybody else – lost, confused, emotional, constantly struggling to fit into others expectations, seeking approval, and every other thing. Then I learned, life is not supposed to be that complex. You are not here to be everybody. You are here to live your life as you think right, that if mistakes happen, you learn; if not, you grow further. And I also learned, life is indeed a long journey and lots and lots of things happen in between. That relieved me from old me and got me into this me.

Now, I am that happy curious child who does not care what the tomorrow is bringing. I may die at this point in time, or I may live a few more decades. Like how a child never cares about that, I am just like that. I am here only to learn and explore, experiment and discover, searching for answers on everything around me. This quest of finding answers and stories is what made me a writer because in the end, I need to document them, not for just myself but generations to come. Present generation to me is secondary. They are like peers from your timeline, who may or may not understand you; may argue with you; may disagree with you and that’s okay. They are a good punching bag for me to get better. Among them, some may become a huge admirer of what I write and how I write and but again that’s secondary. They ignite me, motivate me, encourage me but they are still not the reason why I write. It’s like your student life, you know? you are with them, you study with them, you compete with them but still you are not studying for them. You have a different plan. You are studying for that future. Yes, something like that, I write for – for the future.

Just imagine, I am gone today from this world. Twenty years from now, someone happens to land on this page, reading this article and many other things I wrote. Okay, you imagine to be that person from 2050. Don’t you think I will still be alive through my words? I will still be talking to you through these words? Just think! Sochda ni kasto exciting chaina ta? Doesn’t it give you goosebumps? It gives me. That’s what I meant. See, the best motivation for human from the dawn of humanity till now has been, not what happens while they are alive but what happens after they die. The paradise, the heaven, the meeting with lost loved ones, the better life in next life, and so on has been the most driving and motivating thing for humans to wake up every day and keep living this life as things happen. Those spiritual people never felt bad for their hardship and misfortune because deep down they always lived by “I will have good times in heaven or next life.” That’s why religious people/spiritual people or children tend to be stress-free, easy, and happy going. For agnostic/atheist people like us, history and legacy is our heaven and paradise we live by. Being part of that history is why I write.

All these thoughts and drives of mine expressed here in this article probably don’t make sense to some of you, and that’s totally fine with me, because even this article I didn’t write for people from my timeline. I am writing this because somewhere I want to leave the answer with the utmost honesty, “Why do I write?” In this ocean of information, someday somewhere some people will be reading it contemplating me. I will never know who that person will be but Universe works mysteriously.

Knowing to write and passion to document them is a beautiful gift. I don’t want to waste the gift. That’s why I write.

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How do I manage watching an hour-long interview/podcast

Are you one of the types who like to invest over long-hour podcasts and videos but struggling with the time management? This article is for you.




One of the worst things about the modern world is, it is lost in a mountain of content. There is so much content out there that we have become a Mario hopping from one content to another, one information to another just to end up remembering nothing. From a 20-minute attention span, we have fallen to few seconds that we barely have interest in long reads or hour-long videos. However, most of the useful information and knowledge, stories and perspectives are wrapped in those long reads and videos, and not in headlines and tweets or few-seconds video clips, which means many of us are missing actual information and stories while rushing through headlines and Tweets and 2-min videos. Thus, people today may have heard of everyone and everything but they barely know about the person or thing. People may know about Elon Musk but they barely know about what he thinks or how he became whatever he is now. People may have heard about the Taliban but they barely know about their actual self, how it all started, and many things related to the Taliban, because for that one must have to spend hours reading about them or watching hour-long videos. Thanks to my work. I don’t have the luxury to be the Mario, because as a content creator I have to read a lot and watch a lot on my topic of interest. So how do I manage to defy the curse of modern humans?

If I have to record my life on a camera, I would probably beat all the nerds out there. Hours and hours I seem like endlessly staring on my laptop screen; takes a break in between, grabs food, and sits back to continue the staring. When too bored, lies on a bed with a book. Most of the day times, I am all alone in my apartment. If there was CCTV footage, I would look like a hacker living in a bunker. It’s only at times when someone visits me, I seem like having a life. Basically what happens in those nerdy moments is the act of studying and learning. My laptop is like a window to me from which I observe the world, try to make sense of past and present. My philosophy is the internet has enough information and stories already there that I don’t have to wander around on Earth to collect the same story and information. Like for example, I don’t have to meet Gagan Thapa to learn about him. I can check all the interviews and write-ups, read between the lines, watch between the conversation, pay attention to details and everything that I want to know which is already there. Somebody has already done the job of setting the meeting, spending hours talking to him, record and put it on the Internet or document in a written format. Likewise, there are enough knowledge and views on the Internet that I don’t have to drive all the way to TU to meet a professor to learn about the same thing. So that is what I do on the Internet – I read and watch the contents that should matter to me. This is how I know so much about media personalities and celebrities in depth and details, without ever meeting them in person. Sometimes, I surprise them when I happened to meet them accidentally. Oh! you know so much about me. It often helps me to leave a good impression and paves a path to trust and intimacy needed for strong interpersonal relationships. This was not me always though.

Just like everybody else, I too was a Mario hopping from headline to headline, scanning article to article, fast-forwarding videos, and waste time over few-second long viral videos and clips but live with an illusion of knowing. My problem, just like that of everybody else, was “short attention span,” and my undiagnosed ADD making it worse. But with time, I realized I must take myself away from this pattern of content consumption and take an approach of a researcher, where I don’t consume content to know the gist but to understand and learn. Challenge was I always have something or other to do that I could barely allocate a good hour over one specific topic or person. That would make it near impossible for me to stick to one long video or podcast without feeling guilty for failing to do other things in priorities. I tried strict time management, tried living by routines, tried allocating a certain day over a week; tried everything but nothing worked and the reason being I am simply a butterfly in a human’s body.

So this was my situation – I needed to stick my arse over a long video to genuinely know and understand the topic or person of my interest and simultaneously I always have something to do and no time for hours to spend over a video or podcast. I tried playing them in the background while working on other things but didn’t work because I would zone out in between. I tried allocating certain hours for the activity but didn’t work either. I needed a better approach that’s when I discovered a perfect solution. The solution being Bluetooth headphone/earphone.

Whatsoever, there is always a moment where I have spare times that I spend over my personal activities, like pooping or cooking or washing dishes, which combinely takes couple of hours of my day and Bluetooth earphone is just the right thing to shove inside my ear like a bug that I can listen hour-long podcast or videos while engaging over personal activities that don’t demand my utmost focus and attention. Likewise, while driving or riding around, they work as a radio to play me the lecture or interview video or talks from Ted or Standford. Even while working on mundane tasks, I hook my ears to those podcasts and interviews.

The thing with the podcasts or interviews or lecture videos is that I don’t need to watch them. It’s about what being said and listening will just be enough. Since I discovered the solution, Bluetooth earphones have become an integral part of my life that you can always find it hanging over my collar ready to bug inside my ears as soon as I find a time to listen to my interest of topic or lecture or person. Now I am able to manage listening couple of interviews or podcasts or lecture videos without ever being restless. It’s like a tiny radio inside my ears that accomadtes me while am pooping, cooking or washing or roaming around the city. That way, I manage to miss no interview, no lecture, no talk or podcasts that matters to me.

As said above, in this timeless fashion of content creation and distribution, endless scrolling and refreshing, what we all are missing is the time for ourselves to invest over worthwhile videos and talks, that has so much to offer but many are choosing to be a Mario rushing for quick hits and highs and amusements ending up becoming less informed or misinformed and worst of all, living with an illusion of being known. To those who were looking for a solution, give a try to what I found as a solution. Thank me later. It works.

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A letter to KMAG followers




Hey There!

Nice to see you here. We have something to tell you, so writing this letter to you wonderful people who have never left a chance to shower your love and support by staying active on our page; who keep us in “See First,” visit our page not to miss any post from us. And lately, you must be wondering why the page has slowed down. You must be missing all those heated debates, the mind-blowing perspectives that you never thought that way otherwise, the photo comments, the Q&A and a lot many things that would add fun to your dull moments. Right? Ya we too miss that but then all good things must come to an end.

But hey! every end is a new beginning. Actually, we felt you deserve better contents. You are not here to read one-liner stories or opinions. You deserve a well written, long, descriptive thought-provoking articles, moving stories, presented in a delicate manner with a well organised, well decorated style. That’s the class you belong to. You are not that attention-deficit headliner person who likes to read only headlines but acts “I know,” nor the kind who reads less but argues loud. You are here to learn and grow, read more, listen more, understand more. And, we are here to feed the intellectual need and not an ego.

With all that thoughts and many other reasons, we are moving to a web. Facebook page hence will be merely to inform and update about our works and activities. We are however equally dedicated and determined to add value to our service in informing and amusing you through contents in our website. We promise you every time you visit our website, there will always be something for you to read, to learn, to feel good about. So whenever you get a time, visit our website to scroll through. Simply by typing “www dot kmagz dot com,” you will get to us.

What we have learned over time is, it’s not the number of social media followers you have that matters, but how many from them actually care for what you have to say, what you have to share. You are among them and that is all we care about. Meanwhile, of course you can follow us on our Insta and Facebook and be in the loop to get notified.

Life is a long journey and this change is part of the journey. You don’t need 7 billion humans to be your walking partner in the road of life. You just need a few hundreds who actually believe in you, enjoy you, trust you. Anything beyond a few hundreds is a mere byproduct. So ya, thank you so much for showing us your unconditional love and support every now and then. Every time you say I am here on Facebook only for KMAG posts, tears of joy drip down our cheeks. The overwhelming gratitude energised us more to get better, and make us more responsible.

Twenty years from now, we all will be ageing humans with grey hairs, with lots of stories and shared moments, and everything being documented here in this website will give us a smile, give us a sense of belonging that many may not understand but we know we made it through. That’s the kind of website we are trying to turn this into. Facebook was the first half of our journey and it was fun with lots of learning, incorporating which, we are set for the second half of our journey. Looking forward to your involvement in this part of our journey.

Welcome to this quiet universe of ours, founded on ethos of shared values and respects – free of noise and chaos, where only amusement and thoughts, knowledge and tools exist.

Now, listen to this song. It’s dedicated to you. An anthem of ours.

Ya! that song pretty much sums up what we feel and think about our bonding.

See you around.

Love and regards,

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Open letter to Kmag’ers




Hello Kmag’ers,

First of all, I am glad you are here, reading this. Though I may not know you in person, but for sure you are one of those admirers of KMAG, who never misses to read what we have to say. That definitely makes you the Kmag’ers.

KMAG, as you know, have been driven by a mission of creating an informed society, promoting culture of discourse and debates through critical thinking, and believes in collective learning through knowledge sharing in different forms. So far, we were doing it through microblogging and posters on our Facebook page. Thank you for loving our works regardless of differences and disagreements. It was a beautiful experience and exposure for us to establish ourselves and grow with you guys.

During this journey, what we have realized is, microblogging and posters can’t convey the actual message. Our readers deserve more elaborated article with less room for confusion and more clarity on source. However, the challenge is, many people on social media are so accustomed with headlines and status-format opinion, that they lose their interest over long articles. That was also the reason why we held onto microblogging for so long, despite we knew the flaws and limitations in such style. But now we have reached to the point that people better be left the way they are, then feed them incomplete messages and views. Since you are reading this, I assume you don’t belong to the category but still can’t help telling you something.

Microblogging is easy to create, easy to consume, and can reach to more people, but what’s the point of reaching millions if it does more harm than benefits.  It’s like feeding people heaps of foods with no nutrition value.

See, you may not have realized but you are actually the privileged ones, who can access internet, read English contents and understand them. In you, I see the hope. You are the kind who can become a wonderful parents with broad knowledge and understanding of the world; pose the ability to listen to all and contemplate them. But as they say “bhagya ma chha bhandai ma doko ma paani bharera hudaina,” nothing much can be done if, despite being the privileged one, you choose to skip any knowledge and information that does not come in status and microblogging. I see many such privileged ones choosing to not take advantage of their ability and privilege. This saddens me.

I don’t consider myself as Known-guy or an intellect, but whatever I have learned in life, I learned them through books and write-ups and not Facebook status or poster. Thanks to the time I came from that it didn’t have social media platforms to feed me quick contents or news in headline or short-clips on history and issues during my growing up. Those headlines and short-clips or microblogging don’t teach anything. They only give a gist. Sadly many from social media generation are making them as source of knowledge and information and building opinion based on their own interpretation of what they could understand and grasp from.

I just wish you don’t become the kind, and that is my real concern and why I am writing this to you. What I am trying to convey you through this write-up is that, please make a habit of reading articles and reporting, no matter how long they are. Instead of wasting time over scrolling through newsfeeds and walls hopping from one status to another, give a time to articles and stories which have so much to offer you in more elaborated forms and styles. More than videos, texts are more effective because we tend to understand and memorize words better. Think about all the YouTube videos that you have watched and think about all the articles that you have read. Which source of knowledge do you remember in detail?

I felt like saying this to you because I care about you. I really do. I have gone through your comments, gone through your walls, and I see that potential in you. Please don’t settle over short notes and clips, don’t settle over headline news; don’t limit to status and comments. Take yourself beyond that. Explore articles, explore detailed reporting, explore stories. Inside you, I see a wonderful parent, wonderful manager, wonderful spouse, wonderful citizen. Don’t let that wonderful person in you die just because you were too lazy to prefer only short notes and clips.

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