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Why is reading books important?



We wrote this article for those looking for some motivations to read books. Let’s be honest. Reading culture in Nepal is terribly bad. We even had written an article talking about that. (READ THAT HERE: READING CULTURE IN NEPAL)

Recently, Dr. Achyut Wagle, who holds PhD in economics and is currently a professor at the Kathmandu University School of Management, had tweeted “Just done interviewing 35 candidates for MPhil. To all of them, the common question asked was the book that they have read other than their course book. 33 out of 35 were found to have never read any book as such. These guys are of 30-40 age who will be probably running this country in future. Depressing!”

So, YES! reading culture is terrible in this country, and only way to cultivate the culture is by motivating people to read good books as much as they can. If you are one of them looking for motivation, good. Read this article till the end.

4 reasons why reading books is important.

Reason #1

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.

– Jim Rohn

What is your life goal? There are all sorts of life. You can rent a shutter and sell momo all your life. That is also a life. You can join an organization and work there all your life. That is also a life. You can take a job abroad, work all day, party in weekend and repeat. That is also a life. Is your life goal to die ordinary or die extraordinary? If your life goal is to die ordinary, living within a limited social involvement, run for meeting the ends and nothing more, then you don’t need to read books. There are millions of people who never read books and still living happily.

Books are for people who want to level up in life. Books are for them who may start a job or business but has an ambition of reaching to top. The thing about book is, it offers knowledge and wisdom and perspectives that you had not thought of otherwise. A momo-shop guy may know to make best momos in town but he would never know how the business and financial world is evolving and how he can scale up turning it into next billion-dollar franchise without listening the tips and tricks from experts. For that, he has two options. One, hire an expert. Two, buy a book written by expert. The latter is cheap.

Point is, life is too short to learn everything on our own and if we take the route to learn from self, we are going to be too slow in climbing the ladder and may get lost forever in a loop of learning and figuring out on our own. Visit Lagankhel, there are many momo shops, being there and doing that from last 20 years, but they are limited there only. Of course, they are running their house and life with that momo shop earning but they are still living ordinary. Meanwhile, Botta and Dalle came much later are almost everywhere.

There are books on history, psychology, management, society, politics, life and relationship, and every other thing that should matter to us and reading those books gives us knowledge and understanding that we had never thought of. It changes the way we look at things, and blending the knowledge with our own internalization and intelligence, we discover our path and strategy, and we level up.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.” Now, you know why he said that. World is indeed move by readers and not ordinary with no desire to read and learn.

Reason #2

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – 

Margaret Fuller

Do you want to be taken seriously and respectfully by others? Do you wish to be that leaders in family or in peers? We all have and had that elderly person in our family or relatives that everyone would respect and listen to. They all had one thing in common, and that is they were rich with words, stories, thorough with lines from Geeta and other doctrines, that they were so good at constructing their arguments that no one would dare to counter. Listening to them would feel like watching a TED talk show. That’s why they used to be center of attention always in family or social gathering.

That’s what book does. Be it Bhagvat Geet or Ramayana or Sapiens or Dan Brown’s books, they work as source of knowledge and perspectives and people tend to take you more seriously greater your references are, while talking and expressing your point of views.

Now, think of those people who would babble something and all without any reference to back their opinion. Did you find them impressive or charming? I didn’t.

Reason #3

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.

George R.R. Martin

We are touch of every situation we have experienced, every humans we have met, and every books we have read. Higher the experiences, exposures, and reading, broader our perspectives will be. Broader perspectives make a person openminded. Openminded people are relatively more happy, calm, relaxed, and tolerant and easy to adapt in adversity. They are prepared for the worst, hoping for the best because they have learned through experiences, through people and books that life is full of gray zones and its full of uncertainties and has the needed wisdom and knowledge to adjust accordingly.

Ignorance is bliss till everything is good. When bad happens, anxiety kicks in, minds go roller-coaster; don’t know what to do, what others would do and in the chaos, more mistakes happen, more wrong decisions, more deeper to pit. Humans level of thinking and analyzing is plainly based on level of information and knowledge their brain holds. Limited the knowledge and information, terrible the decision making and problem solving.

Thus, read books to feed your brains unexperienced and unexposed roads and lessons.

Reason #4

Reading brings us unknown friends

Honoré de Balzac

Because it’s the best company. All the people who constantly feel lonely have one thing in common, and that is they don’t like to read books. Books are actually a great companion, fictional or non-fictional. It stops your mind from turning into Devil’s workshop, and instead, it offers knowledge, imagination, solace, subtly shaping you to become a human capable of self-love, who can rejoice aloneness, breathe patience and perseverance, contemplate and correspond with inner self and every earthling, living and nonliving. Apart from that, reading is a way of learning to communicate, learning new words, new phrases, way of putting arguments and presenting stories which will later get reflected in our everyday life and interpersonal relationship.

In conclusion

What makes up a human is our ability to communicate, sharing our knowledge and experiences through arguments and stories and books are the form of presenting them to fellow humans so that unlike other animals, we learn through each others experiences and wisdom and progress through accumulated knowledge and not from scratch each time.

Some people’s excuse for not reading books is that they think they are up to date with everything through newspapers and magazines and online articles but what they miss to understand is that what a book of hundreds of pages written through deep research and study can offer, cannot be found on a page-long article or write-up. As Albert Einstein famously said,

Somebody who only reads newspapers and at best, books of contemporary authors, looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses. He is completely dependent on the prejudices and fashions of his times, since he never gets to see or hear anything else

Hope to see you buying or borrowing some books and start reading. If a page-long article or a paragraph-long Facebook post can do so much in you, imagine what a book can do.

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JPT story: Marry me because I am rich




“Marry me.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“Dump him.”

“I can’t. I love him.”

“Love is just a feeling. Leave him and that lovely-dovely feeling will be gone as well.”

“I don’t want the feeling to go away. I am happy this way.”

“I can keep you much happier.”

“Oh really? How?”

“I will get you a mansion with everything in it that you ever dreamt of; will have a swimming pool to the theatre, servants to caretakers. Give you the best car available. Invest in your passion and help you establish yourself as a successful businesswoman. Let you buy anything you want to have. Just imagine a life that you have everything and you can do anything before you die, would not have a perfect life? That’s your happiness I am guaranteeing you if you marry me.”

“WOW! So you are actually buying happiness for me! All this time, I was thinking one can’t buy happiness, but you just claimed that you actually can.

“Yes, I believe happiness can be bought. You just have to be rich enough.”

“Are you happy, since you are quite rich?


“Then why are you forcing me to marry you as if you are so desperate and in need of someone in life to fill your empty unhappy life?”

“I am happy already. Just that now I want a wife to complete my life.”

“You don’t know anything about me but you are so obsessed to marry me. It can only mean you are attracted to me and basically, you want to marry my outlook, and in return you want me to marry your money, isn’t it? And you want me to carry your babies and raise them up, that your parents and relatives be happy and proud of your life. You actually want a machine that can produce babies and you are here to buy the machine at any cost since you have money. OR, you want to marry a girl that you can flash around saying “look what a hot and beautiful woman I found.” It’s all your ego and your life, isn’t it?”

“You are overreacting to my simple interest in marrying you.”

“Wow! so marriage is just that “simple interest” for you?”

“You are blind in love so you are not understanding how lucky you are that I am showing interest – the richest guy in town – that many girls would die to marry. Don’t be stupid. Once all this love crap is gone, you will realize what a mistake you did by rejecting my proposal.

“Let me explain to you my love life. Every morning I wake up with his good morning message and that lightens up my day. You see? I start my every day with a smile. Then I go to the gym. He is my motivation to stay young, stay healthy. I probably would not hit the gym and jog every day, if he was not in my life. I would just be lazy most of the day. My career, my study, it all revolves around our future life and dreams and desires. We dream to buy our house in some place, we dream to buy a car and go around touring the country. We have lots of plans and dreams. All those plans and dreams keep me moving, keep me focused, and it is the same for him. Now, let’s assume, I just leave him and marry you right away. I wake up with no good morning message and that would feel horrible. You may try to take his place but I don’t have that feeling and connection with you, so I will never feel that exact oxytocin rush. You will give me the house but it won’t be the same as the house I had dreamt to share with the man I love. You will give me the best car but the man sitting next to me would not be the man I love and I would feel empty. Servants would serve us dinner but I will be always missing the life where I would serve food for the man I love. Marrying you is like marrying Mr. Trump. I will have everything but not joy and happiness. And with this empty soul walking around your house and life, you too will feel sad and angry and guilty. Then our kids will suffer. That will make us more sad and depressed. You see, Mr. Richie? you can’t really buy happiness.

“But once married, you have no choice than to accept me and you will learn to love me and all these filmy notions of romance will be back to cheer you up, darling. What’s your problem?”

“Oh poor boy, you don’t even know how love works.”

“Ugh! Love, love love!! isn’t there anything in life that will compensate romance and love and still keep people happy together?”

“Okay listen. I have a friend who I am sure would love to marry you. Wanna meet her?”

“I don’t want to meet anyone. I just want you.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I like you more than anyone else.”

“There you go. You see? That “I like you” feeling matters more than anything. I like my boyfriend. I don’t like you. Find somebody that you can like, and you be liked back for what you are to each other in wild. That’s what marriage is all about. If you look for a breeding machine or look for a woman that can be bought, you will invite nothing but misery and sadness in your life. The Sooner you understand it, the better your life will be. Decades of togetherness defying the biology and nature won’t work, Mr. Money guy.”

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Living is enough

JPT Story




Father: “Bachnu matra thulo kura ho? Bachna ta kukur pani bachirako chha” Is life all about living? What about achievement in life?

Son: Tell that to a wife whose husband is suffering from cancer and going to die soon. Ask her if she wants her husband lying and breathing and nothing much or she wishes him dead. Tell that to a mother who lost her son over a suicide that if doing-nothing-but-only-alive son would be enough for her or not. Tell that to a child who lost one of the parents who anyway wasn’t doing anything in life.

Dad, you haven’t lost anyone in life, so you can tell staying alive is nothing. When you lose someone then you will know staying alive itself is an achievement when millions die everyday prematurely.

I am alive, and that’s an achievement itself. Greater achievement is to be successful, rich, popular, etc, I understand, but you know what is the greatest achievement? It is to stay alive happily and independently. All the success, money, popularity, this and that only falls in between the achievement and the greatest achievement.

Dad, I am alive, I am happy, and I am independent. Maybe, per your definition and perception, I am not achieving anything. But to me, this version of me is the highest form of achievement. Don’t worry.

Hey KMAG Readers,

Glad to see you here. Since you are here, don’t forget to drop your email address. We want to surprise you.

Much love and regards,

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Dear Love,

Let me tell you this again and again. I love you, loud and proud; deeply, madly, truly. Never thought, I would be loving anyone this much. You know, I used to find it funny when people say “I would die for you” but now I know such feeling is real, because I can relate. Damn! you got me.

Spending rest of my life with you was my biggest dream and I would want nothing more. Serving you, caring for you, growing old with you, they are the desires I long for every day, every second. Despite, I am calling off this relationship because it hurts to be an option. This may look harsh and hasty decision but trust me, I am saying this to you for the first time, but it has been in my head for many months now. So please take this as my final decision.

I know you have always tried your best to make me feel loved and cared, but even in those moments of love and care, I could sense you were only trying to be nice and babe, that hurts like hell. Every time when we were together in cafe, in street, in house party at friends place, I could see your mind and eyes were constantly searching for better one that you wish were with you instead of me. I pretended to never felt that way but deep inside, I always could feel “I am just an option” and it feels like shi*t to be “just an option.”

I tried fooling myself zillions times “hey stop overthinking” but how can I convince myself with those arrhythmic steps, wandering eyes, lost and zoned out you even in my presence? You can pretend but not your nerves, not your lips, not your touch. I appreciate your attempt of trying out so hard to synchronise your verbal and non-verbal gesture but your biology just can’t lie. Sorry babe, I have mastered over you. I wish I could never read those non-verbal gestures.

I know I am the one you would be happily settling with if you could not find someone better than me, and I know you would love me and care for me but again only if you couldn’t find someone better. Yes, Yes! That I have been saying. That “being option” is killing me, my love. I don’t want to be an option and live insecure forever fearing when you will find your ideal partner and me being dumped. I want to be The One, like the way you are to me, but you are not. And hey! it’s okay, you don’t have to be. When you find your ideal one, you will definitely be The One.

So love of my life, I am calling this off with heavy heart, drowning in the pool of tears but I know, it is still a better option than to be in somebody’s life as an option, especially when that somebody is world to you.

Please don’t try to find me to console me. I will find the solace in the agony because I know whatever the hell I will be going through for now will still be a temporary which is still better than the temporary feeling of being loved and cared just to fall in the same loop of “just an option,” after some days.

I am giving up on you. Sorry!


Hey KMAG Readers,

Glad to see you here. Since you are here, don’t forget to drop your email address. We want to surprise you.

Much love and regards,

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