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Write Nepal Write – Writing Competition

Writing is the base of everything that happens in the modern world.  The start of a friendship begins from that first “Hi!” in the chat box, start of a business begins from writing a business plan; everything that we see on Internet has to do with writing.  We have access to millions of stories, millions of information, millions of knowledge, and millions of perspectives because someone could write.  Writing thus plays a huge role in shaping and building the human world. 

However, writers are the least celebrated and writing skill is the least acknowledged and admired in our community.   Despite the contribution they make in making of modern world, despite the contribution they make in informing and educating people across the world, despite the contribution they make in entertaining and amusing, writers are not recognized as much as they deserve.  We believe it’s because, unlike other fields and activities, writing activities itself have not been celebrated and glorified much.  Had there been events and activities, contests and competitions, challenges and exhibitions for writing and writers, things would be quite different.  Don’t you think so? 

WRITE NEPAL WRITE is thus the crazy idea to celebrate and recognize writers and writing activities.  In this writing competition, we plan to bring together 104 writers/writing enthusiasts in a competition format where the writers will compete against each other and showcase their writing skills and talent in storytelling, persuading, and educating readers through their writings.  To put it simply, you can call it World Cup of writers. Let’s see who will reach to the final and win 1 lakh.


Deadline:  December 17, 2022


The competition goes in a series fashion starting from an audition to the finale, where the contestants are to compete against each other in each level to be eligible for the next round.

Audition: Applicants will be asked to send an article of 500 words on the topic set by us.  From the submitted articles, the best 104 will be selected for the first round.

Group Stage I: There will be a total of 26 groups and in each group, there will be 4 contestants. Two from the group will get to move to the next round.

Group Stage II: There will be a total of 26 groups and in each group, there will be 2 contestants who passed through group stage I.   One from the group will get to move to the next round.

Group Stage III: There will be a total of 13 groups and in each group, there will be 2 contestants who passed through Group Stage II.   One from the group will get to move to the next round.

Top 13: A competition will be held between the Top 13, from which the Top 8 will be selected.

Top 8: A competition will be held between the Top 8, from which the Top 4 will be selected.

Top 4: A competition will be held between the Top 4, from which 2 will go to the final and 2 will compete for the third position.

Final & Third Position: This round will be a LIVE writing competition where the contestants will have to write in real time on the given topics.


Q. What types of writing will we be given in this competition? Also language.

The following types of writing will be given:

  1. Expository writing – informative and knowledgeable article.
  2. Persuasive writing – Opinion/argumentative article.
  3. Narrative writing – Storytelling/journal writing.

Participants can write in English or Nepali.

Q. Is it an online competition or do I have to come to a specific place to participate?

You can call it online (or to be more accurate digital).  However, the final and semi final round may happen physically depending on the situation, in which case your travel expenses will be covered.

Q. Will there be training/orientation before the competition begins?

Yes.  There will be a workshop to detail and train the participants on types of writing and other fundamentals of writing per our judging criteria.

Q. Who can participate?

Anyone above 16.  

Q. Do we have to choose our own title/topic or will be given?

You will be given title/topic from our side on which you need to write.

Q. How much time will we have to submit our article for each round?

Depends on the topic you will be working on.  Anywhere from 2-4 days will be given.

Q. What are the judging criteria?

It depends on the types of writing but to put it broadly:

  1. How well have you communicated to your audience through the writing?
  2. Relation between your main points, supporting points, and purpose of writing.
  3. Grammar and sentence formation.
  4. Readers feedback.
  5. Originality. 

Q. What’s the prize?

Cash Prize for Top 3.

Winner: 1 Lakh.
First Runner-up: Rs. 50,000
Second Runner-up: Rs. 25,000.

That is for sure. But we expect more giveaways and prizes from sponsors and others as the competition kickstarts.

Q. If I have any questions or queries, whom shall I contact?

You can email to You can call at 9841493770/9823357277. Or you can Whatsapp on the given numbers.

Q. Cool! I am excited. How to apply?

Here you go. Fill up the form below. If you could not find the form, JUST CLICK HERE